Is Chilli Pregnant? ‘Bluey’ Fans Hope Episode Points to a New Addition Coming to the Heeler Family

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The writers, animators, and production team behind the hit children’s program Bluey are reportedly enjoying a break between the third and fourth seasons of the show, and thanks to a newly released episode from Season 3, it’s quite possible that one of the episodes in Season 4 will introduce fans to Bluey’s new baby brother.

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The popular children’s show Bluey continues to add to its fanbase on a consistent basis.

Since it was first commissioned by ABC Kids Australia and BBC Kids and Family and debuted in Australia in 2018, the refreshingly different children’s educational series has won numerous awards and has been described as “arguably the best television series in the world.”

The beloved show gives viewers a glimpse of the everyday lives of the Heeler Family–Bluey, her little sister Bingo, and her parents Chilli and Bandit–but mostly from the viewpoints of Bluey and her sister.

Life for the Heelers is sprinkled with moments of joy, a love for learning, the enjoyment of being together as a family, imaginative play, and the safety of being able to be emotionally vulnerable.

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Since Bluey first debuted in 2018, its fanbase has continued to grow–and not just among preschoolers and school-aged children. Because of the show’s characters and storylines, each episode is undeniably relatable for viewers of varying ages.

Even households with no children show up in the ratings for Bluey, meaning that the show even reaches those who are not yet parents and those who have children who have grown up and left home already.

‘Bluey’ Is Not Your Average Children’s Series

There are dozens of reasons for the success of Bluey, but one of the most obvious is the fact that the series is very different from any other children’s program in the history of the genre–and not just because it features a family of blue and red heelers.

bluey bingo chilli and bandit heeler family

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The creator and writers of the show are unafraid to tackle difficult topics because they understand that children are curious.

They ask lots of questions, and because they are beginning to take in the world around them, they often ask questions that can be challenging to answer. It’s how they learn.

As such, Bluey has become notorious for including topics in its episodes that simply are not discussed or touched upon in other children’s programs.

Lighter topics like sibling rivalry and too much screen time are touched upon, but more sensitive topics are discussed as well, including death, relationship break-ups, and caring for an aging parent.

BBC makes quite the understatement about Bluey, admitting that “it’s a cartoon that manages to engage children and, yes, occasionally devastate their parents, too,” and there’s no doubt that the BBC was referring to certain episodes in the show–including those in which the Heeler Family tackles very difficult topics like miscarriage and premature birth.

chilli heeler bluey episode on the beach with floppy hat mom

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“The Show”

In Season 2 of Bluey, an episode titled “The Show” (Episode 16), Bluey and Bingo bring their mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.

That is, they attempt to bring her breakfast in bed, but when Bingo trips and drops the breakfast on the floor, she runs out of the room crying, as she believes she’s ruined Mother’s Day for her mom.

Big sister Bluey, however, encourages Bingo to keep going, and soon, the two pups begin to perform in a “show” for their parents.

It’s a show about Bandit and Chilli before they were parents, but during the scene in which Chilli, played by Bingo, learns she’s going to be a mother, Bingo emerges with an inflated balloon under her shirt, symbolizing the pregnancy.

Children's TV Hit 'Bluey' Gets Referenced in a Book About Miscarriages

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As the two pups are playing . . . uh, performing, the balloon accidentally pops, and Chilli and Bandit can be seen with despondent expressions on their faces.

Bandit gently grabs Chilli’s paw, leaving fans assuming that the scene points to a previous miscarriage for Chilli.

This assumption was later confirmed by Australian animator and show creator Joe Brumm when he said during an interview that “‘The Show’ indeed does point at Chilli having a miscarriage.”

This is what the episode is about,” explained Brumm. “Essentially, Chilli is passing down her method of coping to Bingo. I can’t say too much about who it is based on, as the person involved wouldn’t want me to. But the key aspect of the experience relevant to this episode was the fact that her other children still needed taking care of, so there really was no choice for her but to pick herself up and keep going, which I always admired.”

chilli and bandit heeler hugging

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Bluey has also touched on the topic of infertility, as well as child development and the unfair comparisons some parents make about their children’s abilities and those of other children.

Bluey To Be A Big Sister Yet Again?

Now fans of the show say it seems possible that the show will tackle the subjects of pregnancy and childbirth in the upcoming season, thanks to an episode of Bluey from Season 3 that was just released in the United States on January 12.

bluey the heeler family and their vehicle

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Episode 40, titled “Relax,” finds Bluey and her family on vacation, and it serves to empathize with an age-old struggle for moms.

From the very beginning of the episode, Chilli says she wants to hurry and get to the beach so she can start relaxing. But as soon as Bluey and Bingo see the condo where they’ll be staying, they become sidetracked by the bunk beds in which they’ll be sleeping.

bluey and bingo applaud the award winning toilets in bluey episode titled relax

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Chilli tells them again to hurry so they can go to the beach and start relaxing, but the pups are then sidetracked by the “award-winning” toilets in the condo. Finally, Bluey’s dad, Bandit, tells his wife to go on, and he’ll get the pups ready and meet her at the beach shortly.

But as soon as Chilli gets to the beach, she realizes that she struggles to allow herself to relax and ultimately returns to the condo, telling Bandit that she doesn’t know how to do it.

Bandit tells her to take a lesson from “the masters,” referring to Bluey and Bingo, who clearly have no trouble relaxing and enjoying every single part of their surroundings.

chilli heeler at the front door in bluey episode

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Suddenly, Chilli finds a sense of peace and calm, stepping out onto the balcony and taking in the sights of the trees blowing in the ocean breeze, the birds in flight above her, and a giant ocean liner gliding almost gracefully along the ocean’s surface at the horizon.

Feeling at ease, she reclines in a chaise lounge on the balcony, and the visage of her belly at that moment in the episode is what has fans believing that Chilli may be pregnant with a third child in the episode.

chilli bluey heeler chilli pregnant

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If so, it’s entirely possible that Season 4 of Bluey could include an episode in which fans are first introduced to another member of the Heeler Family, and some believe that this time around, the child could be a boy.

While there’s been no confirmation from creator Joe Brumm or Ludo Studio about Chilli and Bandit expecting a baby, fans have compared two screenshots of Chilli, using the comparison as the basis for their speculation about Chilli.

One image is from the “Relax” episode, and the other is from the Bluey episode titled “Whale Watching.”

chilli heeler bluey chilli pregnant

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When the images are compared, it’s easy to see why some believe Chilli is pregnant, as she seems to have a more rounded belly in the newest episode.

Other fans, though, say that the difference in her belly shape and size is simply related to the fact that she is reclined rather than lying flat on her back, as she is doing in the earlier episode.

For now, fans will simply have to wait for the debut of Season 4 to find out.

If Bandit and Chilli are expecting–and if they have a baby boy–what should his name be? Let us know what you’d name a baby boy Heeler in the comments below!

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