Not everyone’s in love with Disney’s “Encanto”; here are the most UNPOPULAR opinions we’ve heard so far

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Disney’s Encanto has received rave reviews from critics and audiences of all ages.

Walt Disney Animation’s 60th animated feature film tells the story of the amazing family Madrigal in Colombia, which has been blessed with a miracle that came to them years ago and continues to grow, granting each family member a special gift or magical power. All except for one family member, named Mirabel.

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The delightful music, vibrant colors, and unique characters all blend together to tell a beautiful story of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

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But not everyone is in love with Encanto, and just as many have taken to social media to share their love for the film, some have also aired their distaste and dislike for the movie on the same platform. Here are some of the most unpopular opinions we’ve heard so far.

It wasn’t that good.

For all the hoopla made over Encanto since its Thanksgiving week theatrical release, many don’t understand it or agree with it. Despite the film grossing $194,840,032 worldwide and scoring 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, some viewers say they didn’t like it at all; others say they just couldn’t finish it, one even calling it hollow with “flat characters.” He even says it was obvious that Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote much of the music for Encanto, was spread thin.

The Madrigals forgave Abuela far too quickly.

Because the story of Encanto is one centered around intergenerational trauma, many fans identified with the film personally, and many who did found themselves angry with the quickness with which Abeula was granted forgiveness. Some felt that she should have had to feel more of the fallout from her mistreatment of other family members, like her son Bruno and her granddaughter Mirabel.

But the moment Mirabel learned about Abuela’s history and her pain, she was overcome with compassion for her grandmother. She embraced her wholeheartedly, and the rebuilding of casita began almost instantly. Bruno, after being banished from his family for the gift he had that made Abuela uneasy, acted as though all of the pain his mother caused him instantly vanished, and for some, that was not only unbelievable but also undeserved.

There are far too many characters for the storyline

The amazing family Madrigal is truly amazing. Their talents, magical powers, and gifts make them the family you wouldn’t mind having as neighbors. But for such a storyline, some say there are too many of them featured in the film. “The Family Madrigal” is the first song sung in the film. In it, Mirabel introduces the village children (and thus, the viewers) to each member of the family and explains his or her gift.

But some feel like the fact that we needed a song to introduce everyone should have been an early indication that there are too many in the story. It’s hard to keep the spouses and grandkids straight for some. And who can remember everyone’s gifts?

The storyline was boring.

Though the story of Encanto is one of intergenerational trauma, a magical house, a magical family with special powers (including one who can control the weather with her feelings), and a miracle that has never stopped growing, some who saw the film say the story bored them to tears. It didn’t have an allure for them, and they aren’t sure why anyone would like it, let alone watch it more than once. (Some who feel that way about Encanto had no love for Frozen either.)

The Madrigal family is selfish with their gifts.

In the opening scene of Encanto when Mirabel sings about her family, each member, and his or her gifts, she explains that family members use their gifts to help around the house, but they also use their gifts to further and better their community too. Abuela has a short solo in the bridge of the song and sings, “We swear to always help those around us, and earn the miracle that somehow found us; the town keeps growing; the world keeps turning, but work and dedication will keep the miracle burning, and each new generation must keep the miracle burning.”

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Credit: Walt Disney Animation

But some who’ve seen the film say the opposite is true; that the family members use their gifts only for selfish gain, like Boring_Concentrate 74 posted on Reddit, saying “The story was pointless. Everyone in the family gets gifts but all they do with their gifts is stay home; they don’t help others with them; one big conceited family…the story is: Oh look we have gifts..you didn’t get one…the house is falling apart..why? Not really sure…gifts are going away…why? Not really sure…the end.”


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