The Results Are In! Fans Choose the TOP FIVE ‘Bluey’ Episodes of All Time!

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The creators of Disney’s¬†Bluey, featured on Disney+, Disney Channel, and Disney Junior, asked fans of the children’s program to submit their picks for the top five¬†Bluey¬†episodes in celebration of more than five years of the Heeler family, and the results are in. Let’s see what fans around the globe picked (and whether any episodes with the adorable and hilarious “grannies” made the cut)!

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‘Bluey’ and the Show’s Massive Popularity

Bluey¬†follows the day-in and day-out adventures of family life for the Heelers‚ÄďBluey, a blue heeler, her sister Bingo, a red heeler puppy, and their parents, Chilli and Bandit. It has become one of the most successful shows for preschoolers and young children in the history of children‚Äôs programming, and in its native Australia,¬†Bluey¬†is the most popular television show across the board.

Many parents of children who watch Bluey¬†say that they love the show as much as their children do, and some viewers admit they never miss an episode of the show, despite the fact that they don’t even have children.¬†The show about Bluey and her family is popular for many reasons, not the least of which is the spontaneity, hilarity, and imagination that permeates every episode of the delightful children’s program.

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Can You Believe It’s Been Five Years Already?

Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit danced their way into the hearts of their fans in Australia five years ago in 2018. Then, in 2019, when Disney purchased the distribution rights to Bluey, the Heeler family was able to dance, sing, move, and groove their way into the hearts of fans on a whole new continent, and the show has only grown in popularity and success since then.

In celebration of the show’s five years of fame, ABC–the Australian Broadcasting Corporation–reached out to fans and asked them to submit the titles of their five favorite episodes of¬†Bluey, and more than 50,000 votes were submitted!

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Per ABC’s news release:

Believe it or not, our favorite blue heeler and her family have now been in our lives for five whole years! “Bluey” is a show that revels in love, family, friendship, and nature and has taken the world by storm.

To celebrate this huge milestone, as part of¬†ABC’s Bluey Fest, we asked you to vote for your favorite episode in the Biggest Little Bluey Countdown!¬†And¬†biscuits!¬†A lot of people had opinions ‚ÄĒ¬†more than¬†50,000 votes came in! So get your cheese and crackers ready ’cause here’s your top five.

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Below are the top five Bluey episodes, recently submitted by over 50,000 fans:

“The Grannies”

How could the adorable Grannies not make the list of favorite¬†Bluey¬†episodes? “Here come the Grannies!” brings on one of the many laugh-out-loud moments in the episode (or any episode that features the Grannies–Granny Rita (played by Bingo) and Granny Janet (played by Bluey).

Illustration of two puppies dressed as grannies with dog standing between them.

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“The Grannies” is the first episode to introduce the hilarious “old ladies” to Bluey and Bingo’s fans, and fans think that the two Heeler daughters should win an award for their efforts as Granny Rita and Granny Janet.


The¬†Bluey¬†episode titled “Sleepytime” was the fourth most favorite episode among fans who submitted their picks for the top five Bluey¬†episodes, and it happens to be the favorite episode of executive producer Daley Pearson as well.

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Illustration of blue heeler puppy sitting in a broken egg.

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In this lovable episode of Bluey, Bingo, Bluey’s sister, is spending the night in her big girl bed for the very first time, and the episode includes all of the emotions fans expect in traversing such a mountainous milestone with a young child.

In an interview with ABC News Breakfast, the executive director of the children’s show, Daley Pearson, said that every team at the Ludo Studio involved in this episode of Bluey went “above and beyond.”

“That episode has everyone’s love and sweat,” he said.

Bluey Season 2, Episode 26 | Sleepytime

“Sleepytime” Episode of “Bluey”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

“The Granny Mobile”

The Grannies garnered a second spot on the top five list of¬†Bluey¬†episodes, much to the delight of fans around the world. Just when we thought things couldn’t get funnier than the initial episodes “The Grannies,” which introduced us to Granny Rita and Granny Janet, Bluey and Bingo have us laughing out loud all the more in this episode, during which the Heelers’ cousin Muffin joins in the fun, embodying a new Granny–this time, Grouchy Granny.

Illustration of three puppies dressed as grannies.

“The Granny Mobile”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

And we have to admit, Cousin Muffin is quite the grouchy old granny. She even has a part in swindling another real-life grouch, the Heelers’ neighbor Doreen, into buying a motorized scooter for hundreds more than it’s worth, and fans can laugh all the way through to the end.

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“Baby Race”

The second most popular episode of¬†Bluey, according to fans who submitted their faves, is “Baby Race,” an episode that features one of Bluey’s Mom, Chilli’s, most beloved quotes: “Run your own race.”

Illustration of three dogs playing on a mat.

“Baby Race”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

“Baby Race” has a beautiful message about children and adults alike–that we all learn in different ways, and each at his or her own pace. It also gives parents a gentle reminder not to compare their children to other children–and not to compare themselves to other parents.

But it does so in such a kind and re-affirming manner that parents and kids alike are drawn to the message and thankful to have heard its encouragement.

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Bluey Season 2, Episode 49 | Baby Race

“Baby Race”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio


There are so many wonderful episodes of¬†Bluey, but there can be only one winner, and the number one spot goes to the episode titled “Cricket.” (It’s important to note, however, that only 5,800 votes separated this episode from the number two episode, “Baby Race.”

Illustration of two dogs playing cricket

“Cricket”/Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

Executive Producer Daley Pearson says he knows what Australians love about this episode of Bluey.

“What¬†Australians love about themselves is everything in that episode,” said Pearson on¬†ABC News Breakfast.¬†“[It shows that] persistence will get you to a good place where you can achieve what your potential is, but it’s also [about] fair play and being good to those around you.”

In the episode, Rusty’s dad, voiced by Anthony Field from¬†The Wiggles, serves in the Australian army, and he sums up the emotions and feelings in the episode in a letter he sends home to his family. In the letter, he adds a special note to Rusty, which reads, “As you grow up, you’ll face harder things than a cricket ball, and you’ll have two choices: Back away and get out, or step in front and play a pull shot.”

The note continues with a request from Rusty’s dad to Rusty:¬†“Just keep your eye on the ball and take care of your little sister for me.”

bluey top five episodes

Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

The head of ABC Family & Children and co-executive producer of¬†Bluey, Libbie Doherty, says she wasn’t a bit surprised at fans’ choice for the number one episode of the show.

“Joe Brumm and the team at Ludo Studio have so perfectly captured the spirit of the game,” she said.¬†“We hope all the backyard cricketers this summer give their younger siblings a catch, just like Rusty.”

Took a while to finish this due to other businesses, but here it is. Rusty playing Cricket while his dad looks on in the sky, wondering how his champ is doing. Anyways,

“Cricket”/Credit: Reddit/Disney/Ludo Studio

Did your favorite episode of¬†Bluey¬†make the top five list? Let us know in the comments below, and if yours didn’t make the cut, tell us your favorite episodes of the delightful show about Bluey and her family!

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