Disney Makes Huge Announcement About ‘Bluey’ Via Press Release

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Disney just made a huge announcement about¬†Bluey, the beloved children’s show that has taken children’s programming to a whole new level.

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Bluey¬†fans are apparently some of the most patient people on earth. After all, they’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for new episodes of the fan-favorite children’s program about the Heeler family–Bluey, her sister Bingo, and her parents Chilli and Bandit–to arrive. And whether it’s Disney or the Australian production team responsible for generating new episodes of the series, the powers-that-be have heard fans’ pleas for new episodes, and they have answered.

In an official press release on Wednesday, Disney announced that ten new episodes of Bluey¬†will make their way to Disney Junior and Disney Channel beginning on November 6. One ten-minute episode will premiere on the channels each weekday through Friday, November 17–each time at 7:30 a.m. EST. Encores will be part of programming throughout the day.

Not New, but New to the U.S.

To clarify, the press release from Disney is not announcing brand-new, never-before-seen episodes of¬†Bluey. Instead, the ten episodes that will premiere on Disney Junior and Disney Channel are those that were released over the summer, so Disney+ subscribers have likely seen these episodes. The debut refers to the episodes’ debut on Disney television–on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel.

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Bluey Season 3 Is Finally Coming to Disney+ - TV Guide

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The addition of the ten episodes to Disney television means that the offerings will be a part of the rotating line-up of Bluey episodes, and fans can watch the episodes on live television whenever they air.

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The additional episodes batch is referred to as Season 3B, as it’s the second group of episodes from the third season of the show. The newest batch includes two episodes of¬†Bluey¬†that feature celebrity cameos and a few episodes that are quite emotional in nature–and might just hit some adult fans with all the feels. And, of course, the episodes will feature the usual antics and silliness fans have come to expect from–and love about–the Heeler family and their friends.

More Good News for “Bluey” Fans

Bluey Season 3, Episode 6 | Mini Bluey

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Though this news is a bit disappointing for¬†Bluey¬†fans who’ve already seen the episodes, there’s still good news. Truly new episodes from the third season of the show will debut on Disney+, on Disney Junior, and on Disney Channel in 2024. As of the time of this post, there are still ten episodes that have only aired in their native Australia, as well as three episodes that haven’t been seen by any¬†Bluey¬†fans.

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  1. I wonder if there’s going to be a Bluey character with autism.

    • I am sure they are refering to the episodes already airing in Australia. There are no autistic characters yet, but it would include the mist touching episode yet, Cricket. I really hope they don’t change anything like they have in the past.

    • Seems Socks is likely autistic, Muffin has Asperger’s, Jack is ADHD, McKenzie has separation anxiety… most of the characters are somewhere on the spectrum – which is wonderful and adds to the beauty of the story. Unfortunately, going to have to find alternate paths to the Australian distribution since Disney is going to be censoring not to coddle the few complainers from the over-sensitive American audience.

  2. …for the eight grandparents who still don’t have streaming. Announcing a show airing on cable television in 2023 is like announcing a VHS release.