Dad of the Year Drives Over THIRTY Hours To Ensure Family Experiences Disney Vacation!

Cinderella Castle
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When you think of the ideal dad, someone who solves problems and saves the day may come to mind. It may even be someone who would be willing to drive over thirty hours to save the family Disney vacation.

According to a report by Scary Mommy, that’s exactly what this father did.

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Anyone who’s ever planned a trip to Walt Disney World knows just how complicated it is. From getting Park tickets to Disney Resort hotel reservations to securing transportation, a Disney World vacation comes with a lot of steps. In short, there’s a lot of room for something to go wrong.

For Jill Tobin-Montanez, something went very wrong indeed. She and her two children were on their way to Walt Disney World when their flight was canceled. Her husband, Nathan, who couldn’t go due to his work schedule, had previously dropped them off at the airport.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom

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As the next available flight wouldn’t hit the runway for a couple of days, he picked them up from the airport, simply asking the disappointed family if they were ready to go.

Little did they know, they would still make it to Walt Disney World.

Instead of taking them home, this father of the year began driving straight towards Disney, to the surprise and delight of his family.


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Reportedly, Nathan drove for 17 hours, traveling a thousand miles from New Jersey to Orlando, Florida. After all, a proper Disney trip takes months of planning at least, and this dad wasn’t about to let it all go to waste.

After he’d driven them to Orlando, Florida, he turned around and drove back to New Jersey, as he still had to work.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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The family made it on time to Magic Kingdom, all thanks to one father who was willing to drive for over 30 hours just to get his family to their planned Disney experience.

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