Resellers Are Reportedly Using Fake Babies to Get Their Hands on More Merchandise

tokyo Disney Fake baby

When it comes to popular Disney merchandise, resellers are becoming a huge problem. For those who may not be familiar with the term, resellers will go to a Disney Park, buy as much of the merchandise as they can, then turn around and sell it online for a profit. While some people may think that it isn’t so bad, the problem is that the resellers will sell the merchandise, not for just a small profit. They will sell it for 2 to 3 times the original price, sometimes more. These shoppers are also a big reason why some merchandise is selling out at record rates.

Disneyland Paris resellers

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Disney does try in a small way to prevent this. A lot of their new theme park merchandise will come with purchase restrictions — which says Guests can only purchase a limited number of a particular item. Sometimes that number is two, sometimes it is more. Resellers get around this by getting everyone in their party — both adults and children — to purchase the maximum number allowed separately. It is technically not against the rules, just selfish and a bad look.


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Well, one Guest is now making the rounds on social media for the….interesting….way that they tried to get around the merchandise restrictions. The unknown Park Guest was visiting Tokyo Disney Resort and wanted to buy more merchandise than they were entitled to. In order to try to get around this rule, the shopper went to the extreme lengths of bringing a fake baby into the Park. Complete with its very own stroller — which must have made carrying all of that merchandise around much easier.

The unknown Guest was called out online by a fellow Park goer.

Fake baby in reseller. It’s too crazy to buy it like this. #TDR_now

While the baby may look like a real child at first, the Twitter user took several pictures that zoomed in more on the baby. On the final picture they posted, the hood is off of the doll, and it can be seen that it is, in fact, a very well-done doll.

Tokyo Disney Fake baby

Credit: yuzu_mau0501 Twitter

We do not know if the theme park Guest was able to make their purchase or not. If they were caught by the Tokyo Disney Cast Members trying to get around the rule, then the person was most likely told they could only purchase the minimum amount.

Resellers are quickly becoming the bane of many Disney fans’ existence. No one likes going to the Park one day after merchandise is released and discovering it is all sold out because people bought it all for the sole purpose of reselling. Currently, the best way we can try to curb resellers is to simply not buy what they are trying to sell. If they don’t get the business, it will no longer be profitable for them to buy up everything they can.

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