‘Bluey’ Faces Dramatic Future, Fans Speak Out

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Bluey fans are ready for more of the adorable children’s television show.

Bluey is a popular Australian children’s animated television series that has captured the hearts of kids and adults worldwide. The creator of Bluey is Joe Brumm, the show first premiered on ABC Kids in Australia in October 2018 and quickly gained international recognition. It is produced by Ludo Studio and distributed by BBC Studios.

The show revolves around the adventures of a lovable Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey, her family, and their close-knit circle of friends. Set in a suburban Australian neighborhood, Bluey explores the everyday experiences and imaginative play of young children. The central theme of the series is the importance of play, family, and the boundless imagination of children.


Credit: Disney+ and BBC

Key characters in the show include Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and their parents, Bandit, who is the Dad, and Chilli, the Mum. Each episode typically follows the family as they embark on various adventures, tackle challenges, and use imaginative games to learn valuable life lessons. These life lessons are not only aimed at the young viewers but resonate with parents as well, making the show highly relatable.

One of the defining features of Bluey is its authentic and heartwarming portrayal of family life. The show emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in a child’s life and encourages parents to play and engage with their children. Another neat thing about children and parents watching Bluey is that every episode deals with tough situations and how to handle them.

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Many episodes of Bluey deal with the intricacies of friendship. Children often face disagreements and conflicts with their friends, and the show illustrates the importance of communication and empathy when resolving these issues. For instance, in one episode, Bluey and Bingo have a falling out with their friends and learn the value of compromise and forgiveness. In one episode, the family copes with the loss of a pet, and the characters express their emotions and learn to remember and cherish the happy memories. This helps children understand the grieving process and how to deal with sadness.

While these episodes may seem lighthearted, they still teach children how to handle feelings. TikTok user @world.shaker, a self-proclaimed “Bluey stan,” has been exploring the depths of Bluey. 

Some of the ideas @World.shaker hopes Disney will turn into episodes are Rad and Frisky’s, who are Bluey and Bingo’s babysitter and uncle, will have a baby. @world.shakersuggests this idea based on subtle hints in the show that allude to Frisky’s pregnancy. Or Winton, one of Bluey’s friends, could make an episode about children coping with parents getting divorced.

Bluey fans also love Chilli and Bandit, and fans would love to see about Chilli’s parents or even the backstory about Bandit and his college days. The most requested would be either Chilli’s sister Brandy or when Bluey becomes a big sister.

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If you have ever watched Bluey, you may have heard about Chilli’s sister, Brandy. This topic of Brandy became popular after an episode talks about Brandy not coming around a lot due to being sad around children. Fans assume Brandy has suffered miscarriages. This episode that @world.shaker thought of would be about Brandy’s journey about challenges in starting a family, which could be childbirth, adoption, or not having children.

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The last idea would be Bluey growing into her role as a big sister to Bingo. This episode could show Bluey watching Bingo come home from the hospital and how life changed as becoming a big sister.

While these are all ideas, one thing is for sure: Fans would love to see more Bluey. 

What topic would you like to see Bluey cover?

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