CONFIRMED: Bluey & the Rest of the Heeler Family Returning For a Fourth Season

bluey season 4
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Fans of the hit children’s series Bluey can rejoice as the show’s creators confirm that a fourth season of episodes is in the works.

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Changes and Surprises Leave ‘Bluey’ Fans Worried

There have been several happenings, changes, and surprises for Bluey fans in recent months, and some of them have left fans confused and even worried about the future of the children’s series.

In late November 2023, Ludo Studio announced a brand-new episode of Bluey, titled “The Sign,” coming in April 2024. It was one of the more pleasant surprises for Bluey fans, as Ludo said that the new episode would be the first-ever half-hour installment in the series.

bluey and the heeler family

“The Sign”/Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

But almost as soon as fans finished cheering about the new episode, they began to worry, especially as reported “leaks” led them to believe that the so-called “sign” in the new episode might be a foreboding one, putting the fan-favorite show in jeopardy.

Rumors were already swirling about the potential end of the series following the wrap-up of Season 3, though fans in the Western Hemisphere were thrilled to begin streaming ten new episodes from the most recent season on Disney+, beginning in January 2024.

bluey and bingo applaud the award winning toilets in bluey episode titled relax

Bluey & Bingo applaud the toilet in the Season 3 episode “Relax”/Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

Those rumors were in addition to the many myths, misunderstandings, and conspiracy theories already in play related to the fan-favorite children’s series–things like “Bluey isn’t really alive” and other non-sensical theories and ideas.

“No Season 4” is Bunk

Let’s cut to the chase. After all, Bluey fans have been through it in recent months, so this writer won’t perpetuate that constant state of flux and anxiety when it comes to forecasting the future of Bluey.

bluey ghostbasket

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Here it is: Any talk about the end of the series following the conclusion of Season 3 is simply not true. Call it what you will–bunk, lies, a sham, a whopper, flight of fancy. The long and short of this story is that Season 4 of Bluey IS COMING, and this was confirmed by the BBC this week.

Season 4 of ‘Bluey’ CONFIRMED by Producer

Bluey producer Sam Moor squashed rumors of the show’s demise on Friday during BBC Radio 4’s Today program, saying the series is absolutely continuing.

After watching the new Season 3 episode titled “Ghostbasket,” which ends with a for sale sign in the front yard of the Heeler family’s home, fans feared the worst. Many also pointed out that the episode was the only one in the series to ever forgo music during the ending credits.

bluey house for sale

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“It’s the question on everybody’s lips,” Moor said when asked about the future of Bluey by BBC’s Nick Robinson. But she quickly calmed the fears of many fans, adding, “No, it is not the end for Bluey.”

“I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” she continued. “We have more in store, and we are thinking what would be next.”

Robinson also asked Moor about the upcoming half-hour episode of Bluey, called “The Sign,” set to air for the first time on Sunday, April 14.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

“The team worked really hard to get that one out,” Moor said. “Everybody put all their love and effort into it.”

Also on Friday, executive producer Daley Pearson talked about the new episode, telling Australia’s Sunrise:
I think when we have taken risks, that’s when it’s been the most exciting, and I think that’s when the audience has liked it the most as well. So whatever it will be, it will be something that we’re not quite sure if we can do. But we hope we can.
Pearson continued, saying that it would be a “dream” to create a feature-length animated film all about Bluey and the Heeler family, but fans will likely have to wait for any news about a possible Bluey movie.

bluey shocked

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

But this writer thinks that fans won’t mind the wait. After all, fans in the Western Hemisphere routinely wait for new episodes to go live on Disney+, so what makes us think that waiting for a new film starring the Heelers would be any big feat for them?

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