Disney Cancels Release Plans for ‘Star Wars,’ Marvel, And More – NEW Dates

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The current writer’s strike has caused issues for big projects still in production, and now it seems to have caused irrevocable damage to the Walt Disney Company’s release dates for the next few years. While major projects’ debuts have already been announced, those release plans have been canceled.

It seems that many screenplays are not in their final drafts, and studios cannot move on to filming without the writers.

Here are the major shifts in when upcoming films will hit theaters.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Movie Delays

  • Captain America: Brave New World Original date: 5/3/24 | New Date: 7/26/24
  • Thunderbolts Original date: 7/26/24 | New Date: 12/20/24
  • Blade Original date: 9/6/24 | New Date: 2/14/25
  • Deadpool Original date: 11/8/24 | New Date: 5/3/24
  • Fantastic Four Original date: 2/14/25 | New Date: 5/2/25
  • Avengers: Kang Dynasty (Disney) Original date: 5/2/25 | New Date: 5/1/26
  • Avengers: Secret Wars  Original date: 5/1/26 | New Date: 5/7/27

Disney Delays

  • Moana Original Date: 7/2/25 | New Date: 6/27/25
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Credit: Disney

Star Wars Delays

  • UNTITLED STAR WARS Original Date: 12/19/25 | New Date 5/26
  • (Just Added) UNTITLED STAR WARS New Date: 12/18/26

Avatar Franchise Delays

  • AVATAR 3  Original date: 12/20/24 | New Date: 12/19/25
  • AVATAR 4  Original date: 12/18/26 | New Date: 12/21/29
  • AVATAR 5  Original date: 12/22/28 | New Date: 12/19/31
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Credit: Lucasfilm

It seems that Marvel’s sheer volume of upcoming film content got hit the worse by the delay. It’s also pretty crazy to see a release date for the year 2031. While these are the current updated release dates, it is not clear if the schedule will have to change again if the writer’s strike is not resolved soon.

In fact, the Screen Actor’s Guild, the union for screen actors, is considering striking as well at the end of the month if their own negotiations aren’t met. There’s no telling how much damage that will do to the timeline in terms of new release dates.

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