Creators of ‘Bluey’ Announce a Drastic Change to Affect How Fans Watch the Show

bluey new episode
Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

The creators of Bluey made a huge announcement that will change the way fans watch the popular children’s show, as it’s something the studio has never attempted up to this time.

bluey and her mom chilli

Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

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When Bluey Heeler, her sister Bingo, and her mum and dad, Chilli and Bandit, first welcomed kids into their home in Brisbane, Australia, in 2018, no one could have imagined the success the children’s show would quickly experience, nor could anyone have guessed the show would amass such a huge fanbase–and not just among children.

The Animator and the Heelers: Bluey is a Different Kind of Kids’ Show

Bluey was created by Australian animator Joe Brumm and follows the everyday adventures and family life of the Heelers.

Bluey and Bingo are known for their contagious eccentricities and inquisitiveness, while Chilli, Bluey’s mum, is known for her kind, nurturing nature, as well as the honesty with which she approaches motherhood. And Bandit, Bluey’s dad, is hilarious, especially in episodes of the show in which he uses a unicorn puppet to teach the kids about life.

Bluey Season 3, Episode 29 | Puppets

“Bluey” Season 3, Episode 29, “Puppets”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

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Each of the show’s five- to seven-minute episodes teaches a lesson in social skills, communication, and what it means to be a part of a family, but Bluey isn’t the typical children’s educational program, as there are no words, no numbers, no counting, no reading, and no quizzes about shapes or colors.

Instead, episodes feature imaginative play and the modeling of behaviors within the show to teach little ones (and those who watch with them) about the importance of kindness, honesty, and being a member of a family.

Since its debut in 2018, the show has continued to gain more fans every season. With each new episode, new fans join the Bluey craze that has been sweeping the globe for more than five years.

bluey in the episode titled "fruitbat"

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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The show’s fanbase has enjoyed explosive growth since Bluey made its debut in 2019 on Disney+ and on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, thanks to Disney’s decision to purchase the distribution rights to the Australian children’s show.

And the global fandom is about to explode again, thanks to an announcement made by Ludo Studio, producers of Bluey.

Ludo Studio Success

Ludo Studio is a CelAction Animation Studio located in Brisbane, Australia. The Emmy Award-winning studio brings together more than 50 artists, designers, animators, producers, production managers, and boarders to collaborate on a variety of projects, including the wildly popular and critically acclaimed Bluey children’s series (that’s just as much for parents, grandparents, and other adults as it is for children).

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Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

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Ludo Studio creators do it all under one roof–animation, writing, scoring, sound production, and directing. Ludo is where the magic of Bluey comes together, and the studio also produces other programs, including Robbie Hood, The Sketchy Show, and The Strange Chores. Bluey, however, is the studio’s most famed project.

It’s also the single most popular show in all of Australian television and one of the most popular shows in the history of children’s programming.

Bluey Change on the Way!

In November 2023, Ludo Studio announced a big change in the way fans watch Bluey, at least in one major episode.

In stark contrast to the show’s usual short-form episodes that last five to seven minutes, the studio will release a brand-new episode this year, titled “The Sign,” which is a whopping 28 minutes long! That’s more than four times the duration of every episode created since the show first debuted.

new episodes of bluey

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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Bluey’s “The Sign”

Per Ludo Studio’s announcement:

A 28-minute episode of “Bluey” is coming in 2024! A special extended “Bluey” episode will premiere globally next year on Disney+ and ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

“The Sign” is an extra-long episode with a run time of 28 minutes. It is penned by Bluey creator and writer Joe Brumm, directed by Richard Jeffery, and produced by Ludo Studio. Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti will reprise their roles as the voices of Bandit and Chilli Heeler.

“We’re so excited to share that a 28-minute special episode [of Bluey] is coming in 2024,” reads a statement from Ludo Studio. “There’ll be lots of laughs, exciting guest voices, and definitely a few tears. We’re so incredibly proud of the awesome team behind the series, and we can’t wait for Australia and the world to watch this very special Bluey episode with their family and friends.”

The announcement even includes a teaser trailer (watch below) for the new episode, in which Bluey’s sister Bingo is heard shrieking with excitement, saying, “This is the happiest day ever of my life!”

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New episodes arrived on Disney+ in January 2024, but there is no news yet of a release date for “The Sign” episode outside of the company saying it will come “later in 2024.” The episode is the first in Bluey‘s history to last 28 minutes, and fans around the world are thrilled.

While there’s no word from Ludo Studio about the reason behind a longer episode, the announcement has some fans wondering if the creators and producers are using the episode to test audiences’ responses to more Bluey in one episode in an effort to move the show to a model that uses longer episodes, rather than the traditional short episodes that fans have come to love.

More in one episode? Yes, please!

Fans can catch “The Sign,” the first extended-length episode of Bluey, when it debuts on Australia’s ABC network and the Disney+ streaming platform.

Are you looking forward to this longer episode? Let us know in the comments! 

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