How to Enjoy Your Disney Vacation as an Adult

How to Enjoy Your Disney Vacation as an Adult
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I love visiting Disney Parks. It’s a part of my family culture, and it’s something that we all enjoy. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you agree and understand the soft spot we hold in our hearts for all things Disney. Although Disney doesn’t represent everything that I agree with, visiting the parks is still a magical experience that brings a uniqueness during each visit that no other Theme Park can. Many would agree. What makes a Disney vacation so magical? What is it about the place that keeps us coming back? There must be some magic formula they pump in the air that draws us back year after year like a sea turtle to its nesting site. Or maybe it’s real magic, perhaps all of those spells we hear in Disney films aren’t jibberish, maybe we’ve been cursed to live out our days a ward to the Mouse. Who knows? I, for one, do know that Disney is undoubtedly the “most magical place on Earth” for several reasons, many of which you’ve never heard of!

Disney is the Only Place Where You Can Walk 10 Miles a Day and Still Gain Weight

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It’s the end of the day; you’ve trekked across every well-detailed land Disney offers. You’re feet are swollen and sore, but your stomach is worse. You’ve not only walked a considerable amount of steps, enough to keep your Fitbit or Apple Watch happy for days, but you’ve eaten enough carb-laden snacks to fuel an athlete in a triathlon. You’re sluggish and maybe even a bit gassy as your stomach enzymes struggle to make sense of all the Mickey-shaped foods you’ve ingested. Somehow, although you’ve dripped the last ounce of fluid you had left through sweat, you’ve gained a staggering ten pounds. You’ve closed your exercise ring on your smartwatch three times over, but somehow you’ve managed to go up a size in your wardrobe.

This is peak Disney! It’s the only place you can be as active as you want but still gain weight. Why? Well, it’s because there’s too much food to be had, and as consumers with credit cards, we want to try it all! From fried dough to immaculate plates of pasta and everything in between, there is something that will make your taste buds tingle, and your waist expand at Disney. It’s just part of the experience.

It’s Okay to Buy the Ears, Even If You’re Never Going to Wear Them Again

Going to a Disney Park is an experience that requires not only Park tickets but an entire ensemble repping your favorite intellectual property. One cannot simply walk through the gates of Magic Kingdom without everyone else knowing they love Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Shoes, shirts, hats, shorts, socks, and even underwear are necessary. It’s the only way to stand out from all the other Disney fans who are just there because their children are celebrating a birthday.

If you need the merchandise you need to fit in with the diehard Disney crowd, it’s okay; once you start going to the parks regularly, you will. Do you love everything about Star Wars? Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has everything you’ll need in this galaxy. Oh, Minnie Mouse is your jam? Don’t worry, friend; check out World of Disney at Disney Springs; you’ll be clad in polka dots and bows in no time. Maybe you’re different and want something most don’t appreciate; perhaps you’re a Chicken Little fan. Well, you will have to look elsewhere for that. But don’t worry; the sky isn’t falling. A quick Google search should get you in touch with everything you need!

Who Cares if It’s a Kiddy Ride, Get a Lightning Lane Anyhow

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We all have our favorite rides and attractions at our home Parks. For me, it’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Truth be told, I’m also a huge guy who loves the Magic Carpets in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom. However, I don’t ride them, as that would be weird, right? Forget that! I ride them every time I’m there. Not only do I ride them, but I also make sure to get a Lightning Lane for them. I’m not waiting for my magic carpet ride. I paid good money to be here, and although I’m a fully grown man with a wife, kids, and a full-time job, it spends just the same.

People judge us because we love the traditional stuff. We’re the type of people who also appreciate fine wine and visit art museums. By art museums, I mean Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios. You do you and don’t worry about what others think. If you want to ride the train around Magic Kingdom all day while eating Mickey snacks, choo choo, friend…choo choo.

It’s Okay to Cry At Fireworks, Even After You’ve Seen Them for the 1000th Time

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Nothing evokes raw emotion, as well as Disney fireworks. There’s something about watching Tinkerbell take off over the crowd lit up that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the place. Maybe it’s just the fondness and familiar feeling of Disney, or perhaps it’s something we should be talking to a professional about. Who cares? Let the tears flow because it feels so good just to let it out! The responsibility of being a real adult and doing boring things that cause us undo stress can’t hold a candle to Disney fireworks. Once the music starts all of that melts away as we belt along out of tune.

Although we all like arguing and debating which nighttime shows are the best, it doesn’t matter. They all leave us crying like little kids who wet their pants on the playground. And that’s okay because it’s magic! It’s real magic! Okay, well, it isn’t real magic, but it’s about as close as we’re going get outside of making it to payday with a couple of dollars in our checking accounts. I cry when that happens too.

On the off chance that you’re still reading this, you’ve probably figured out that we’re poking fun. Not to be mean, because we support crying during fireworks, wearing whatever you want to the parks, and generally enjoying yourselves. As adults, we’re expected not to let loose and enjoy ourselves in the Parks. There’s an unspoken etiquette that is expected when visiting as a grown-up. We’re supposed to not be impressed by the work of wonderful human beings who just want to leave a positive and lasting impression on the world. I saw, forget that Disney is a place for everyone, even me, even you! Love it, cherish it, and enjoy it!

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