‘Bluey’ Fans Stunned by Chilli Voice Actor

Bluey Fans Shocked by Chilli Voice Actor
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Bluey fans were shocked by Melanie Zanetti, the voice actor of Chilli in the beloved children’s show. It turns out not all things are as they seem.

Disney’s Bluey has quickly become one of the most popular television shows with fans worldwide. Bluey premiered in 2018, created by Australian animator Joe Brumm. The show is popular amongst not only children but many young adults, older teens, and parents as well. Many fans are drawn to the relatability of the show’s characters and storylines.

Bluey follows a family of four heeler dogs made up of two children, siblings Bluey and Bingo, and two parents, Chilli (mom) and Bandit (dad). The show follows the family’s everyday life, discussing challenges and solutions, given with guidance by their parents. Bluey has become a fast favorite among kids and parents due to the take on modern-day parenting presented within the storylines.

Bluey's mom and dad

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Melanie Zanetti Shocks Fans

Even though the audience draws strong comparisons between the show and everyday life, a separation still exists. The animation of Bluey’s world creates a barrier between the show and reality, so much so that many fans cannot recognize the voice actors behind their favorite characters.

Bluey actress Melanie Zanetti

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Recently, actor Melanie Zanetti, the voice behind Bluey’s mom Chilli, spoke out about her anonymity as a Bluey voice actor. On the Stellar podcast, Something To Talk About, the actress was asked if she’s commonly recognized publicly. Zanetti shared that fans rarely recognize her at all. She stated, “I don’t necessarily look like what they had in their mind, I don’t know what they’re imagining, I’m not actually a red heeler…”

When asked how she feels about being more unrecognizable than fellow co-stars, she said, “I kind of love the anonymity…I’ve often been in situations where I’ve walked past whole families decked out in Bluey gear…and I’m walking past going, ‘Wow, you guys have no idea that I’m loving this.'”

“Do you recognize this woman?”

Zanetti was featured on the cover of Stellar with the headline “Do you recognize this woman? (Because she’s probably in your living room right now)”. The actress stunned Bluey fans with her gorgeous photoshoot, many of them unable to recognize her simply by her photograph or name. Many have found it easier to identify the actress simply by her famous voice than by these typically recognizable features.


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Though she’s not the infamous red heeler Chilli in real life, Zanetti is quickly making a name for herself as a talented actress, both behind animation and in front of the camera. In addition to her starring role in Bluey, the actress has recently been part of Raven’s Hollow, Love and Monsters, and The End. 

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