Bluey FINALLY Makes Her Official Debut at the Walt Disney World Resort

bluey at epcot spaceship earth
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Everyone’s favorite blue heeler has finally made her debut at Disney World after years of requests for Bluey and the Heeler family to be a part of the magic of the Central Florida Disney resort.

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disney's bluey and bingo at disney world

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Since 2018, when Bluey first debuted, no one could have known how popular the Australian animated children’s series would be. Initially created by Australian animator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studios, Bluey became an overnight sensation, and as more and more parents sat down to watch the hilarious and heart-warming episodes about the Heeler family–Bluey, her sister Bingo, and her parents, Chilli and Bandit–the fandom only grew stronger.

“Bluey” is in a Class By Itself

From the beginning of the series, produced by Ludo Studio and distributed in Australia by ABC Kids, a division of the Australian Broadcasting Company, it was evident to parents and fans of all ages that Bluey was a different kind of children’s show–and not just because it originated in Australia. Each episode of the animated children’s series, which follows the daily adventures of Bluey and her family, is no more than five to seven minutes in duration, but the producers and storywriters for the show pack a lot into those few minutes.

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While Bluey is educational in nature, the focus of the series is more on life lessons, social skills, and what it means to be a family. As such, Bluey features no counting, no math, no numbers, no phonics, and no alphabet–each of which is a mainstay in traditional children’s programs that aim to “teach” concepts to little ones, especially in American children’s programming.

A Children’s Show That’s Not Just for Kids

Over the years, Bluey has amassed a huge fanbase that includes almost as many adults as it does children. Some adults even admit to being fans of the show, despite the fact that they aren’t parents. Others confess they routinely watch their favorite episodes of Bluey even though their children are teenagers. And others go so far as to say that watching Bluey inspires them to be better parents. The show has a knack for drawing in kids of all ages, as well as adults from their 20s to their 70s and beyond.

bluey family (From left to right, Bluey, Chili, Bingo, Bandit)

Bluey and her family/Credit: Disney

A Brand-New Hemisphere of Fans is Born From Broadcasting Rights 

But in June 2019, when Disney acquired the international broadcasting rights to Bluey, the fanbase exploded, as kids and parents in the United States and other countries fell in love with the seven-year-old blue heeler puppy and her family almost as quickly as her Australian fans did.

The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of the broadcasting rights to the show allowed for the distribution of the fan-favorite children’s program on the Disney+ streaming platform in all the territories the streamer serves, with the exception of Australia, of course, New Zealand, and China, beginning in late 2019. The show is also available on Disney Junior and Disney Channel.

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And with the new-found love for Bluey blossoming in the United States, it was only a matter of time before fans would begin asking a very important question.

“Is Bluey at Disney World?”

It’s become one of the most frequently asked questions by fans who love Bluey and double as Disney World fans, and the panel at PlanDisney.com is asked nearly every day of the week: “Can we meet Bluey at Disney World?” Of course, there are variations of the question, including:

  • “Where can we meet Bluey at Disney World?” 
  • “Is Bluey at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?”
  • “Where is the Bluey meet-and-greet at Disney World?”
  • “Which restaurant at Disney World offers character dining with Bluey?”

But over the years, the answer has always been the same–Bluey isn’t at the Central Florida parks. Or at Disneyland Resort in California. Or at Disneyland Paris.

bluey and bingo at disney world

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In fact, Bluey and the rest of the Heeler family have not been part of any Disney Parks Resort across the globe, and that’s largely because Disney doesn’t own the merchandising rights to Bluey that would allow the company to open the parks up to all sorts of Bluey offerings, including rides, attractions, the selling of Bluey merchandise, Bluey meet-and-greets, and more.

This week, however, it seems that Disney was able to overcome that barrier, as Bluey finally made her Disney World debut on Thursday.

bluey at epcot spaceship earth

Credit: Disney/NightCafeAI/Canva

Bluey Finally Comes to Disney World

On Thursday, the Walt Disney World Resort welcomed Bluey and her family for the very first time as Bluey made her debut at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

bluey at disney fort wilderness campground

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Guests staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Cabins, as well as guests who want to visit for a few hours, can step into the Bike Barn and ask for a guide to the Heeler Family Scavenger Hunt. Per Disney, “the Heeler family is on holiday at the Campground and is playing a game of Hide ‘N’ Seek. Bluey needs your help to find all her family members so she can be crowned the “Hide ‘N’ Seek Winner” at their first Thanksgiving Dinner!”

Remember, Bluey and her family live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and most Brisbanians (Queenslanders? Let’s just call them Australians) don’t observe the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, only Norfolk Island in Australia is known for observing the holiday that Americans celebrate on the fourth Thursday of every November. Fans who complete the scavenger hunt will be helping the Heeler Family to finally experience Thanksgiving dinner for the first time.

bluey family eats dinner

Credit: Disney

During the activity, Bluey fans will follow clues to lead them to a member of the Heeler Family, who’s hiding somewhere around the campgrounds. Once all four family members are found, guests can visit the Bike Barn again to claim a small prize. More information can be found in the video below, posted by Duchess.Kittens.Travels on TikTok.


@duchess.kittens.travels Bluey Activity at Disney World Resort 😱😱 #bluey #blueyheeler #disneyworld #ftwildernessresort #scavengerhunt #greenscreen ♬ Bluey Theme Tune – Extended – Bluey

We’re thrilled that Bluey is visiting Disney World in this capacity, but we’re hoping Disney will one day acquire the merchandising rights to allow the company to feature Bluey in larger-scale offerings at Disney World in the form of rides, attractions, meet-and-greets, and more! 

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  1. Bluey is my favorite show! I can’t believe she finally made her official debut at the Walt Disney World Resort. I’m so excited to see her meet and greet with Mickey and Friends. 🐶❤️