Audiences Totally Missed This Risqué Detail In ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

When director James Cameron released the first Avatar film in 2009, it was revolutionary due to the technology used.

Starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri, Avatar took audiences to a fantastical alien world that seemed totally unforgettable…until it was forgotten by a majority of audiences.


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Unfortunately, while the visuals and music from Avatar were absolutely stunning, the characters were deemed forgettable by anyone other than a super-fan, and the plot was criticized for being overly simple and predictable, which is a shame considering the sheer amount of work and detail put into the project.

Avatar movie

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As Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) was released, it regained audiences’ interest in the world of Avatar. Once again, James Cameron has given audiences a revolutionary film in terms of the technology used to film the underwater sequences.

If you’re wondering why James Cameron waited over ten years to release a sequel to one of the highest-grossing films ever released, it’s because the director had to wait until the proper technology had been created to film the movie.

avatar the way of water

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Make no mistake, even more detail has gone into the sequel, including background easter eggs that most audiences would have missed, like this racy image spotted in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Credit: The Direct, Disney

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One of the RDA’s submarines (the bad guys) is decorated with what appears to be a pinup illustration of a female Na’vi straddling some sort of a missile. This little detail really immerses audiences into the world of Avatar, considering it’s a common practice amongst real-life American military aircraft. Not only that, but it also drives home how disrespectful the RDA is of Pandora’s native population.

Did you catch this nifty detail?

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