Fans May Never Know Who Actually Voices Bluey and Bingo in Disney’s ‘Bluey’

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Fans of Disney’s Bluey have a lot of questions about their favorite Australian canine family.

bluey family (From left to right, Bluey, Chili, Bingo, Bandit)

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The questions asked about the children’s programming series on Disney+, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel know no limits: What kind of dogs are the Heelers? (Yes, we know; the fact that fans ask that question threw us for a loop, too.) What do Bluey’s parents do for a living? (Careful, that’s a loaded question, as one answer names the occupations of both parents, and the other answer lands Chilli and Bandit in a secret international crime ring.)

Other questions include whether the Heeler family is part of former President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign and how old are Bluey and Bingo? Diehard fans ask other questions, such as What is the name of the school Bluey attends and What are the names of Bluey’s closest canine friends? But perhaps one of the most lingering questions in the minds of many fans of Disney’s Bluey is this: Who voices the characters of Bluey and Bingo?

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Recently, the two individuals who have lent their voices to Bluey’s dad, Bandit, and Bluey’s mom, Chilli, since the Australian children’s show first aired, met in person for the first time ever. The animated children’s program debuted on television more than five years ago in 2018, but David McCormack and Melanie Zanetti had never met until just recently, even though they reportedly have amazing on-screen chemistry.

But there were far fewer questions about the reasons behind the delayed meeting between David McCormack (Bandit) and Melanie Zanetti (Chilli) than there ever were about the identities of the person or persons who voice Bluey and Bingo in the award-winning children’s show–the show that has become the most successful and most popular show in the history of children’s programming in Australia.

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Only just recently did Joe Brumm, the Australian creator and animator behind the Bluey animated phenomenon, who initially took joy in seeing episodes of Peppa Pig and wanted to create a similar experience featuring an Australian family, reveal that the unique and extremely recognizable voices of the children in the series, including Bluey, Bingo, and some of their friends as well, are played by children close to the show’s creators.

“Bluey, Bingo, and some of their friends are voiced by children of the production crew,” Brumm explained in an interview. But beyond saying that to the interviewer, Brumm was mum. And we don’t mean Bluey’s mum, Chilli.

chilli and bandit from disney's bluey

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The hard part about the titular characters being voiced by children is exactly that–they are children. And because they are minors, the creators and producers of Bluey have made a point of not crediting the children on the show, as their identities are intentionally being kept secret to keep them safe from the public eye.

So, the sad truth is that fans will stay hard-pressed to discover just who the talent is behind the voices of the beloved characters Bluey and Bingo.

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