Here’s Why, Despite Controversy ‘Bluey’ Should Extend Episodes

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The beloved and highly popular ‘Bluey’ has been the topic of many conversations lately. Even among controversy and concerns by some, viewers can experience even more of Bluey as an extended episode is in the works. The bigger question becomes should Bluey have extended episodes moving forward.

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Award-Winning Show

‘Bluey’ is an award-winning show produced by Ludo Studio and co-commissioned by ABC Children’s and BBC Studios. The show launched in Australia back in 2018 and since then has gained fans around the world.

The series is focused on Bluey, an adorable and loveable Blue Heeler dog who lives with her mom, dad, and younger sister, Bingo.

Throughout episodes, viewers can join Bluey and Bingo on their adventures throughout the neighborhood. Kids connect to Bluey and Bingo and their big imaginations that have them creating fun games and asking questions about the world.

The show’s relatability through the storylines, humor, and honest conversations in the family make Bluey extremely popular with various age groups.

The award-winning show continues to be one of the most-watched shows on Disney+. Despite receiving high praise, the show has received controversy and backlash lately.

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Facing Controversy

Bluey recently has faced backlash regarding episodes that are tough on complex topics. Topics such as death, infertility, miscarriages, and relationships have had some parents questioning the appropriateness of the show.

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Some fans have warned viewers about imposter episodes showing up on YouTube. Viewers are warned to look for a different color palette on these spoofs. Although the names and overall characters look the same, the color and animation will be off.

Bluey continues to look at complex topics in their short episodes. Executive producer Daley Pearson stated that their goal is to show what life is like.

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Despite the controversy, Bluey continues to march on to success and will release the first more extended episode in 2024.

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More Bluey is Coming Soon

A special extended episode of Bluey was announced by BBC Studios Kids & Family. The “The Sign” episode will be an extra-long episode of the beloved show running 28 minutes. As most episodes run 7 minutes, this is a drastic change for the beloved show.

Ludo Studio, where Bluey is produced, stated:

“We’re so excited to share that a 28-minute special episode is coming in 2024. There’ll be lots of laughs, exciting guest voices, and a few tears. We’re so incredibly proud of the awesome team behind the series and we can’t wait for Australia and the world to watch this very special Bluey episode with their family and friends.”

The more extended episode will allow for more exploration, more characters, and more fun.

No other details have been released about the longer episode. We look forward to seeing what will set this episode apart from the shorter, more traditional episodes that fans are used to.

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Why A Longer Episode is a Good Thing

With all this in mind, it becomes whether a more extended episode is good for Bluey and its viewers. Overall, it seems it will be a good experience for all.

Viewers of all ages can experience more of their favorite characters. This extended time will allow writers to share more lessons and topics in a more profound way that may not be able to happen in seven quick minutes.

With more time in an episode, Bluey and Bingo can go on a more extended adventure, bringing guests a more in-depth look at these characters and the questions that come up in episodes.

It will be interesting to see if this more extended episode will be as popular compared to the shorter, quick episodes most younger viewers are used to. Although we hope that this new, longer episode does well, we hope that the shorter, more traditional episodes continue as well.

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