‘Bluey’ Called “Toxic,” Disney Agrees to Censor Children’s Show

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“Doo Doo Do Do Mum, Doo Doo Do Dad, Doo Doo Do Bingo, Doo Doo Do Bluey!” This catchy tune tends to get stuck in parents’ and children’s heads quite a bit while watching the beloved TV show Bluey.

Disney: A Household Name

Disney is a household name, a company known worldwide for its magical storytelling and timeless characters. Disney has made hundreds of films and shows that fans love. Disney’s legacy in animation and entertainment spans nearly a century, starting with the creation of Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney himself.

Over the years, Disney has given us classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), The Lion King (1994), Moana (2016), Toy Story (1995), The Little Mermaid (1989), and Frozen (2013), enchanting generations with its unforgettable characters and heartwarming stories. The Disney brand stands for quality, creativity, and the power of imagination, which are values that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen

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Bluey Joins the Entertainment Landscape

Bluey, on the other hand, is a relatively new addition to the world of animation, but it has quickly become a beloved and essential part of the modern family entertainment landscape.

This Australian animated series, produced by Ludo Studio, premiered in 2018 and quickly captured the hearts of both children and adults. The show revolves around the life of a Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family, including her dad, Bandit, her mom, Chilli, and her younger sister, Bingo.

Bluey is known for its relatable, heartwarming, and often hilarious tales of family life, emphasizing the importance of play, imagination, and bonding within the family unit.

In 2020, Disney acquired the rights to air Bluey on Disney Junior, introducing the series to a global audience. This collaboration makes perfect sense.

Bluey aligns seamlessly with Disney’s core values, offering quality entertainment that is not only fun but also instills important life lessons for children in the episodes. The show encourages kids to be imaginative, creative, and active while teaching them about problem-solving, empathy, and the value of family relationships.

bluey children's show family dancing

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Disney and Bluey Synergy

Disney’s influence and resources have further amplified Bluey‘s reach and impact. The show’s lovable characters and relatable storylines are now available to an even wider audience, ensuring that more families can enjoy the adventures of Bluey, Bingo, and their parents. The synergy between Disney and Bluey highlights the power of collaboration in bringing quality content to children and their families.

While the show is primarily lighthearted and humorous, it occasionally addresses some challenging and important topics in a child-friendly and sensitive manner. Bluey often explores the emotional lives of children and the importance of understanding and expressing one’s feelings.

Episodes like “The Magic Xylophone” and “Teasing” help kids learn about empathy, jealousy, and how to handle their emotions in a healthy way. In the episode “Camping,” they talk about how it’s okay to be sad and miss someone who isn’t with you anymore. This gently introduces the concept of loss and grief in a way that children can relate to.

Bluey and fam

Credit: Disney+ and BBC

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Bluey’s “Fat Shaming” Episode

Melanie Zanetti, the voice of Chilli or Bluey’s mom, talks about how she is glad to represent this show. With the backlash about the episode that touches on “fat shaming,” Zanetti states, “Obviously it wasn’t intended that way.”

The controversy centered on an episode titled “Exercise,” Season 3, Episode 39, where Bluey’s dad, Bandit, decides to get in shape after expressing dissatisfaction with his expanding stomach. Some parents found this messaging problematic and considered it to be conveying these ideas, but most believe there really was no harm. Still, there remains a portion of the fanbase who now call the show “toxic.”

Disney’s ABC Agreed to Censor

Since this backlash has happened, Disney’s ABC agreed to re-edit the episode of the children’s show following pressure from viewers.

An ABC spokesperson said:

‘The new version provides families with the opportunity to manage important conversations in their own way. As the home of Bluey, the ABC supports the decision to re-edit the program, and we have updated the episode on our platforms.”

new episodes of bluey

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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New Bluey Episodes Released

Despite some controversy, Bluey continues to flourish in popularity among young and old! On January 12, 2023, new episodes were released. Check out the full list of new episodes and details here. Additionally, Bluey media has dropped the news that a new half-hour episode is coming!

What are your thoughts on Bluey? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Our household LOVES Bluey! One of the best children’s cartoons!

    • Bluey is a cute and fun show for children. The lessons that are presented to the audience are life lessons that are talked about and handled by the family. As all families should do.

      • I Think It Should be Taken Off TELEVISION 😡

        • I hope ur just a useless troll. Otherwise u really need to seek a mental health professional. Lmfao.😂🤣🤣👍🏻👌🏻🖖🏻

          • We love Bluey. For our family that episode was about getting out to exercise. I’m so tired of this generation of “I’m offended .” The world doesn’t revolve around you. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Stop ruining it for those of us that enjoy Bluey.

          • Bluey is one of the few, if not only, children’s shows left that is actually family friendly. Figures sick Disney wants to get rid of it. They’d rather have shows with gender identity issues, sexualization of our kids, and a bunch of kids running around without proper parental guidance.

          • Our family loves bluey. It’s my kids favorite show, along with it being mine and my husband favorite kid show. It’s a very relatable show in our daily lives and teaches kids how to use their imagination. We don’t think it toxic. There are plenty of shows that we think are toxic and won’t let our kids watch but we don’t expect companies to change it just because we don’t like.

          • To those who call this show “toxic” because of one episode, you really need to find a new hobby and stop wasting your time on what you perceive as an aggregious social injustice. How about dumping that criticism into something that is actually important?

            Furthermore, as a Dad who has been struggling with his weight for a while, seeing a character decide to do something about it is encouraging. Reminds us we will feel better about ourselves when we work toward a healthy weight and we’ll be here longer for our family.

        • Yeah, along with all the other things that offend everybody else… Good call. I’ve watched it over a dozen times with my two-year-old granddaughter, and it is wholesome and good. If we take everything off that offends every little person for any little thing, don’t be nothing. Just get over it.

        • Hey , you don’t like something on TV. Just don’t watch.

          • Like so many other comments here I think it’s absurd to edit or censor this show in any way! It a fantastic program our entire family adores and watches together, even the teenagers.
            If someone is offended by exercise I’m going to assume the see themselves in a problematic light. They need to do something about it instead of attacking a children’s show, learning nothing and censoring it for everyone else! Don’t like it, don’t watch! You don’t get to rule the world.

          • This is one of the best children’s programs out there. You can’t please everyone, but come…..a show that parents and kids can be entertained, learn from and laugh together needs to stay around for a long time!!!

          • This is the only children’s tv show that i can sit with my children and genuinely enjoy with them. It teaches actual life lessons instead of the watered down nonsense we see in just about everything else. It is just absurd that because of a few people who do not know how to change a channel and just clutch at their pearls that everyone else needs to suffer.

          • I agree! Just leave us alone if we like the show.

        • Or, you could just choose not to watch it, or are you too fat to change the channel?

        • Y? Cuz your fat. It’s not ok to be overweight. So a show that expresses that sentiment is a good show.

        • What is wrong with you

        • Oh calm down Karen. This show is amazing and doesn’t need to be edited AT ALL!

        • I think k you should lock yourself in a closet and hide from the world.

        • No it shouldnt, it should be kept on television. Immagine if a child gets a christmas present, but then someone says they cant have it. That is badicly like taking away bluey

        • Please don’t edit this show! It’s the only show our whole family is in love with! Our kids are getting older and we still watch because it is that good. Hilarious, hidden adult humor that parents appreciate! We have sacrificed years of our TV time on horrible kids only shows and this is truly a family show.

        • Nobody care what you think. We love bluey and don’t want them to take it down or cancel it. If you don’t like, don’t watch it then.

        • Utterly ridiculous, it’s the best kids programme out there. It teaches then about life and difficult topics. Get a grip!!!! I bet you let your kids watch the pig and other things that teach bad habits

          • Love bluey! Would never have thought twice about this episode, it’s a part of life we all deal with it at some time or another!

        • You are absolutely pathetic. Grow up, go to therapy, touch grass, and maybe take a break from the Internet.

        • My grandson has autism and doesn’t speak but he loves to watch bluey


        • Vonda must be 500lbs and just another soft snowflake. Bluey is probably the best children’s show ever created. Gtfoh softie

        • Why are you such a horrible person. Just don’t watch something you don’t like. Don’t try and control other people ya bigot

        • The children who voice the characters are not paid actors, they are the children of the production team, therefore as they are getting older and their voices change they won’t be able to make it anymore. There you go, your problem is solved.

        • Why? Episodes hitting a little too close to home? Lol 😆🤣

      • I agree, I love the show. My kids and I enjoy watching. This generation is so sensitive.

        • I agree with you! I love Bluey almost as much as my kids. As a family unit, which is what the show is based upon, most of us have addressed weight issues. It is life. Get real peeps.

        • And you are totally wrong. Get over being sensitive about everything. Im overweight and I ha e seen that episode and it is NOT fat shaming.

      • I disagree, this show is Awesome! I have no problems with this show. It doesn’t need to be censored. It teachers value lessons for life. In The world today, people will literally search and find reasons to hate or disagree with shows and movies and want to get it banned. If you have a problem with it. News Flash Turn the channel. Put an different movie on. Turn the tv off and use imagination as Bluey teaches people to do

      • Bluey is perfect! Don’t change a thing. If someone doesn’t like it, change the channel. Smh.

      • I agree, we love bluey especially the grannies too funny

        • The problem with our society is no accountability. Eat too much for the activity level, weight will increase. It’s not shaming, it’s a fact.

          How is it shaming to show accountability & want to improve one’s own health?

          Try to tell the people doing a job they can have their pay, get increases and have ZERO accountability and see where it gets us? Oh, it’s where we are now. A society with no accountability and wondering why our values have dwindled away.

      • It’s ashame how things get turned around – it’s a cute show – Bluey is a dog for crying out loud. If you don’t like it — don’t watch it!! Simple as that!!

      • Best show ever. Family is so close and fun.

      • Perhaps people should worry about their own health and how their kids learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, rather than complain about a show that helps instill these important aspects of life. I’m a older father of two toddlers who decided to get his butt in gear and lose 80 lbs after my son was born. Kudos to the show for tackling real life issues in an entertaining way for both kids and adults. It’s a brilliant show. Shame on this complaining.

      • Can you imagine if the toxicity is more culture shock than blatant disrepect? I’d wage planets’ net worth most of those complaining are the types who take offense at others just existing, the egocentric types whose noses are so far in the air it’s up their on bumms.

        Bluey isn’t toxic, it’s from a place where the culture is different. Some people just can’t handle it and have to get all huffy because their egos need nursing.

    • I guess they have not watched peppa pig where they constantly make fun of the dads big belly… or nickelodeon just doesn’t belly up to a few complaints.

      • Nick must be aware obesity is a serious issue cause people to die young and have serious medical health concerns and cost their entire life that is preventable just by being more active and rating better and with moderation…

    • Give me a break. First works problems much?

      Obesity is unhealthy. Period.

      You’re ashamed of pudge? Do something about it or embrace the suck

      • Change it.. change it for what.??these kids need to know health is wealth and exercise is key.. I’m sick of Disney pandering to the few that complain about everything.. their content been going down hill anyway.. we love Bluey over here and my son wakes up and exercise everyday now to stay fit.. it inspired me to get back in shape myself

        • YOU R RIGHT!!! Bluey did NOT mean to make fat people ashamed !! Is it like they haven’t watched Peppa Pig where they make fun of people ‘cos of their tummies? Don’t like being fat? Work out!! DISNEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS JUST A HEALTH LESSON!!!

    • Please don’t change “Bluey” BEST show EVER. If you don’t like it’s content or messages CHANGE THE CHANNEL

    • Bluey is the best show for kids and adults alike. My Granddaughter and I have been watching the entire program and we love it. It gives you a forum to discuss important issues about growing and understanding life. I feel sorry for people that can’t see the beauty in it. And I taught school for 40 years.

    • I second this… we love blue love it.. it funny that I catch myself laughing at a kids cartoon. It’s heart warming and joyful. I don’t see anything wrong about it. It’s life learning just for the kids but for me if you think about it. But they did needed to being in a Halloween episodes would of been nice 👍🏼 but yeah we love Bluey and it better stay in Disney

    • As someone who has been overweight most of my life, I did not feel shamed at all by this episode. No where did it say disparaging comments about overweight people OR indicate that they were in any was less than (which is TRULY fat shaming). It simply showed Bandit unhappy about his physical appearence and healthy ways for him to address it. I am sure that children see and hear MUCH wose in day to day comments/facial expressions made from ACTUAL people in their real life. At least this provides them with a healthy way to address weight insecurities they may have, not speaking about it because it might offend someone does NOT make those feelings go away. It also can be used as a great teaching moment to speak with your kids about how to act when they Do see someone overweight, ie. not to stare or make rude comnents but to understand that those kind of actions could hurt someones feelings. We LOVE Bluey in our house and appreciate the values and lessons that are taught in kid friendly ways.

    • We love and our household loves Bluey. Wish you would keep it on. Tv.

    • We love our heeler family.. its really sickening how people are so offended by healthy ways of life! Peoples opinions should not have an effect on a show. They should just stop watching if they disagree, not ruin it for others. I personally was waiting for things like this to happen once it came on disney. Sad how bad disney is

      • disney, you can’t please everyone. so please, stop trying. welcome to the real world where people are chubby. my grandsons and I love to watch Bluey. It really is a sweet and funny show. Like someone said, if your offended, just change the channel. Problem solved.

    • Yes, there is nothing wrong with it.

    • Bluey is a delightful show. Leave Bluey alone!

    • The episodes are great for kids. Nothing needed to be changed. The creators of the show have great ideas on how to tackle stuff. If offended, people should watch something else.

  2. Leave Bluey alone! That show is perfect, so quit censoring to coddle every little person.

    • Well said!

    • Well said. Too many Pansys in the world.

    • I agree,too many people cry about everything or threaten to sue if not getting their way.the show is perfect…

      • The content in the episode simply shows reality in as gentle a way possible. Many people have thought/felt the same way Bandit did. He didn’t make a big deal of it, it was a simple statement. That is a reality and it shouldn’t be hidden away because some ppl don’t want to face it. Many kids have most likely overheard similar statements in their own homes by parents or caregivers. It’s a part of our modern lives. Far worse to teach children to be blind to and ignore issues than face them. Admitting there is a problem is the first step, next comes action. Let’s teach kids how to face problems. It will serve us all far better in the long run.

    • I agree! Bluey is a great show where adults can watch it with their children and enjoy it just as much as the kids do. It’s wholesome, has life lesson in it that kids can understand, its.cute, it’s funny. An all around great show.

    • If they are trying to censor Bluey I’m seriously about to drop Disney. Are you kidding me? It’s important for your health to be aware of your body! Why does everyone want to hide kids away from facts! I am so sick of raising kids in. Pretend reality, they are not morons and usually are smarter and more capable of making sense of things. I LOVE BLUEY for one! Do not mess up that show Disney. Have a damn BACKBONE!!

      • Unfortunately they have already censored other episodes. I think about 3-4 have had things removed. I know the miscarriage episode was controversial according to Disney.

        Offensive things make you think, it is needed in learning.

      • This is hilarious! If you’re watching Bluey on Disney, then it’s already been censored for you hyper-sensitive USA audiences beyond the belief & ridicule of most Australian viewers!

  3. We are a Bluey Household!!! We Love everything Bluey and especially enjoy the importance of imaginative play! Kids are also encouraged to put down the tablets and devices and actually play! The Heeler Family limit TV time, play together as a Family, share household chores, and it has brought back the importance of quality Family Time! I love that they include Family meal time, all together at the dinner table! Family Holidays with extended Family and play dates with Friends!
    There are so many more positive things I could point out, but I think anyone who actually watches, already knows how incredible it is!!!

    • Tell people if they dont like an episode dont watch it. Bluey is good like it is. Let parents do the censoring and teaching.

      • Bluey is the best show on television. Our whole family watches it together with our grands. Leave it alone. We can explain or change the channel. Disney stay out of it.

        • I watch all the time with my niece & nephew (and let’s be honest sometimes by myself) and we all LOVE the show. Bandit’s comment was handled in such a way. Like I’m gonna exercise…why? Because I feel like I’m getting a dad pouch.easy peasy. It didn’t mention obesity or feeling bad about one’s self.

      • 1000 percent agreed!!

        • I said what I said

          This type of crap really is starting to annoy me. Since when did the world become a breeding ground for soft easily offended wussies??? It’s to the point where you can’t say anything anymore. Everything is monitored and censored. If you say something one person doesn’t like people act like cry babies and cancel every. I sure do hope there never is another world war because if it is we are screwed cause there is no one around anymore that is capable of being a soldier you guys are too triggered by every little thing.

        • As a dad who has expressed dissatisfaction with my expanding stomach and started some exercising, how is this not just a normal everyday episode. This show is great please don’t try to censor or change it.

      • Dude get over it. The obesity epidemic is out of control in the states and maybe we should be teaching kids about exercise and eating right and how important it is. I love this show. We all watch it even my 14 year old son. I bet the people complaining are over weight.

    • 100% agree! The episodes most timer only 8 to 10 minutes long encouraging short periods in front of the TV. The teacher holds a message with every single episode. I have watched it many times with my granddaughter and I don’t see anything wrong with it. There are many other shows with Disney that are way far beyond the scope versus Bluey. I think we need to let parents do the censoring. Part of free speech. Please keep the show.

      • Disney doesn’t deserve Bluey. Bluey is on a universe of it’s own and no show will ever come close to the perfection that it demonstrates EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! If you’re actually a fan, you aren’t calling the show or any episode toxic, so don’t make claims about the “fan base.” Disney…Disney fans, you have women locked away from society, cursed to death demonstrating fake positivity, but the happy princess ending, the manly prince saving the day, makes it all okay and….nontoxic?!? Hmmm…. That’s interesting. Would you censor your own productions? What about your TV shows, the ones that aren’t a bit educational or productive to increasing the betterment of a child’s mental or emotional health?

  4. I love Bluey and play it when babysitting my niece. I’m pissed off that they already censored and taken episodes off that talked about miscarriages and Bandit going through what it’s like to be in Labor because it “offended” someone. This show is not just for kids but for adults to. Both ages learn how to communicate, be friendly, and understand what others are going through that school just doesn’t teach anymore. Bring back the missing episodes to the US and stop calling educational programs toxic.

  5. My family loves Bluey. I don’t think of it as toxic. The creators of the show do an amazing job and my family thinks them for being real and understanding for kids. Don’t change something just because a few people don’t like it.

    • So thay want to censor the show even now because because people didn’t like one of the episodes? That is absurd considering the fact that Disney has already censored previous episodes and honestly I don’t know why people think they have the right to ruin it for the rest of us just because they didn’t like a episode if you don’t like what you seen don’t freaking watch it

  6. Wow, TOXIC? I really enjoy watching this show with my children as it is so humurous to adults also. Do these people that are labeling this show toxic see any of the other shows Disney puts out these days? Disent has changed so much since I was a kid and as I see commercials for many other shows on this channel, they are WAY more questionable than Bluey and will not let my children watch those..ever. Like the other parents said.. Leave Bluey alone! Give us more episodes!

    • Forgot to say.. Bluey actually replicates real life fun and bad that I have experienced with my kids. Thats important!

    • A person looking at themselves and deciding THEY want to change is not fat shaming. Now if Chili was telling him he needed to lose a few and giving him grief or if the kids were and he decided to diet need on that maybe. If the public were telling him that his body was bad or that he needed to lose weight, also not good. I am an over weight person, seeing another person no matter their size decide to better their health, is not a bad thing.

  7. Our household loves bluey! Our little girl even laughs at some of the episodes, especially when muffin comes in. It’s a terrific family show! If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Keep your negativity to yourself. The creators of bluey are doing an excellent job with every episode. Keep up the great work everyone! And it does show the real life of parents and kids

  8. No, absolutely not! If you’re going to censor Bluey because of a few people, you might as well make your own show because you’re ruining Bluey. Bluey is perfectly fine! Leave the Heelers alone!!!

  9. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Stop being offended at everything. Bluey is adorable.


  10. This is why today’s youth can’t cope with anything as they grow up. They are all bubble wrapped to protect them, then they have no sense of reality and the challenges of life.

    Bluey is great at introducing real life concepts to kids in a way they can understand and relate to them. Maybe this particular episode helps kids support their parent who is in this situation where they feel like they need to be more fit. Look around, it happens to a majority of the population.

    Disney found gold here. Leave it alone please.

  11. I love it when the grands come over because they ALWAYS have Bluey on. Toxic?? Give me an effing break! Adults are way too hyper sensitive these days. This show tackles some very real world situations in gentle ways, and offers more than one way to discuss it. Leave the show alone and stop pandering to the small percentage of the population who want everything changed for the rest of us!

  12. Bluey is a refreshing show in comparison to other children’s programs. So now a small percentage of people are going to dictate to the rest of us what we are allowed to watch? Instead of just choosing to not watch the show? I am growing tired of Disney giving in to a small portion of individuals at the expense of the rest of us.

  13. Leave Bluely alone! My kids love the show. These people now a days always got to find wrong with a show or whatever it may be and ruin it for everyone else. Leave it alone! Bluely shows how real life can be for parents. The show is amazing and thank you to those who create it.

    If you have a problem with it or have something negative don’t watch it. Don’t ruin it for everyone else cause you want your way!

    Bluely is amazing!

  14. Bluey is a good wholesome family show that my son watches. It shows family values and morals and teaches kids life lessons and how to deal with certain situations. It also teaches them to be creative and use their imagination, as the mind is a very powerful tool.
    People are getting offended and label it as “bad” and “toxic,” because it goes against what the world is these days, putting one another against each other and pointing out differences and enacting entitlement. Children are pure and innnocent, with minds like an absorbing sponge and need proper guidance to become upstanding adults. Quit trying to twist and taint them to be what majority of society is today. I honestly believe kids are smarter and easier to understand and listen to than a lot of adults, seeing the world on a whole different level.

  15. Can someone help me understand how this is toxic? An adult who is unsatisfied with their weight decided to take action and do something about it. He isn’t projecting his issues onto anyone else, so how is it toxic or sending the wrong message? I am convinced that their are people so bored with life that they find issues with any and everything. Please find something constructive to do and leave Bluey out of it. Geesh!!

  16. How dare they talk about things kids will see and experience in a way that they can understand and process?! How dare they help parents deal with things they may be feeling in a way that doesn’t shame them, but helps them grow?! How dare they help kids and families become well emotionally stable individuals?! Get out of here with your healthy, wholesome programming for all ages.

    But seriously, Bluey is a wonderful show. If parents don’t like it, then they can censor their own children. The rest of us are tired of pandering to the extreme minority.

  17. As a grandparent watching bluey with 12,11,4,3 year olds we all laugh, tear a little if you put humans in their place it would be a sitcom hit

  18. Just imagine if it had been Chili saying she wanted to lose weight. People would have lost their minds! But because there isn’t as much of a weight stigma on men and they aren’t body shamed like women, it’s “more acceptable” to people that Bandit talks about his weight. Such a double standard.

    I did watch the episode, and it made me a little uncomfortable because I am a large lady. We try to teach our son to not judge people and that the word fat isn’t nice. He took it in stride, but still likes to poke daddy’s medium-sized belly and gently tease him. But he knows that stays at home.

    • I think it’s good if it makes us a bit uncomfortable. Makes us think. I am a bit overweight but definitely out of shape and I found it relatable. I do not promote or condone shaming but we as a nation are becoming more sedentary. I applaud anything that makes us think about our health and well being and encourages us to get up and move,.not necessarily to lose weight just to be healthier.

    • It’s hilarious that women think wieght and fat shaming is not a daily issue for men too. Lmfao. Ur really not paying attention. Can only imagine all the other issue in the world ur blind and ignorant too.

      Just look at all the male avengers. Tv ads, especially the men in those comercials targeting women.
      Yes, men and young boys notice this stuff too. It is just as much pressure to have a super hero physique. Which is incredibly difficult to do.
      And none of that changes that obesity is a serious issue that needs dealt with and starting at a younger age is always a good thing so ur not a 300 pound adult try to lose weight before u have heart faliure…

  19. How is the Dad realizing he needs to take better care of himself offensive? Having shows for kids that are fun, entertaining and easy to understand is important. Leave Bluey episodes alone! I’ve watched it with my Grandson and he loves it. There is nothing wrong with learning life lessons while having fun.

  20. Me, my daughter and whole entire family loves Bluey!!! I don’t see anything wrong with it so far. There are far worst kids shows out there!!! If you don’t want your children to watch it then just watch something else! Don’t try to take it away from the majority of people that think it is just fine! There are a lot of things that kids will have to deal with in this world and I think that Bluey handles them nicely!!! Please keep Bluey on the air! There are a who lot of people that still want it!!!

  21. Leave BLUEY alone! The show is absolutely PERFECT just the way it is. Stop coddling to everyone that has a pissy fit … they can choose NOT to watch if it offends them!

  22. Love this show. Leave it alone! The shows that Disney has on, other than Disney Jr, our kids are not allowed to watch and haven’t been for years. The creators of Bluey have nailed the real life emotions that we ALL go through–including when we recognize that we need to take better care of ourselves. Awesome show, coming Team Bluey!

  23. Our household LOVES Bluey! To many people now a days get butt hurt if someone breathes wrong, sneezes, coughs or anything. Bluey is very educational and teaches values. I’d rather my child watch Bluey anytime instead of that Calliou who does nothing but whine and complain over every little thing. That’s one show that’s not aloud in my house but I’m not writing or calling their creators. SIMPLY JUST DON’T WATCH or better yet stop being a snowflake and let your kids learn that everything in life doesn’t go their way. It’s ok to change if you want to but in a healthy way.

  24. My whole household loves Bluey. It is entertaining and relatable. If you are insecure about this episode then maybe the issue is you. Go fix your insecurities and leave Bluey alone so we can continue to enjoy it in peace.

  25. The number of deaths caused by obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is increasing every year. Wanting to exercise because you notice your stomach is getting bigger is not fat-shaming, it is being health-concious.
    Encouraging children to sit watching tv all day is toxic. Eating healthy and regular exercise is essential.
    We now have kids as young as six with diabetes because we are too afraid to “fat shame”.
    I would rather kids feel shame than be dead

  26. There is nothing wrong with fat shaming.

  27. Please leave BLUEY alone! Come on really who hasn’t complained about their weight or dieting in front of their children? It’s not fat shaming, if the episode is offensive to you don’t watch it. End of story.

  28. Bluey is the only show my toddler watches like a hawk. She isnt even 2 and laughs and smiles at times when its funny. This show is more genius than ANYTHING these OFFENDED HYPOCRITES can come up with for children’s television. I guarantee they are okay with littlies watching the Simpsons or SpongeBob. This show touches on more real life situations in family life than any show on TV anywhere. LEAVE BLUEY ALONE.

  29. Leave it to the fat acceptance movement to ruin a kids show.
    They need to stop self projecting and take their weight insecurities elsewhere. Not everything is about them.

  30. My kids love bluey, its one of the few shows we actually all enjoy watching together. Leave bluey alone. People have to stop get offended by everything.

    • Please I’m over weight my self and have seen that episode and I didn’t find it Toxic at all people just look at something that is actually good for our kids and want to get rid of it My Family Loves Bluey and I agree with some other people the new stuff that is coming from disney, Nickelodeon and other kid stations are just Bad my kid doesn’t even want to watch them and she is 4 she would rather watch Bluey over Baby Shark, SpongeBob, Spiderman, and Super kittys you get my point Leave Bluey Alone

  31. I love Bluey, I watch it with my grandkids. I don’t understand why people get so offended over everyday things. Isn’t it what we are trying to teach kids is to stay active. I’ll never understand parents of this generation who want to be offended by everything and make it their job to decide what others can do or watch. Like so many of us we can decide what’s best for our little one. If you don’t like the story change the channel. Easy as that.

  32. Is this a joke, Bluey is an amazing way to teach kids about real life problems they will face. Bandit wanting to get in shape Is a great lesson because the real life alternate outcome of not losing weight is not so great. We need to stop sugar coating everything, the world is not all roses and butterflies. This is why we have so many soft sensitive people in the world.

  33. Bluey is amazing! Leave it alone! We absolutely love Bluey ❤️

  34. Bluey doesn’t need to be censored. This is a perfect opportunity to open up communication with your children about body image, and the importance of exercise to stay HEALTHY (not skinny). This show provides opportunities to be a better communicators with your child about common issues. We LOVE Bluey the way it is.

  35. If Disney started listening to the many instead of the few loud and overly sensitive, maybe they’d have a clearer picture of the things people really love and want to see. just reading these comments it’s apparent that editing or removing episodes is a mistake.

  36. On what planet is a grown man wanting to lose his gut considered “toxic”? These people who complain are deranged and should not be value judgments about what everyone else should watch. Disney should be ashamed.

  37. Unconser bluey right now. I Always talk about how annoyed I Am by Disney And how there are people out there ruining the show for others Stop this madness, Disney You’re ready Have fallen Why can’t we just enjoy the freaking show I understand if a show gets popular snd gets a lot of eyes, but this is not fair Not even for the australians. makes me sick And I’m actually ill How many times do we have to tell you You only ever uncensored one thing.

  38. Come Disney… Quit listening to all this nonsense from a few people!

  39. I think Bluey is a show to teach fear or embarrassment to keep a child from telling another person about the abuse.
    Many imaginary games are played out on the parent’s body,
    this is a groomer show,

  40. My family and I love watching Bluey. If a person doesn’t agree with a certain TV show, or movie, just don’t watch it. You can change the channel for that duration. Not everyone can be pleased or have their expectations met. You’re offended by something, tough cookie, get over it and move on with your life. Life cannot be censored.

  41. If you’re fat and/or have fat kids and you’re triggered by a cartoon telling you to put the xtra cupcakes down and maybe take a few xtra steps the you should be ASHAMED. I’m ashamed for you but that’s not gonna help you squeeze into the seat next to me while your blubber invades my personal space. Be ASHAMED and EXERCISE and see if Dunkin Donuts has any backbones they can sell you with your 3 dozen donuts. And Disney is trash.

  42. I rlly like BLUEY. That is all. This is coming from a teenager. Ik that the shows not targeted at me but me and most of my friends love it. That is all. :3

  43. Omfg really!!!!??? You morons that call the show toxic is what is wrong with this world today! It’s a real life example of how to deal with issues that people have everyday in a non-harming way. My family loves Bluey and we will continue too. People need to understand that everybody has their own beliefs, concerns, and ways of teaching their children. So say your opinion (preferably not!!!) and move on! Don’t ruin someone else’s life!!!

    • Yeah no kidding my full comment I left I said the only reason some Karen’s hate on it is because the show probably does a better job of parenting than they do.

  44. I love bluey. It’s a very good show, and teaches important lessons to kids in a way they will understand, and puts into perspective situations they may not have experienced yet, or do not understand how to deal with, e.g loss.
    I hate how people these days are so offended by everything. Being unfit isn’t something to be proud of, it is good to do exercise and be healthy, and teaching kids otherwise isn’t going to help them.
    If you don’t like a show don’t watch it, anyone complaining is clearly an offended parent or someone old enough to understand this doesn’t matter, please grow up, this is harmless and really doesn’t affect you.

  45. Bluey is such an awesome show! For anyone thinking that it’s TOXIC, no one is holding you hostage to watch it. I’m so sick of the Powers that Be listening to the TINY handful of people putting up a stink about everything. Stop being offended for the sake of being offended! Stop being offended on behalf of others, who ARENT offended!

  46. I love how this country will police a cartoon but can’t adequately address school shooters and gun control. You’re doing great America 🤣

  47. As annoying as the beginning song is, the show itself is great for showing how to handle everyday problems

  48. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. The “fat shaming” episode was about Dad getting healthy.

  49. Please just stop. Stop censoring issues that you think are there. Issues with weight, trams, child bearing are tough. Thinking that kids don’t notice this at a very very young age is wrong.Bluey is the most appropriate show there is! There is nothing better than Bluey. It addresses issues lightly and in humor and works through them through play. Just like kids. Don’t dare edit this!!!!!

  50. This is a great and entertaining show. My kids love it. Our family loves it. The only little bad thing about Bluey is… dang, those toys can get very expensive.. hahaha. TOXIC???; that’s ridiculous. The show/episode DOES NOT NEED TO BE EDITED!! like others say.. if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Leave Bluey alone, it’s an amazing show.

  51. I heard this show is toxic. It needs to be forced off the air and not allowed in any schools, streaming services, or libraries.

  52. Maybe if this group of people who find this 1 episode offensive,they should march a few miles and protest.2 birds one stone.LEAVE BLUEY ALONE,ITS THE GREATEST KIDS’ SHOW EVER!!My family and I love the show and have watched from season 1 over a dozen times.

    • Catherine Paterson

      Stop confirming to snowflakes culture and apologusu g fir facung real life subjects!!! obesity is an issue that should not be ignored brushed or under the carpet

  53. Can they just leave Disney? This is insane and this is a wholesome, valuable show…. I’m at a loss, so much to say, but those who know, know…. HOW ABOUT WE CANCEL CULTURE DISNEY.

  54. Shows such as teletubbies are allowed on tv despite is lack of speech, Peppard pig despite the fact Peppa is an anxious and abusive bully, in the night garden with constantly mouth kissing and the girl lifting her skirt…. all allowed and more but a show that teaches what many deal with day to day in a positive and respectful way that not only entertains children but brings relatable comfort to parents who have lives that hectic is a threat. The world needs fo straighten up and sort itself. I don’t like the first shows mentioned so I won’t have them on I won’t instead spend my time complaining trying to cause problems for something so daft. Grow up people

  55. Best show ever! This is crazy, just because someone is easily offended by something ridiculous, ordinary, and normal. That is their issue alone, they need help not the show!!

  56. Wow! Reading the last part of this article is absolutely ridiculous. Our family loves Bluie. This show is the best, most innocent, family based kids cartoon I have ever come across. I don’t know of any other show where there’s not even a “bad guy”. There is something seriously wrong with some people. It’s sad how one could try to find a problem with such a wholesome show. I bet you the one who labels it toxic needs to get out and exercise.

  57. Sorry folks, obesity is a serious problem in the USA and should be addressed. The average person can easily gain 10-20 pounds minimum after highschool. Obesity is the cause of most of our problems in this country. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis…As a side note, if Bandit thinks he should workout he’s entitled to that. Especially if we’re living in a world of my body my choice.

  58. Again Disney pandering to easily offended….Another example of the eroding of common sense society.

  59. Since when is something as just not watching a show you don’t like or a agree not a thing? Why do other people feel they have the right to control what other people watch and what other people let their kids watch.

    It’s funny I bet all the same people who are mad at bluey are the same ones trying to force religion into schools and ban teachers from teaching science. It’s sick and sad and hypocritical.

  60. Seriously,these people who so easily get offended should not be catered to,these family shows should not b edited,just turn of or over ,but Disney is not going to want to lose a few watchers,so they will give in , pathetic in my opinion

  61. Maybe people should stop being some sensitive

  62. Bluey is a good wholesome show and just because a character in the show wanted to exercise its being called toxic guess what I’m a big girl always have been and there was a time in my life I wanted to be healthier and that was my choice I’m still big never bothered me either way everyone is entitled to thier own thoughts and opinions but calling out a show for promoting healthy habits is wrong I’m not saying we should all be hyper focused on our weight how we look etc but we also shouldn’t shame those that do decide to be that way just because you feel it’s wrong g sure say something but stop trying g to cancel quality content cuz you dislike one thing I n one episode in a show your going to encounter things in life you don’t like I’m sorry that is life so be and let be and stop perpetrating drama that is not a thing

  63. How hard is it to just not watch something you don’t enjoy. Bluey is a fantastic show. The people who want it changed are projecting their own insecurities onto a show for children. Grow t f up.

    If you don’t agree with the programming then don’t watch and don’t let your children watch. The rest of us and our families who aren’t crazy with censorship will continue to enjoy an unspoiled uncensored bluey as it was intended.

  64. Bluey is a fantastic show! Leave it be!

  65. My daughter used to watch Bluey and I was fine with it until one day My husband and I was watching it with her to bond with her but there was an episode where there friend totally did not listen and disrespected thier dad so my husband and I decided that she is not allowed to watch it anymore

  66. Don’t be mean Bluey I know that Bluey feel Disgusting but. Don’t take bluey off it’s a Funny Tv show and I got hang of that show I am Australia let us have that show in USA it’s awesome show ever..

  67. Plus there is new bluey coming to Disney+ in later 2024 it’s called The Sign loved see that Episode on Disney+ it’s. 28 minutes episodes but everybody Agree take bluey off Disney let see the sign of bluey new episode be have been later 2024 please don’t take bluey off yet loved see bluey the sign new episode of 28 minutes I love bluey and bingo and muffin and sock
    And another kids coming adult Grownups never see them grownup yet and please give a chance for the sign new episodes later in 2024..

  68. Plus I am Hookup to Kids shows but I am hookup to Bluey since 2021-2022-2023-now don’t take bluey off loved see The sign bluey new Episode that coming later 2024 don’t take bluey off television I am took up to Bluey on Television don’t do that not ready to let it go yet..

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