Is ‘Bluey’ Moving?! Major Changes Could Be On the Way!

Is Bluey moving season 4
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If you have children or are a fan of children’s programming, heck, even if you aren’t, you have probably heard of the hit show, BlueyBluey revolves around Bluey, an Australian Blue Heeler dog, and the rest of her family who live in Brisbane, Australia. Bluey is seven and has a younger sister, Bingo, and they live with their mom and dad, Bandit and Chilli.

bluey and the heeler family new episode the sign debuts in april 2024

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney

Bluey premiered in 2018 and, in less than six years, has managed to become the most popular children’s show on the planet. Kids love watching Bluey and all the adventures her family has. Parents love Bluey because of the great messages that it sends. The show is known for tackling sensitive and adult topics in a way children can understand and relate to.

Season 3 of Bluey is set to wrap up in April, with an epic 28-minute episode. And, while we don’t know much about season 4 or when it will come out, some fans are speculating that BIG changes might be on the way. And we aren’t just talking about some new characters, we are talking about the whole shebang!

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Reddit user u/Beautiful_Software93 posted a theory in a Bluey Reddit community, and they made some bold predictions. The biggest one is that Bluey and her family might be moving!

At the beginning of Hammerbarn, when they are working on the gutters, Chili says “This place is falling apart” and Bandit says “Nothing lasts forever”. Then at the end, while checking out and the cashier takes everything out of the shopping cart, Bluey says “We worked so hard on our houses” and Bingo says “I wasn’t ready to take them down”. Then Chili says “I know. I guess nothing lasts forever” with a thoughtful face.

I think they will move, and then the show will take a break (maybe a year or so), and Season 4 will start with new friends and neighbors. It makes me sad and I hope I am wrong but it likely will happen.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

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Is a Move Possible?

Many commenters found the idea implausible, especially because Bluey still attends school with her friends. So, it doesn’t seem possible that the family would move, only to send Bluey to the same school.

However, that doesn’t mean something big isn’t on the horizon. Especially when you look at the teaser trailer released by Ludo Studio. At the eleven-second mark, you can see that Bluey has said something that shocks her classmates.

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Then, there’s the show’s intro song, which has gotten longer. The new intro involves not just Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli, but also many of Bluey’s classmates. It seems unlikely that the studio would include all these new characters if they were not planning on making some big changes to the show that has captured the hearts of so many.


Did the theme song just get bigger?💙 #blueytok

♬ original sound – Bluey – Bluey

If Bluey is indeed moving, what would happen to all of her friends? Fans would have to get used to a whole new cast of characters and, essentially, a recast of most of the show.

However, we must remember that this is all pure speculation. Fans love to theorize about their favorite shows, and it will be exciting to see if anyone is right in their predictions!

Do you think that this theory holds water? Do you think Bluey is on the move? Let us know in the comments!

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