Guest Slammed For Hoarding EPCOT 40th Merchandise

EPCOT 40th hoarder
Credit: Disney / MagicalNewsLIVE Twitter

For just over one year, Walt Disney World Resort has been celebrating its 50th anniversary. There have been a ton of new food offerings, new nighttime shows, and a lot of great new merchandise. However, Magic Kingdom is not the only theme park that has an anniversary. On October 1, 2022, EPCOT also celebrated 40 years of making magic.

While not as big as the 50th, Disney did release limited-time food offerings and new merchandise to celebrate the EPCOT 40th anniversary — a perfect destination for Disney foodies.


Credit: Disney

When it comes to new merchandise, there has been an increasing problem — resellers. Resellers descend upon the Parks when new merchandise is released, buy as much of it as they can (even enlisting the help of friends and family), and then sell it online with a massive price increase.

Resellers are becoming the bane of people’s Disney merchandise existence, as they can’t find the one shirt they want the day it is released because resellers have hoarded all the products for themselves.


Credit: OrlandoMike1995 Instagram

One Twitter user — MagicalNewsLIVE — is calling out one of those resellers, and people are irate. EPCOT 40th anniversary merchandise was released on October 1 and much of it quickly sold out. And it likely sold out faster because of people like the woman in the tweet, which you can see below.

Sadly, this is why we can not have nice things. #DisneyWorld #EPCOT #EPCOT40

Twitter users were quick to call out the Guest for her behavior, with some — including Amy Knight —  feeling that the woman should be banned for life from the Parks for reselling the merchandise.

Somebody give that lady in this photo a lifetime ban for being a reseller! ??

In the tweet, the woman’s face was blocked out. Some users, like Kiwi Hobbits, said that the woman shouldn’t be hidden and should be called out for her “soulless greed”.

Don’t hide their faces. We should see these blatant resellers and report them. They need to get a job, not steal the dreams of children looking for the magic. Soulless greed

Now, some Disney merchandise does have purchasing limits. However, when it comes to things like shirts, the rules typically state that you can buy 2 of each size. So resellers will grab two of each size. Another big problem is that the resellers typically don’t come alone. The purchase restrictions aren’t limited to a party, they are per Guest. So a family of four could end up with dozens of a product because they each purchased the maximum allowed.

Disneyland Paris resellers

Credit: DLP Report

While Disney does have rules in place when it comes to reselling merchandise purchased with an Annual Pass discount, the rules are not as strict when it comes to people who have regular tickets.

Disney Parks do appear to be cracking down on personal shoppers, but most people like the fact that there is someone who can purchase merchandise for them if they can’t make it to the Parks. Resellers, on the other hand, seem to be universally despised.

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