Utah Dad Turns Home Into ‘Encanto’ Casita With Projection Show

Encanto Projection Show
Images Credit: Disney (left) / Baird Manor (right)

Alright, Disney Dads, we know you’re pretty incredible, but have you ever done something like THIS? A father has worked with his son to create an Encanto projection show… turning his home into what looks like the Madrigal Family Casita.

Casita in Encanto
Credit: Disney

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We all know it, and many love it – yes, we’re talking about the extremely popular Disney animated film Encanto (2021). It’s no surprise that the film is setting numerous records, inspired by its diverse characters, and has even left Disney fans asking for a Disney Park Encanto-themed attraction.

So, what better way to wow the neighborhood than reveal a special Encanto projection show! That’s exactly what Jeff Baird decided to do in Utah with his son.

Credit: Disney

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The perfectly timed and well-located projections transform the Baird home into what looks like the Madrigal Casita. The colorful scenes during the project are accompanied by the ever-so-popular Lin Manuel Miranda Encanto song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno“.

The Baird Family takes to Facebook to post times visitors can drop by to see the projection show with the note, “As requested, we’ll run our Encanto show Friday and Saturday night. Drive by and tune to 87.9 on your radio. And please don’t block our neighbor’s driveways!”

If you can’t make it to Utah, no worries. “Baird Manor” took to YouTube to share the full “Encanto Projection Show”. The projection is so well done, it actually got the attention and was shared by Good Morning America. Check out the impressive projection show below:

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Absolutely incredible! We love that there is SO much detail from the movie, right down to the thunder clouds, lightning bolts, and even the Casita cracking.

If you’re in the Utah area, you can check out the projection show at 348 W 1560 N, Lehi, UT 84043-1085. Well done to Jeff Baird and his family!

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