18+ ‘Bluey’ Offering Receives Backlash From Public

Bluey 18+
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It is undeniable: Bluey has taken the world by storm.

Since the release of the show’s third season, more fans than ever have been enthralled by the stories and characters of Bluey. Children and their parents love the Blue Heeler family, and it is clear that the demand for Bluey merch and additional offerings is high.

To capitalize on the show’s success, Bluey has announced an exciting collaboration with Xbox, creating a buzz among fans and gaming enthusiasts worldwide. This groundbreaking partnership between the beloved animated series and one of the leading gaming platforms has sparked anticipation and excitement, bringing the delightful world of Bluey to the realm of interactive entertainment.

However, not everyone feels so thrilled about this new collaboration due to its maturity.

Kids use Bluey to manipulate parents

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New Announcement Furthers Tensions Regarding ‘Bluey’ Collaboration

To commemorate the highly anticipated launch of Bluey the Videogame, Xbox has introduced an exclusive and captivating Bluey Xbox console and matching controller giveaway. This exceptional collaboration has sparked some debate among critics who express their reservations regarding the suitability of such an endeavor for Bluey’s innocent and young fanbase.

The introduction of this unique Bluey Xbox collaboration serves as an exciting testament to the immense popularity and widespread appeal of the lovable Blue Heeler family and their delightful world. As gamers eagerly await the game’s release, some parents are worried that this might not be the right move for Bluey’s brand.

Some skeptics express concern over the collaboration’s perceived maturity level, as video games are perceived to be for more of a mature audience. Many concerned parents even fear that this Bluey game will be a gateway for young children to become addicted to video games at an exceptionally young age.

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Credit: Disney

18+ Offering Raises Eyebrows

Now that we know about the Bluey controller, fans are concerned that these devices will further create a generation of video-game-addicted toddlers. However, that is not the only reason why fans are concerned and confused about its announcement.

When Xbox announced their giveaway of the custom Bluey controller, many fans were confused that the giveaway was 18+ to enter, considering most of Bluey’s fanbase is younger than that.

Others denounce the criticisms regarding this collaboration, believing instead that Xbox has a deep understanding of its audience and the responsibility that comes with developing content for younger players. With the collaborative efforts of Outright Games, BBC Studios, and Ludo Studio, this video game may very well cater to the sensibilities of Bluey‘s fans, ensuring a wholesome and entertaining experience.

As fans and haters eagerly anticipate the release of Bluey the Videogame, this special edition Xbox console promises to offer a gateway into the enchanting world of the beloved Blue Heeler family, where everyday moments and cherished life lessons come to life with joy and boundless imagination.

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  1. Why is the Bluey XBox contest only for 18 and up?
    Simple. Legal matters concerning sweepstakes SEVERELY limit ones that children can enter.
    Much easier to follow the laws for general sweepstakes and only collecting personal data from ADULTS.

    Why else would contests and sweepstakes for diapers, baby food, and other items for infants have their entries limited to 18+?