Bob Iger Confirms Disneyland Is Getting Its Own ‘Avatar’ Themed Land

At 4:30 Eastern on Wednesday, February 8, the Walt Disney Company broadcasted a live audio earnings call, during which the first fiscal quarter of the 2023 fiscal year was discussed.

During the call, Disney CEO Bob Iger made some crucial announcements, defined a plan for the Walt Disney Company, and answered questions. He also confirmed that more Avatar content is coming to Disney+ and Disney Parks, including Disneyland.

Avatar movie

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In the call, CEO Bob Iger stated that James Cameron’s sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), is shaping up to be “one of the most successful films of the quarter.” Not only that, but the Avatar (2009) sequel has also become the “fourth biggest film of all time globally with close to $2.2 billion earned in the box office to date.”

After this, Bob Iger revealed that the massive success and popularity of the movie “will result in the creation of more opportunities for fans to engage with the franchise.”

Avatar movie

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Over at Walt Disney World Resort, Animal Kingdom has been home to Pandora: the World of Avatar for a few years now. The heavily immersive and themed area is one of Walt Disney World Resort’s most impressive additions, and the popularity of the land has only become more popular due to the release of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Pandora - The World of Avatar

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Bob Iger also acknowledged this during the earnings call, stating, “They have been doing well at Walt Disney World’s Pandora: World of Avatar, as well as in theaters globally and on Disney+; the first film is delivering very strong numbers.

Then, Disney CEO Bob Iger made the exciting announcement: “Today, I am thrilled to announce that we will bring an exciting Avatar experience to Disneyland. We will be sharing more details on that very soon.”

Pandora World of Avatar

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As of right now, we don’t know if the ‘experience’ will be the same attraction as Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom or something new entirely. Disney Dining will continue to keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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