Parents Are Cautioned About Allowing Their Children to Watch ‘Bluey’

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Though it has become one of the most popular offerings for children on cable television and streaming, Bluey, featured on Disney+, can be problematic, and parents are being cautioned about the decision to allow their children to watch episodes of the show.

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Sandman,' 'Bluey': Streaming Rankings for Aug. 8-14, 2022 – The Hollywood Reporter

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Bluey tells the story of family life for the Heelers–Bluey, a blue heeler, her sister Bingo, a red heeler puppy, and their parents, Chilli and Bandit. It has become one of the most successful shows for preschoolers and young children in the history of children’s programming. Many parents of children who watch Bluey say that they love the show as much as their children do, but others say that parents should use caution when allowing their children to watch the show, as it’s extremely unconventional in how it goes about telling stories in each episode.

It’s so unconventional, in fact, that some parents have called for a boycott of the beloved children’s offering on Disney Junior and streaming on the Disney+ platform.

‘Bluey’ Steers Away From the Usual Way of Teaching Children

Disney’s Bluey is an innovative new approach to children’s programming. Fans of the show will notice the absence of counting and numbers, the absence of shapes, the absence of reading and texts, and the missing alphabet, among other things usually found in programs designed and written for preschoolers–especially in American children’s programming.

There Is Another Christmas Episode Of Bluey On The Way

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Daley Pearson, one of the show’s executive producers, explained the show’s thoughts about the parents and the puppies in the Heeler family in Bluey.

“We are really trying to keep the integrity of ‘this is what your parents are like’ and ‘this is what you are really like,'” Pearson said. “This is a family of blue heelers, but we are trying to keep this as true to life as possible.”

We Need To Talk About… The Dad From Bluey

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A Lot Going on Behind the Scenes

Pearson says that in each episode of Bluey, two things are happening from a storytelling aspect.

“One is making the kids laugh,” Pearson said. We also want each episode to be about something and about real life and what parenting is like. We have found that only 11% of the episodes are watched solo. It’s a family experience and a family show. If you put Bluey on at home, the first thing that happens is the kids jump up and start dancing to the theme tune. And then they start laughing at what is going on. The parents then start laughing because there are jokes in there for parents, too. Suddenly, you are in the middle of this family situation where everyone is having a good time.”

New 'Bluey' episodes dropped on Disney+, so we asked parents what they love

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The two executive producers of Bluey have said that the main goal of the children’s show is to help the little ones who enjoy watching the show. But the show also regularly offers encouragement and guidance to parents who might find themselves in a season of life in which they are working through certain topics with their own children–sometimes difficult topics.

One Topic Was Too Hard for ‘Bluey’ Producers to Broach

For the production team responsible for each episode of the fan-favorite Bluey show, the biggest challenge is knowing how to embrace a realistic look at everyday family life–all while working under the guidelines and boundaries that come when creating children’s programming. Interestingly, the executive producers admit they know that using the bathroom is a big part of life for preschoolers, but the subject matter was something they found very difficult to address.

Bluey Toilet Prank Toddlers Do Is Going Viral on TikTok

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Other topics, however, were eventually broached, as seen in several episodes of the show, which is the most popular mainstay in children’s programming in its native Australia’s history.

In July 2023, The Guardian touted Bluey as “still arguably the best television series in the world” and pointed out that “every seven-minute episode is its own self-contained short story, most of them nudging at the boundaries of what a children’s show can be.”

Unafraid When It Comes to the Difficult Discussions

If by “nudging at the boundaries of what a children’s show can be,” The Guardian means the boldness with which Bluey episodes deal with difficult topics, then the publication would be spot-on. The writers for the preschool show that features the Heeler family don’t shy away from those difficult topics.

The beloved children’s show even seems unafraid of such topics, but any episode of Bluey in which a so-called “difficult” topic is discussed is written and produced with the same gentleness, kindness, and love found in every single episode of the show–even those that are not anchored by sensitive subject matter.

The Surprisingly Mature Lessons of 'Bluey' - The Atlantic

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Over the course of its three seasons thus far, Bluey episodes have dealt with topics ranging from the death of a loved one and premature birth to the challenges of infertility to divorce and the fear of abandonment. Other topics touched on by the wildly popular children’s series include separation anxiety, neurodiversity, deafness, dealing with others who are mean, the fear of growing up, and the end of relationships. And that’s just the beginning.

Normalizes Death

An episode of Bluey titled “Copycat” touches on the topic of death–and even endeavors to show the normalcy of death and dying. In the episode, Bluey and Bandit discover an injured budgie, so they take it to be seen by a veterinarian. But the budgie dies instead of getting better. Bandit apologizes to Bluey, saying that death is the final stage of life–but that sometimes, that stage comes early.

Why everybody loves Bluey

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The episode doesn’t glorify or gloss over the topic of death. In fact, throughout the nine-minute episode, Bluey continually attempts to re-process what she’s feeling by revisiting the scenario in a game in which she makes sure her family plays out the budgie scenario exactly the same way. This appears to assist Bluey in accepting that death is a normal part of life: though it’s a sad reality, it’s not something that has to evoke fear.

Bluey goes so far as to normalize death–something that makes some viewers uncomfortable. But it should be noted that the writers of the show aren’t wrong to present death as a normal part of life. Why? Because death is a normal part of life.

The Fear of Abandonment, Addressed by a Fictional Family of Heelers

Even the fear of abandonment is addressed in one of the many episodes of the popular Australian children’s program. In an episode of Bluey titled “Space,” Bluey’s friend Mackenzie experiences the fear of abandonment for himself, and it all stems from a past memory of not being able to find his mother–even though she had not gone away from him.

Per CBR:

“Having lost sight of his mother at a young age, Mackenzie grew up with a fear of abandonment. It didn’t matter that Mackenzie’s mum was actually very close by and that he was in no real danger, the perceived threat was enough to scare him, and until he grows up further, it’s not something that he will easily forget.”

Bluey fans are confused over what happens to Mackenzie in Space episode

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“The episode depicted the concept of perceived threats and how they can seem very real to the person suffering from them. Instead of disregarding such fears, Bluey showed that they are just another part of life and that, given time and a good support network, any such fear can be overcome.”

The Parents Parent Their Parents in an Episode of ‘Bluey’

Yet another episode of Bluey touches on the topic of parents taking care of their aging parents and underscores the passing of time. In the episode called “Grandad,” Bluey’s mother, Chilli, is forced to help her own father–Bluey’s Grandad–to understand that he must rest as he is aging, but Grandad isn’t too keen on the idea of slowing down a bit.

Bluey Season 2, Episode 50 | Grandad

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In the episode, Chilli might even seem like she’s being bossy with her father, especially to children watching the show, but in the story, Bluey’s mother explains that she is only trying to help her father because she wants him to be around as long as he can be. She also says that she still needs her father in her life, even though she’s an adult and already a parent herself.

The conversation makes for a very heartfelt moment, after which Grandad admits that there are times he will need to allow Chilli, his daughter, to help him when he’s not making the best decision for himself.

‘Bluey’ Dives Deep Into Infertility, Miscarriage, and Birth

In one episode of Bluey, Chilli, Bluey’s mom, goes to visit her sister Brandy and her nieces, whom she hasn’t seen in nearly four years. From the beginning of the visit, it’s obvious that Brandy is feeling a bit uncomfortable during the visit. Bluey notices her discomfort and asks her mother about her aunt Brandy. Chilli responds to Bluey by telling her that Brandy wants one thing more than anything else in the world–but it’s the one thing she has not ever been able to have. She also tells Bluey that Brandy’s situation makes visiting more difficult for the family.

This 'Bluey' Episode Is What I Needed After Miscarriage

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In the episode titled “Onesies,” Chilli is, of course, alluding to her sister’s infertility–her ability to have a baby of her own. And while the subject is a very difficult one for families, the episode was written in such a way as to handle the topic very gingerly while explaining what was happening at a level that preschoolers can understand.

In another episode titled “Baby Race,” Bluey tackles the very difficult topic of miscarriage. The episode very delicately confirms that Chilli, Bluey’s mother, once suffered a miscarriage, and the episode is even referenced in a book about miscarriage and grief. In another episode of the children’s show, titled “Early Baby,” the topic of premature birth is addressed–but with the same tact and poise that is used to touch on other difficult topics in the show.

Bluey Season 1, Episode 41 | Early Baby

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Why Not Touch on the Difficult Topics With a Familiar Face?

While there’s no denying that Disney’s Bluey not only touches on difficult topics viewed by some children’s programming writers as taboo but also gets right into the thick of the topics at times, it does so with tact, facts, and a gentle approach. Bluey episodes centered around difficult topics are never presented with–or for–shock value. As such, parents won’t find themselves scrambling for the remote to change the channel because of the introduction of a topic in a loud, scary, or shocking way.

Funny Bluey Moments! | Bluey - YouTube

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This writer, who’s also a mom of four, has to agree with those parents who ask this one question: Who better to introduce and discuss difficult topics with parents and their children than a familiar face–one that is trusted and beloved and brings joy to families–even if that familiar face belongs to a blue heeler or red heeler puppy–or their parents? Another question to follow that one is this: if not now, when in their children’s lives will parents have a better, more pleasant opportunity to begin conversations with their children about topics like these?

Many parents would rather open the door to these discussions early, and allowing Bluey to be a part of opening that door doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

New Episodes Keep Coming

new bluey episodes

Bluey in “Cricket”/Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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Are you a Bluey fan and want to check out new episodes? Bluey just dropped multiple new episodes on January 12, 2023. Check out the newest details and full list of episodes here.

Are you for or against Bluey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Are you kidding me Bluey helped our Great grandkids talk and they love it what they trying to fix something that isn’t broke . This world is in sad shape when kids can’t enjoy a good children’s show that teaches them reality the people who are try to ban this children’s show need to have their heads examined and they obvious live in a dream world there is nothing wrong with Bluey OMGOODNESS how sad !! Obviously those people have nothing else to do and they live in a dream world that BS please do not change the show We love it!!!

    • Bluey is probably the most wholesome TV show I’ve every watched. It has helped me talk to my kids about difficult subjects. I reference this show at least once a day and my kids are from 6 months all the way up to 22 years.

      • Baby Race is not the episode that confirms miscarriage, it’s The Show. Baby Race is important in its own way about feeling like you are messing everything up as a new mom.
        Both episodes and Onesies have me crying everything I watch them. My 2 1/2 year old watches too and usually comes to me and asks if I am OK. We get to have a talk then and I tell her how loved she is and how mommy had a journey to get her and I see how she is so empathetic.

        Bluey has heeled me and also teaches my kid in a different way then Elmo and Sesame Street.

        If you don’t like Bluey, you must belong to the book banning, only straight people exist club.

    • Bluey is an amazing show for families, not just kids. We love the use of imagination and the fact that there isn’t a screen in front of the kids on the show all the time. They show muffin out of control and that she had consequences for her actions, the talk about loss has helped my 4yr old who has had 4 funerals in her life. We love the Australian terms and have actually adopted some of them in our daily life. You can’t ban this show! People just look for reasons to be upset.

    • My husband watches Vluey with my grandchildren all the time. They laugh all the time, , sing and dance.. He will watch by himself as well. My 16 year old granddaughter watches all the time, it is her favorite.
      In a time where there is so much TV you don’t want your children and or grandchildren to watch, I find Bluey refreshing. Everyone should watch before you decide.

    • Oh no, why have a show that actually teaches kids about life. makes no sense that people have to download the show because it’s not to what they want it to be. And we all know who it is that’s complaining. personally, I have no children but I do watch bluie because it’s not just for kids. It’s also for adults, is for everyone really. And i’m pretty sure you a family member or friend I’ve been through so many things that the show has brought out in their episodes. Just ignore the hathere’s an enjoy the show because they’ll never be satisfied regardless what happens.

    • Bluey is the one show I can actually sit down with my preschooler and enjoy. There are more moments than I like to admit that have brought tears to my eyes, and Chili is just SO relatable. This show has given my son so many ideas for imaginary play and I love seeing that (though treating down a billion different “cubbies” this weekend was a pain. My only complaint is that my son now pronounces some words with a Aussie accent.

  2. Nothing problematic here!

    • LOVE the show. People who want to ban it are just looking for something to be mad about. This show is amazing and doesn’t just tell kids how to navigate their world. I’d recommend it to any parent as well as a “how to”!

  3. Bluey has definitely helped me be a better parent to my 5 kids… Sometimes I find myself watching on the rare occasion that the kiddos are nowhere around lol. The empathic way in which the episodes are delivered along with the candid relatable humor the Heeler family effortlessly exudes has caused me to shamelessly weep at the raw tenderness that who knew could be found in a 7 minute cartoon episode as well snort laughing at the punchy sometimes self reflective funnies in the everyday lives of these doggie parents.

    • What a great reply! Touched base on all I was thinking. I have 5 grandsons ages 4-13 and the “copycat” episode really helped my 2 oldest boys with the loss of their Momma and also helped their younger cousins to comprehend the loss of 3 kittens during birth. I love the reality of this show and the loving humor behind each episode. I honestly can’t understand what negativity could be brought up against it really.

    • Kids don’t just need a shapes and numbers show– there are plenty of shows for that and school. This is an important show that teaches about real life, teaches the importance of play pretend and helps parents as well. This is a loveable one of a kind show — don’t change it!

  4. If someone has a problem with Bluey then something is wrong with them! This is one of the most positive realistic perceptions on life there is. I’m obsessed with it and so if my 4 month old son already. I love him growing up to a show like this. Family and closeness, kindness is key!

    • If they “boycott” Bluey, and they manage to get it cancelled, it’ll mark the end of society for me. I watch my 3 year old daughter create her own stories and imaginations, and I wholeheartedly believe it’s because of Bluey. I’m greatful my daughter can detach herself from devices and go on adventures, with or without us. We find ourselves playing “Heavy”, and “Keepy Uppy” with her all the time. She constantly quotes the show, and it makes us laugh to no end! Please explain how any of this is bad??

    • My 6 month old watches it too, heck my husband and I love it. I love that they teach kids topics like this because it helps explain it in a way a child would understand. I would’ve love to have this as a kid instead of learning about these topics later in life. I see no issue with Bluey at all.

    • My almost 2 year old LOVES this show! He is fascinated with it. Nothing else holds his attention like Bluey! When his godparents watch him, they watch it with him and find themselves watching it after he has gone to sleep. They said it’s teaching them how to be good parents! It’s a great show and should not be banned! It’s cute!

      • My 16 yr old yes 16 yr old has learned alot from bluey he has sp needs and he is not only more creative but thanks to learning from bluey and her family too more patience. I as a mom have learned alot from the heelers too we enjoy this show as a family so much.

  5. Bluey is one my daughter’s favorite shows. That’s not the only show she watches. She watches other shows for different education purposes that the Bluey show doesn’t teach. That’s fine . It’s good to have a variety and Bluey shows that variety. If some parents want a show with numbers and letters etc… there are plenty of shows on YouTube and other stations that show that. Also that responsibility should fall on the schools and the parents anyway. Not one show. Children need to know about real world scenarios because that’s what they’re going to encounter in their lives. There more things in the real world to know about than just numbers and shapes. Wake up SOME OF YOU COMPLAINERS smh ….

  6. Aren’t there enough shows about teaching children “colors, numbers, and shapes”? Bluey teaches our children other things that are just as (if not more) valuable: emotional intelligence, empathy, critical thinking. I think the adults who complain are the ones who also need to pay attention to what the episodes are trying to teach. Yes, there are parts that are uncomfortable and hard, even as a parent, to watch. But each topic is handled with such delicacy without sugar coating those difficult issues. Get real people.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The show has helped me with my 5yr old son on more than one occasion. The simple fact of it all is, if you have a problem with Bluey don’t let your kids watch it!

  7. LEAVE THID SHOW ALONE, take your negativity somewhere else…it’s like when you people see something good you first thought is to destroy it…I can’t stand you people!! I 💙 Bluey

  8. Please do not remove @Bluey! My grandchildren love and are 1,2,&3. But more importantly it is a show both grandchildren and there parents enjoy watching together my my daughter is on a @Bluey group talking about the great content of the episodes. We have so many toys and shows that touch on numbers, shapes and alphabet that I believe this is perfect for real life. Our children don’t need shows or toys to teach the basics, we can do that but it is hard to teach life situations such as death and separation anxiety. Love this show!!

  9. Did you guys even watch the show? Baby race is not about a miscarriage. Chilling sister brandy comes to visits Chilli and the kids in the episode onesies. The miscarriage is speculated in the mothers day episode when bandit and Chilli hold hands when the balloon pops when bingo is printing to be pregnant Chilli. You have all the episodes mixed up. If your not going to watch it don’t write about it

    • Bluey is a fantastic show! In our household, Bluey has helped our little guy understand death without fear (we lost our Chihuahua after having her in our lives forever), and our guy was able to reference the episode of Bluey that we had watched about the bird dying to help him understand our furbaby’s death.

    • I was thinking the same thing. LOL

    • I didn’t get that and I’ve watched all the episodes. I thought Bluey’s aunt was baron.

  10. I really have to believe you have not watched this show and are only going off outside comments on it. My wife and I came across this show and have not looked back sense letting the kids start to watch it. I would say the only issues are that is has classical family lessons unlike most of the garbage produced now. Which upsets folks who find this alarming. Even though it never pushes against any modern ideology and even push the view to accept folks for who they are now what they are. I wish Disney and p s would do work more like this again. I am thankful I had the Mr Rogers of the worldd growing up and this is about as good a show I have found in that realm.

  11. Regardless what your or others may say, my kids and I all LOVE this show – for every episode so far. It’s pure, educational and fun! With no hidden agenda or strings attached.

  12. Bluey is a great show, I watch it with my granddaughter.
    For those who don’t like it, then don’t watch it and leave the rest if us alone. There are other options for you closed minded and uptight people.

    • To the stupid Karen’s trying to boycott the show because they’re probably too busy causing irreversible trauma and damage to their kids kindly go fuck yourselves bluey is great and shows how gentle parenting should be done.

  13. I and my family love Bluey for the basic fact that it isn’t about alphabet, colors, shapes and numbers it’s about family and the struggles and the good. Which I am sorry to say is disappearing more and more. Some people just need to grow up not all of us are apart of the political agenda we value family and there crap

  14. My niece (4) loves this show and so does my sister! It doesn’t matter that it’s not teaching the alphabet or numbers. It IS teaching real life lessons that can happen to anybody, anytime. That’s very important for young children to learn also! Arthur didn’t teach letters and numbers either, it was entertainment for children. It tackled difficult topics too at times. Nobody ever boycotted that show.

  15. My nice LOVE’S this show. If people don’t like them normalizing something like death or something else, they need to remember Mr. Rodgers. He always talked about the difficult parts of growing up, and he became one of the most love people.

  16. My whole family would be upset if they canceled Bluey! My 2 yr old son loves it and so do I. The people that are complaining about it need to get a life and stop trying to parent other people’s children! I decide what my children watch!

  17. My grandson loves the show and I watched it with him and it’s wonderful people need to remember that this is a show that was started in a different country as well and different countries approach subject matter in different ways. But with world today and with the games that the kids are playing on their phones the playstations and the computers I think there’s a lot more for the parents to worry about then this show. How many parents took their kids to see Barbie the movie? How many parents let their kids watch marvel? We don’t question things that are in those shows do we but we should. My generation has raised a generation of complainers and the hashtag me too movement I have gone too far if we put down all the electronics and start really interacting with the problems of each other in this world I think we would find the world much better place

    • Lord have mercy!! The show is fine!! Just something else for someone to waist precious time complaining about something. An opinion actually… Get a life publish a real story.

  18. Really with all the new woke crap on Disney these days…people are concerned with Bluey? It’s one of the few decent cartoons left. Why don’t people raise their kids instead of allowing TV shows & video games do it.

  19. Bluey was made by Australians for Australian children it wasn’t made to match the American children TV requirements! It annoys me when Americans think that everything is made for them

  20. Bluey isnt the first kids show to not feature traditional learning so idk why that really even needed to be a point? Most of disney jr shows don’t do any of that. If you want reading put alphablocks on, if you want maths put numberblocks on. Also subtitles should be on every childs show. It helps them to read.

  21. For the parents who think Bluey is problematic, SERIOUSLY! Put your kids in a plastic bubble, and leave Bluey and the rest of us alone. Bluey is a fantastic show that parents and kids can actually enjoy together.

  22. This show is great!! All my grandkids watch all different ages. If you don’t agree with the show do not watch it. Please do not change anything!!

  23. I love Bluey and so does my 8 year old granddaughter. I love the wholesome messages and the funny and classy way certain subject are handled is awesome. This show is better than some of the crap on so called children”s programming channels .I’m constantly telling my granddaughter to change the show she is watching on her iPad. I never have to tell her to change Bluey. Get a grip people!

  24. First off, this is not a Disney show, it’s a BBC production, and my 5 year old granddaughter likes this enough n9t to question anything about it. Stop looking into things so hard and making a big stinking ta-do about it.

  25. Bluey is one of the funniest cartoons that is actually relevant to children and adults I have ever seen. The producers present topics that are real life in a non judgmental way with a dash of humor. So, parents that have a problem have your child watch something else AND then sit down, relax and actually enjoy an episode of Bluey. You need to be nicer to the little boy or girl in you!

  26. Me and my daughter just love bluey is different just leave her alone please

  27. As a parent I really enjoy the show. Chilli and Bandit are the same age as my husband and I. The way they handle life and it’s challenges are spot on. I find myself in the middle of the night watching it when nothing else is on TV. Bluey teaches everyone not just children about life. I love the episode about Jack that can’t remember things. And Calypso pair him up with Rusty. And Jack was able to remember the whole day. Also when Bluey and Bingo teaches Bandit and Chilli about love for one another and how you would do for love. Smoochy kiss episode. My family and ai love the show please don’t take it away.

  28. We love Bluey and at least once a week we play the game with the feather and everything us heavy. My child gas the feather and let’s us know what’s heavy. It’s tons of fun and something we can do as a family. It’s a great show and I enjoy watching it with my child.

  29. Anyone who finds themselves concerned about the unusual teaching methods should…I don’t know….maybe not rely on television programs to teach your children? Maybe practice using some common sense and find real world issues to tackle.

  30. Bluey , BY FAR, is one of the best shows EVER!!!! My family and I gather around to watch this show att the time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Both the kids and adults can relate to what goes on in each episode and that’s what makes this show THE BEST. I’d rather my kids watch this, then have them watch you tube, or all those videos with 3-4 minute songs anytime! They have something to relate to with Bluey. Not to mention it helps them grow a longer attention span. All you that are wanting to take this show away, have no idea what your speaking of. PLEASE DONT TAKE BLUEY AWAY. WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  31. I love this show and so does my daughter , there’s nothing wrong with it and it is a decent cartoon and I love the fact that it compares to real life situations. It can make you realize that it’s important to be an involved parent and always enjoy that they’re little and growing up. This is one of the best shows for kids so glad to be able to watch it and enjoy it myself

  32. The Heeler family (Bluey, et al) is a wonderful show. It teaches kids about imagination. It exposes them to classical music (Sleepy time with The Planets by Holst). It talks about bathroom activities without being crass. It’s wonderful! Shows don’t have to teach letters, numbers, shapes, etc. There are lots of shows out there the kids can watch for that. Or, a crazy idea, have their parents teach them like I did my kids.

  33. Those who are “enraged” about Bluey need to find something more important to be enraged about and contribute positivity into the world. Seriously! Js

  34. I love Bluey for my grandkids this show is the best!

  35. My daughter is 5 yrs old and has Autism. I don’t see anything wrong with the show. Maybe the ones that have a problem with it can find something else for their kids to watch. Love, Love, love the show. She loves to sing and with mommy and daddy.

  36. I would love a good conversation with the person who finds this show controversial.

  37. So would those calling for a boycott also boycott Mr. Rogers, Arthur, magic school bus?

  38. For those of you adults that have never watched Bluey or maybe have, get on U Tube and watch “Escape”, “Granny Mobile”, “Tina” and “Fancy Restaurant”. These are FUNNY, heartfelt episodes with nothing but love and laughter in a world with so much sadness and controversy. Get real people, this is family entertainment at its finest.

  39. More important that numbers, shapes, and the alphabet this show helps teach everyone how to be better people first. That should be coveted above all. Hurray Bluey!

  40. We love bluey we watch it every day my 1 year old loves it

  41. I discovered this show during lockdown from the pandemic, thats when my grandaughter was born. It was a nice change from all the other shows that sing the same songs a million different ways. I know kids need academia, but they also need to learn how to deal with life and emotions that happen outside the classroom. I have more grandkids now and they are all loving Bluey as well. I have introduced Bluey to anyone i know whose got kids of any age. Keep it coming guys.

    • Just because bluey episodes are explained in ways alot of people who are very soft clearly do not like doesnt mean people should use caution. People are so sensitive, look up the show before watching it if your that opinionated about a kids show. Honestly the world is a messed up place out there and people are concerned about how a kids show explains things? Come on. Let people like what they want.

  42. My family and I watch Bluey almost everyday. It’s a great show for kids and parents alike! We will continue to watch your show

  43. People will literally complain about anything just to complain. This show is the best show to watch with your children. I watch it when they are in bed sometimes haha. This show touches on difficult subjects and I am thankful for that! It has helped me with ideas of how to deal with these situations and reminds me that I’m not the only one. So people need to take their miserable complaint filled life’s and comments and go elsewhere.

  44. The parents who complain that Bluey doesn’t have counting, shapes, Etc even though every other cartoon does are the parents who don’t want to parent and want the TV to teach their kids everything. The reason Bluey is so great is it depicts family life in a silly and funny manner that kids see on a daily basis. I’m a father with a wife and two daughters, and Bluey depicts our family almost perfectly. It’s the only cartoon that all four of us can watch and all laugh together. Just remember there are people in this world that only happy when they’re miserable and complaining.

  45. You mean parents have to actually spend time with there own child, teaching them things they as functioning adults should already know. Instead of plopping them front of a screen! Wow, parents who dislike Bluey, do better.

    • As a parent I love Bluey. It’s one of my favorite toddler shows. (Don’t get me started on how much I loathe Cocomelon.) Bluey helps address hard topics in life. It also encourages talking to your child, imagination and play , which is really important in a child’s development. Bluey has also helped me grow as a parent. It taught me lessons and gives helpful topics on how to deal with bad behavior and tough topics. Even though some topics are “tough” they’re all a part of life and something your child will hear about and encounter one way or another. They don’t have to be taboo subjects.

  46. I love the Baby race episode! It was the hardest to watch as I was in the middle of struggling with my own issues my son and no help from his father. So when I cartoon dog looked directly at the camera and went told me I was doing great, I felt better about everything. Sometimes, you just need a little positive feedback and that moment was mine

  47. This is ridiculous! Ever since I started playing this cartoon for my child I’ve been very impressed with it. It makes my child laugh and myself because you can relate to the parents. It’s the only new cartoon I like because it’s not woke and very family friendly. It’s stupid that people want to ban it and pathetic.

  48. we watch & love every bluey episode& have a lot of the bluey toys & would love it if bluey was part of the characters at disney parks some day !!

    bluey episodes deal with real life situations in a child friendly way of example & explanation!! love it!! 👏🏽

  49. Bluey is an awesome kids show. It’s the ONLY one my daughter is allowed to watch. It’s an amazing family show. We watch it with our little girl and we all have Bluey shirts and she has Bluey toys. All of her play with them is about children loving their family and parents loving their children and wanting what’s best for them. WE LOVE BLUEY!!!!!

  50. Bluey can stay and Disney should be canceled instead. Why does Disney keep listening to the same cancel culture nonsense. And Disney wonders why nobody likes their new movies and shows anymore.Disney listened to the bananas and they keep slipping on their peels.

  51. As a mother of 3, my oldest being 6 with adhd and other issues, Bluey has helped him SO mich with being able to socialize better and be empathetic! Bluey is not only my kids favorite show, it’s also one of mine and my husband’s! His nephew is in college and he even watches it! This show has so much to offer to both children and adults! It helped me find better ways to handle my kids when things are overwhelming, and better games for them to play together. I honestly can’t see Bluey ever being canceled, and if it is then we are doomed! We are a Bluey family, and we are here to stay!

  52. Bluey is amazing. It is a show that the whole family can watch and enjoy.

  53. Love, Love, Love Bluey!! I watch it with my granddaughter and have even watched when she wasn’t here! LOL
    Bluey is wonderfully written and there are lessons in every episode. There is more to life than colors, numbers, etc…they show life lessons that can enrich a child’s childhood. Those who want it boycotted can stop watching, but we won’t. Stop criticizing an actually good, wholesome show.

  54. Bluey teaches a lot of kids about difficulty, everyday situations that some parents may find hard to talk over with their kids. It’s an incredible show to experience along with your child. Not every show needs to be about shapes, letters, and numbers. Parents need to work with their children on these topics and not rely on television shows to do it for them. Bluey has even helped my parents be the best grandparents they can be. My parents were brought up with the expectations that children should be seen and not heard. They brought that into their own parenthood l, (just not as severe as their parents). By watching shows, like Bluey, with my kids, they have been engaging with them even more and even encouraging them to be their wild and true selves! So Bluey is not only for toddlers, it’s just as much a show for parents, and grandparents, to show them it’s ok to let loose and have fun with your kids without feeling embarrassed by those around you.

  55. I watch Bluey with my grandchildren all the time and sometimes without them even. It is a wonderful show and really good for both children and parents. I think it is a great show for teaching parenting as well as good entertainment for the children. Too bad a few people who complain, don’t just switch the channel and watch something else, and Disney should listen to all of the other people who love this show the way it is. There will always be some people who will find fault in everything, those people should just watch something else, rather than be the ones to ruin it for all the ones who enjoy it.