“Bluey” Fans Are Eagerly Waiting to Get Their Hands on This New Limited-Edition Shirt Line

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Despite the uproar over an episode of the extremely popular Disney Channel Bluey, in which fans are upset over the alleged encouragement of dangerous behavior, hard-core Bluey fans are getting their credit cards ready for a fashionable release of a new shirt line featuring the Australian cartoon.

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“Bluey” Takes the World By Storm

Although other sad news regarding the cancellation of new episodes of the popular Disney Channel cartoon has fans feeling down, Bluey still holds a loyal audience of children and adults alike. Bluey, a blue heeler puppy, and her family members, including her sister Bingo, made their Disney appearance in 2019 after Disney purchased the viewing rights to the popular Australian preschool show.

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

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As Bluey and her family originate from Australia, much of the programming is cemented within the country’s culture, as well as the promotion of imagination. Prior to being distributed by Disney, Bluey was part of the Australian Broadcasting Network, but her stent on television in the United States has been met with great appreciation, awarding the kid’s cartoon a vast following of fans.

Bluey follows the adventures of the six-year-old pup, who often finds herself in silly situations. As blue heelers are known for their energy, Bluey puts hers to good use, often bringing her mom, dad, and sister Bingo along for the ride. Bluey seems to have an infinite amount of energy and is always on the go, engaging in elaborate games that, more often than not, take unpredictable but sidesplitting turns.

A Loyal Following of Devout Viewers

American viewers absolutely adore Bluey, and for good reason. The Disney Channel show, unlike most children’s programming, takes the pressure off of viewing, allocating much of its message to imaginative play, instead of learning. Disney has even bolstered the pre-school programming for its innovative approach to viewership, calling Bluey “a parenting show that kids enjoy, instead of the other way around.”

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

Credit: Disney+

The approach has worked well for viewership, earning Bluey exciting numbers on Disney+ over the summer as the streaming platform celebrated the release of new episodes. The show earned over 1 billion minutes watched within a week’s time. Bluey is no fluke, it’s devout following has high praise for the programming, with many, like Chatty Matters, noting “Not only are Bluey, Bingo, and their friends voiced by real kids, but they act realistically like children. Bluey and Bingo can often be selfish or annoying like kids can be, but they also demonstrate sympathy for others, remorse for their actions, and kindness as well as love towards their parents and friends.”

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Bluey teaches children to be children, promoting fun ideas and play, forgoing the lecture type series that insist kids spend their television time learning music, counting, or writing. Even referred to as the “Ultimate Kids Show,” Joe Brumman’s animated series also appeals heavily to adults. Many parents who’ve snuggled up on couches across the country to enjoy Bluey with their children report finding themselves glued to the television themselves, even after something has drawn the attention of their little ones away from the show.

“Bluey” Isn’t Thrown Together Week By Week

Something viewers have loudly voiced regarding Bluey is that the show is designed beautifully. Unlike many children’s animated programming, Bluey actually takes three to four months per episode to complete. Color palates are a big part of Bluey. As the main character is a blue heeler, lights blues, complete with dark blue spots are the proper representation for Bluey, and the colors, as beautiful as they are, may serve a secondary purpose.

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

Credit: Disney+

Not only do parents and children love the Disney+ show, but many fans claim their dogs can’t get enough of Bluey either. Plenty of videos exist online suggesting the our canine pets can’t get enough of Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their family. The color palates of Bluey may have something to do with this. As dogs typically can see gray, yellow, brown, and blue; the vision representation of Bluey is presented to our pets very similar to how we recognize the colors on the show. AS Bluey wears no clothing like a shirt or pants, the colors resonate well with children and dogs.

“Bluey” Mania Strikes Retailers, You Need a Shirt

As with any successful Disney product, it hasn’t taken long for Bluey to find herself plastered all over retail stores across the country. More and more families are representing the Disney channel show by buying and wearing Bluey pajamas, shirts, shorts, and even diapers! However, one brand recently announced a long-awaited drop for the Bluey shirt line that have fans of the show ready with credit cards in hand!

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

Credit: Disney+

If you’re a daily reader of DisneyDining.com, you’ve probably seen a post or two about RSVLTS. Pronounced, Roosevelts, this up-and-coming clothing brand encourages their patrons to “Dare Mighty Things.” Although the clothing line sells shorts, jackets, and hats, the main draw at RSVLTS are their KUNUFLEX shirts which offer amazing designs combined with flexibility and comfort unlike anything you’ve ever worn.

The button-down collections for RSVLTS have garnered an intense following of collectors who seek out “drops” of new properties at retailers all over the place. However, the best place to explore the wide-selection that RSVLTS offers is on their website or app. Although, we’d be amiss if we didn’t let you know that Walt Disney World, Buc-ees, and Universal Studios have been getting in on the action as well, with some shirts even becoming available exclusively on shopDisney.

Although RSVLTS already boasts an impressive Disney shirt selection including The Haunted Mansion, Toy Story, Star Wars, Marvel, and much more, they recently let the pup out of the bag, giving fans a first look at their new Bluey collection. A world of imagination awaits fans of the show on September 16 at 4 PM EST when the newest Bluey drop becomes available on the RSVLTS app.

Four new shirt designs will be released, including adult and children sizes:

“Primary Pals”

Bluey RSVLTS Primary Pals

Credit: Disney/ RSVLTS

“Magic Xylophone”

bluey magic xylophone rsvlts

Credit: Disney/ RSVLTS

“Meet the Heelers”

rsvlts meet the heelers

Credit: Disney/ RSVLTS

“Don’t Let It Melt”

RSVLTS don't let it melt KUNUFLEX

Credit: Disney/ RSVLTS

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RSVLTS is the perfect way to display your Bluey fandom and look your best. They are the perfect shirts to wear around the house, out and about, and we especially love to wear them when visiting Walt Disney World. This new line is sure to sell-out quickly, as the demand is often very high for new designs, and restocks can take months. The best way to get your hands on one of these beautifully crafted Bluey shirts is to download the RSVLTS app. While you’re waiting for the drop, be sure to check out all the different fandom designs offered by RSVLTS.

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