CONFIRMED: New HALF-HOUR Episode of ‘Bluey’ is Coming! Here’s Everything We Know

bluey and the heeler family
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Bluey fans can barely contain their excitement as they await the debut of the newest episode of the wildly successful children’s animated show. What’s so special about the upcoming episode, you ask? It’s the first one to last nearly half an hour! And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s everything we know about Bluey’s newest episode.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Bluey’s New Episode is Called ‘The Sign’

In November 2023, Ludo Studio announced the upcoming debut of a brand-new episode of Bluey that will be unlike any other episode in the beloved children’s series so far, and we know a couple of things about the length and the title of the new installment in the franchise about Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and her mum and dad, Chilli and Bandit.

The new episode is titled “The Sign” and will last a full 28 minutes–nearly half an hour–as opposed to only seven to nine minutes like previous episodes of Bluey. Fans of the show have seen what its writers and producers can do in just a few minutes, so imagine what could take place in an episode about the Heeler family that lasts three to four times as long!

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Confirmed Scenes in the New Episode

We also know a thing or two about the scenes that will be included in the new episode.

Based on the teaser trailer for “The Sign,” there will be a scene in which Bluey is sad as she is surrounded by all of her friends in Calypso’s class. The group of pups can be seen gasping, leading diehard fans to immediately begin speculating about what’s going on with the seven-year-old blue heeler.

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bluey in the sign episode

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Another scene depicted in the teaser trailer shows Bluey and her dad Bandit in the family car, and another very brief clip shows Bandit catching Bingo on the swings while Bluey watches them. In another clip, Bingo can be seen walking out of the Heeler family’s home with happy faces drawn on her legs.

Yet another blink-and-you-miss-it clip sees Bluey and her mum Chilli after they’ve had a long talk, and in that scene, fans can even catch a quick glimpse of Socks’ legs.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Tiny (But Very Important) Details

We know that the new extended Bluey episode will premiere globally in 2024 on Disney+ and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation network.

Australian animator and creator of Bluey, Joe Brumm, was the writer behind “The Sign,” and it was directed by Richard Jeffery. It was produced, of course, by Ludo Studio in Australia.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Dave McCormack reprises his role as the voice of Bluey’s dad Bandit, and Melanie Zanetti voices Bluey’s mom, Chilli–just like always.

Fans Will Laugh. And They Will Also Cry.

According to Ludo Studio, the 28-minute Bluey special will come with all the feels.

“There’ll be lots of laughs . . . and definitely a few tears,” reads a statement from Ludo Studio. We’re so incredibly proud of the awesome team behind the series, and we can’t wait for Australia and the world to watch this very special Bluey episode with their family and friends.”

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bluey and bingo laughing on the sofa

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

By now, fans of the wildly successful animated children’s series are used to both the belly laughs and the ugly cries that are brought on by certain elements and storylines in some of the most beloved episodes of Bluey, Ludo Studio’s warning about tears has some fans unsettled.

Add to that the fact that the episode is the first-ever extended-length installment in the series, and fans are wondering just what the episode is about–and exactly what kind of sign we’re talking about.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Celebrity Guest Voices, Too!

Though Ludo Studio has not revealed the names of the celebrities who will lend their voices to characters in the upcoming extended episode of Bluey, the studio has said that “The Sign” will include new guest voices.

Since Bluey debuted in 2018, the series has featured the voice talents of Lin Manuel Miranda, Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, and many others. We’ve already made a list of celebrity voices we’d like to hear in the new episode of Bluey (or in any further episodes of Bluey at all, for that matter).

We’re thinking singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Johnny Depp, Amy Poehler and/or Tina Fey, Super Bowl LVIII MVP Patrick Mahomes, and Marvel actor Chris Pratt would be the perfect additions to the Bluey series. We’re holding onto the list just in case a representative from Ludo Studio contacts us to get our thoughts.

jon hamm chris pratt johnny depp bluey

Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio/X, formerly Twitter/Dior/Flickr/ChuckBarney/Canva

“The Sign” Teaser Trailer

Fans (and non-fans who want to know what all the hype is about) can watch the trailer for the newest episode of Bluey, titled “The Sign,” by clicking below.

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