Dear Disney: Please Ban This One Thing At ALL Theme Parks!

Disney Should Ban Resellers
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It’s no secret that one of the most controversial practices in all Disney Parks is the reselling of popular merchandise.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a great new piece of merchandise, heading to the parks right after it’s released, and it’s already gone. Then, you see guests with bags full of that merchandise then, hours later, it’s posted online for double or triple the price, maybe more.

Resellers are seemingly becoming increasingly popular despite how angry they make people.


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Early December 2022, the Tokyo Disney Resort — which is not owned by Disney — decided to take a stand and ban resellers.

The Resort added a new rule to the “Theme Park Terms and Conditions” section of its website. The site says that guests may not purchase any merchandise for the purpose of resale. Now, Tokyo Disney does not say what happens to those caught reselling merchandise, but, I, for one, hope they issue strict punishment.

Disneyland Paris resellers

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Resellers are becoming a BIG problem, and if Disney is smart, they will have all other Resorts — Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disney — follow suit.

Disney already has rules in place that punish Annual Passholders and Magic Key Holders from reselling merchandise that they purchase with their AP discount. So, why not extend it to all theme park guests?

Each Guest needs to have a ticket, MagicBand, or MagicMobile account attached to their name, so it’s possible that Disney could require Cast Members to scan whatever form of ticket they have before making their purchase. That way, Disney could limit how much each guest purchases each product, which is the first win.

Disney does currently attempt to stop resellers with “Limit 2 per person” signs. While this does help the reseller issue, there are plenty of ways resellers get around these restrictions.

EPCOT merchandise reseller

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As Disney is able to track those who resell after purchasing with their AP, it seems that they could extend that to track reselling on popular websites like eBay and Mercari. They would be able to find the seller’s information, track them with their Disney information, and take the appropriate action.

When it comes to APs and Magic Key Holders who are caught reselling, Disney revokes their pass for a certain amount of time.

While there won’t be Annual Passes to revoke, Disney could certainly ban the guest from visiting for a certain period of time. If the Guest is caught more than once, the ban could be lengthened.

Disney Shopping

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How great would it be to head to a park to get some new merchandise and not worry if certain people are buying everything up, simply to sell it online for a major profit?

How wonderful would it be to know that guests can’t hop from store to store and buy as much as they can? No more seeing Guests walk around with bags of products while you stare at empty shelves.

Please, Disney, BAN THE RESELLERS.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. lorraine cramer

    it would be good to scan passes when buying things, that way people couldnt go back and forth to different stores to get more. I believe that happened when limits were set for a while. If its in the computer system that would catch people doing this , it would stop. the problem I see is there are a lot of families that have quite a few kids so they would be very upset. Most of the time we can find what we want, no problem

  2. It can be frustrating when this happens but other than certain popcorn buckets I’ve never seen empty shelves. So I wonder if it’s really an issue?

  3. It is a problem. Recently with Lug bags at Epcot. Sold out within an hour. I have always thought scanning the pass would alleviate this problem very simply. Now, the resellers go store to store, return other days, have others purchase for them, and clear shelves. Items literally on-line within minutes. They can easily track who is buying what, and when someone tries to continue their buying spree at another shop, it can come up they have already purchased their limit. The 2 item limit means nothing except make them put in a little more footwork. AND cashiers have allowed over-purchasing. I’ve seen it when buyer says they’re buying for family members waiting for them. One item should be plenty to purchase within a time frame. After initial frenzy, you can make purchasing another available.

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