Audiences Will Be Waiting Much, Much Longer For ‘Avatar 3’ Than Originally Planned

Tuk from avatar the way of water
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When the first Avatar film was released in theaters, the year was 2009.

The world hadn’t even entered the 2010s yet, and the film was a marvel of computer animation and motion capture, changing the trajectory of cinema forever.

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A staggering 13 years later, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) is released. The world has changed entirely, but one thing remains the same: the Avatar movies are still revolutionary in the film-making world.

However, Avatar: The Way of Water takes its time to make its way onto streaming services, arriving onto Disney+ after approximately six months.

avatar the way of water

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That being said, many fans were delighted to hear that the upcoming threequel in the Avatar franchise was nearly finished, as the second and third Avatar films were shot back to back for continuity purposes.

The release date, at the time of Avatar 2’s release, was scheduled for December 12, 2024. Only two years and four days after the release of Avatar: The Way of Water.

But fans of James Cameron’s science-fiction masterpiece will have to wait much longer for the next chapter in the saga.


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According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, Avatar 3 has been pushed back an entire year, with the new release date being December 2025. As a result, the rest of the franchise has also been pushed back.

Avatar 4 is now tentatively scheduled for 2029, with Avatar 5 being planned for 2031, years later than anticipated.

Avatar Movie

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After waiting nearly 15 years for a sequel, Avatar fans can probably stomach a few years of delays, but it won’t be easy. At the very least, both the first and second films of the series are on Disney+ for the time being.

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