Guest smacks Disney Parks character on the head during character encounter

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A Guest reportedly struck a Disney Parks character on the head, saying he did so as a joke. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Disney Parks around the world have long been places of imagination, magic, creativity, and wonder. Families of all sizes plan their yearly vacations at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, and at Disney Parks abroad, such as Disneyland Paris, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

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Currently, Shanghai Disney and Hong Kong Disneyland are closed to Guests because of an influx of coronavirus cases in the area. But no matter which Disney Park you choose to enjoy, you can count on a number of opportunities to make memories, to experience the magic of Disney, and to experience thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and world-class entertainment.

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Part of the Disney Parks experience is getting to see beloved Disney characters up close and personal. The pandemic took away this wonderful experience for more than two years at the U. S. Disney Parks, but thankfully, character hugs and meet-and-greet opportunities have been restored at those parks, meaning that Guests no longer have to just wave and blow kisses to Mickey.

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Shanghai Disneyland is currently closed, but before its closure, a Guest–who said he did so as a joke–walked up behind a character at the Disney Park and slapped her on the head. In this video, shared by TikTokker Disney Stuff Back Up, the male Guest can be seen hitting the character Shellie Mae in the head.


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According to the video, a Guest who witnessed the assault said there was a loud “slap” sound. Again, the Guest responsible for the attack says it was a joke. But this joke wasn’t funny.

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First, the heads of Disney characters at Disney Parks are very heavy, some weighing between 13 and 20 pounds each. Many of them are also made with metal brackets that hold up the bulky frame of the head, meaning a smack in the head–even if it’s a joke to a Guest–could have more significant outcomes than you might think.

The Guest responsible for this act was removed from the park, but it’s not clear whether he got a temporary or lifetime ban.

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Viewers of the video voiced their frustration over the act, saying that they don’t understand why someone would do something in a Disney Park that they wouldn’t do at home.

“Not only is that not funny, but it is assault,” said Amy Cope in a post. “I do not understand why people do this.”

Another user pointed out that the slap took place in front of children.

“I don’t [know why] people do this and think it’s all in good fun,” posted another user. “Why do you think hitting a character in front of kids is fun?”

Tajauni Waquie posted, saying, “OMG, this is not good!”

guest hits character disney

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Joke or not, this scenario is no laughing matter. There’s still a person in that costume, portraying a beloved Disney character. The Guest probably wouldn’t just go up to a Cast Member and hit him or her on the back of the head, so why do it to a Cast Member who’s wearing a costume?

Thank you to all the Disney Cast Members who go out of their ways to make the magic come alive for Guests of all ages!

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