‘Bluey’ Birth Certificates Are Officially a Thing!

chili, bluey, bingo, and bandit from 'Bluey'
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When we welcome a new bundle of joy into our lives, we often prepare and celebrate by decorating their nurseries. Oodles of toys, baby clothes, blankets, and other infant supplies, ranging from soft pastels to bright, beautiful colors await them at home.

Nurseries are often themed, with certain characters making great choices for our little one’s first favorite character. Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and his friends, and Disney Princesses are classic choices. But newer additions include Bambi and his friends, Simba from The Lion King (1994), and the newest children’s icon, Bluey!

More About Bluey, the TV Show Kids and Parents Can’t Get Enough Of

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Credit: Disney

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Bluey (2018-ongoing) is an Australian kids’ TV show, geared at the younger little ones. The TV show, distributed globally by BBC Studios, can also be found on Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+) and debuted on Disney Junior.

The children’s TV show has been a hit ever since, with parents and little ones alike glued to their screens. Many parents praise the show for the way it handles more sensitive topics while still staying appropriate for little ones, tackling the tough subjects in a way children can understand and engage with.

bluey bingo chilli and bandit heeler family

Credit: Disney

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The show revolves around a family of anthropomorphic Blue and Red Heelers, a breed of Australian cattle dogs. Bluey, the titular character, lives with Bingo, her little sister, Bandit, their father, and Chili, their mother. Together, the Heeler Family teaches children some of the best lessons about family and growing up.

One of the show’s characteristics is that many characters are different dog breeds, making this adorable kids’ show even cuter.

Bluey is so beloved that fans in one state can now bring their bundles of joy home with a Bluey-themed birth certificate.

Bluey-Themed Birth Certificates? It’s True!

bluey bingo mom dad

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Across the pond in the Australian state of NSW (New South Wales), Bluey fans can celebrate the birth of their little ones with one of three new Bluey-themed birth certificate templates for $41.

For $87, parents can purchase a package deal, including one special copy and one regular copy of the birth certificate.

bluey birth certificate templates


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These Bluey designs include the Heeler Family outside of their house, on a road trip, or on the beach!

This may seem like a brand-new idea, but New South Wales isn’t the first Australian state to offer Bluey-themed birth certificates; Queenslanders residents have been able to purchase them as early as 2020!

Bluey, Chili, Bingo, Bandit

Credit: Disney+ and BBC

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It’s worth noting that one of these commemorative birth certificates cannot be used as a replacement for an official birth certificate.

For more information on a Bluey commemorative birth certificate, check out the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry!

We want to hear from our readers! Would you order a commemorative Bluey-themed birth certificate for your little one? Let Disney Dining know in the comments below!

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