Disney Resellers Find a NEW Target: Limited Edition Anniversary Merchandise

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Not this again!

If there is one thing that drives fans crazy, it’s Disney resellers. Disney merchandise has always been popular among fans and collectors, but recently, Disney resellers have found a new market in reselling desirable pieces for ridiculous mark-ups. From exclusive figurines to in-demand tickets, Disney has unintentionally created a new market for resellers looking to cash in on the magic of Disney.

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How Exclusivity Has Ruined Disney’s Merch

It’s not shocking that fans are often drawn to merchandise labeled as “limited edition.” Who doesn’t like owning something that is also a memento of Disney history? In the old days, having a limited-edition piece of merchandise meant that maybe you could resell it years down the line for some extra cash. Those days, unfortunately, are long gone.

Now, resellers have completely taken over the merchandising scene, grabbing up as much popular stock as possible, so eager fans are left with no other than to pay extreme markups if they want the item. On a regular day, resellers can be seen rope-dropping to buy merchandise at a Disney store so they can sweep out the stock of new and in-demand items. The entire process is heartwrenching to watch.

Even worse, it doesn’t just stop at the Disney Resort merchandise. Earlier this year, resellers were attempting to sell off tickets to Disneyland Resort’s Oogie Boogie Bash for thousands of dollars. Fans were so sick and tired of this cycle, so they decided to mass report the listings on eBay. While this may have stopped resellers temporarily, it seems that they have once again found a new Disney Park item to sell.

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Disneyland Paris Experiences the Horrors of Resellers

Over at Disneyland Paris, limited-edition “30th-anniversary monopoly games” are currently being sold on eBay for way over market value. Fans on Reddit have noticed this happening, and they aren’t pleased.

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Unfortunately, this news will not be surprising to many fans. However, if the situation at Disneyland Resort taught us anything, it is that fans do have the power to fight back against resellers like these.

If you feel passionate about this cause, be sure to report these resellers on eBay to help stop this vicious cycle once and for all.

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