Days After Debuting, Disney’s New ‘Bluey’ Experience Ends Indefinitely

Bluey closed
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A shocking turnaround has been seen at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney theme parks have a commitment to keeping guests entertained year after year. To accomplish this goal, Disney is always introducing new attractions, entertainment, and additional offerings for guests. Earlier this week, a new offering was announced based on the hit children’s show Bluey. 

Bluey, the immensely popular animated series, has found a home with American audiences on Disney+! This delightful show, created by Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio and BBC Studios Kids, has captured the hearts of both children and adults alike with its endearing characters and heartwarming stories.

bluey at epcot spaceship earth

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The animated series centers around the adventures of Bluey, a lovable blue heeler puppy, and her family. Bluey, along with her younger sister Bingo, mom Chili, and dad Bandit, navigate through various experiences and life lessons that resonate not only with children but with viewers of all ages. The relatable nature of the show has contributed to its immense success and popularity around the world.

Since this show came to Disney+, fans have been wanting Bluey to come to the Disney theme parks. Earlier this week, that wish was granted.

‘Bluey’ Comes to Disney Resort, but Not for Long

On November 1, 2023, Disney announced that a Bluey scavenger hunt would be taking place at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Fans were thrilled to hear news of the “The Heeler Family Hide ‘N’ Seek scavenger hunt,” and many fans looked forward to experiencing it as an attraction for their future visits.

However, only a few days after its debut, this new experience has now mysteriously been canceled. This sudden halt has left fans and participants puzzled as they wonder about the unknown reason behind its premature conclusion.

The Bluey scavenger hunt provided families and fans the chance to engage with the show in a unique and interactive way. Participants would embark on a thrilling adventure through the enchanting grounds of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, searching for hidden clues and solving puzzles inspired by the world of Bluey. It was an opportunity for guests to step into the world of their favorite cartoon dog and embark on their very own Bluey adventure. This offering was also a great way to get fans to spend time in nature at Walt Disney World Resort.

bluey at disney fort wilderness campground

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Why so Soon?

However, the excitement surrounding this whimsical scavenger hunt was abruptly halted, leaving guests disappointed and curious about the unforeseen circumstances that brought it to an unexpected end. The details regarding the sudden conclusion of the Bluey scavenger hunt remain shrouded in mystery, leaving many to speculate and wonder.

As news of the premature termination spreads, fans and participants eagerly await an official statement or explanation from the organizers. The Bluey scavenger hunt had the potential to become a cherished tradition at Walt Disney World, bringing families together and creating lasting memories. Its sudden conclusion has left a void, leaving loyal fans yearning for more and questioning what led to its abrupt end.

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Credit: Disney

As of now, the future of Disney in the parks seems awfully unoptimistic. Only time will show if this scavenger hunt has any hope of coming back.

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  1. You clearly have never watched the show. The dad is Bandit and mom is named Chilli.

    • They may have misspelled the mom’s name but they said it correctly. Unless they changed from the date you posted until today (6th).

  2. I came here to say (the same as Jason) that Bandit is the Dad and Chilli is the Mum.

  3. Chilli is mum and Bandit is dad.

  4. So many ads, this site is getting hard to read.

  5. So many ads, this site is getting hard to read.

  6. I also came here to say that you’ve mixed up the names of the mum and dad.

  7. I’m sure some guests took it way farther than they should have, and now Disney has to de-Karen it before starting up again.

  8. First thought… Blue’s Clues!
    This seems to be too close to Blue’s Clues.
    Cease & delete case perhaps?

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