Disney’s Iger Comments on His Decision to Hire Bob Chapek

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek torn apart
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The newly returned Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger sat down for an interview on February 9, 2023, where he was asked if he regretted choosing Bob Chapek as his replacement. Iger shared his thoughts.

Bob Chapek Bob Iger
Bob Chapek (left) / Bob Iger (right)

For the Disney fandom, it may feel like it was yesterday but travel back over three months to November 2022 when Disney executives decided it was time to fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Chapek was replaced with the person that hired him… the newly returned CEO, Robert Iger.

The former CEO Bob Chapek’s missteps were one too many as he quickly became known as a CEO that was money hungry and making all the wrong decisions both in Disney’s entertainment and Parks industry. Not only were their questions from executives that would later rally together to oust Chapek, but Disney fans were vocal in their disapproval with petitions to have Chapek fired and audiences booing when Chapek stepped on stage, as seen in the D23 Expo video below:


😬😬😬 mixed reactions from the crowd during Chapek’s introduction at D23 Legends

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The former Disney CEO titan, Bob Iger, has returned to take the Captain’s chair with clear statements that diagnosed Disney as losing its “soul,” admitted the Parks are too expensive, and most recently announced massive layoffs and a new business structure for the company.

The day after The Walt Disney Company’s first-quarter earnings for fiscal 2023 was announced on February 8, 2023, Disney CEO Bob Iger sat down for an interview with CNBC. Iger was asked if he regretted the decision to choose Bob Chapek as his replacement back in 2020. This is what Bob Iger had to say:

Bob Iger Bob Chapek

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“We thought we made the right decision when we chose Bob back in 2020. The board decided in November he was not the right person for the job, and they made a change. With any big decision, you should learn from what went wrong.”

Additionally, when asked if Iger wants to discuss what went wrong or what he “may not have seen properly” about Bob Chapek, Iger responded with, “No, I’m not going to get into that.”

At a time like this, with The Walt Disney Co.’s new business reorganization, it seems like Iger and the company will truly attempt to “learn from what went wrong.” We already see plans ahead for the entertainment business to redirect efforts back to successful franchises in the film industry with the additions announced for sequels of Toy Story (1995), Frozen (2013), and Zootopia (2016). Additionally, Iger announced an Avatar-themed space is headed to Disneyland Resort.

We’re eager to see what’s ahead for Disney as it moves on from its seemingly poor decision to appoint the now-former Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek.

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