‘Bluey’ Fans Enraged As an Episode of the Show Encourages Deadly Behavior

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Fans of Ludo Studio’s Bluey are irate yet again–this time because of a new episode of the show that reportedly encourages dangerous behaviors.

Peppa Pig, with better parenting': the bounding success of canine cartoon Bluey | Children's TV | The Guardian

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Bluey and Her Family

Bluey is an Australian animated preschool TV series that first appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Network in October 2018. Disney acquired the international broadcasting rights to the show in June 2019, and Bluey, the six-year-old (later seven-year-old) Blue Heeler puppy, her sister, a Red Heeler puppy, Bingo, and her mom and dad made their first appearance on Disney Junior and across the Disney+ streaming platform in late 2019.

Bluey is a Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her family and spends the day embracing imaginative play and silly antics with them. She’s full of energy and curiosity, and she’s always up for an adventure–especially ones she creates for herself and her younger sister, Bingo.

bingo and bluey

Bingo and Bluey/Credit: Disney+

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The show’s themes center around the importance of family, growing up, and around the Australian culture.

A Huge Success in Children’s Programming

The award-winning show is unequivocally one of the most beloved and successful in children’s programming. In an increasingly competitive market, the creators of Bluey have distinguished the show from others in several ways, not the least of which is the way that each of the seven-minute episodes of Bluey not only draws in preschoolers and young children–but their parents and caregivers as well.

Even Disney touted the children’s program as “a parenting show that kids enjoy, instead of the other way around.”

Bluey Season 1, Episode 26 | The Beach

“The Beach” episode of “Bluey”/Credit: Disney+

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Over the summer, during the week of July 10 through July 16, 2023, Bluey hit a new record, amassing over one billion minutes viewed on Disney+. During that week, viewers watched 1.35 billion minutes of Bluey–and with good reason, as the show debuted 10 new episodes on July 12.

And unlike much of American programming for preschoolers and young children, the show doesn’t aim to teach counting, the alphabet, or other pre-Kindergarten skills. Instead, Bluey teaches kids to play, to share, and to be social.

“There’s no counting in Bluey, there’s no learning this or that–just show ’em playing,” says Joe Brumm, Australian animator and creator of Bluey. “It’s to show parents that the kids aren’t just mucking around. They’re learning to play, learning to share. And generally, you can just put your feet up and let ’em do it.”

bluey in the episode titled "fruitbat"

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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Brumm was inspired by the British children’s series Peppa Pig and had aspirations of creating a similar type of series for Australian families. He also wanted to demonstrate through his animation that children’s development can be encouraged by self-directed play as well as imaginative, unstructured play.

But for all the love the show gets, fans still take issue with the show from time to time.

Controversy Over the Show’s Content

Bluey is one of the most popular shows in preschool programming, with a massive fan following that includes adults as well as children. But for all its accolades, awards, and critical acclaim, there have been a few episodes of the family-friendly children’s show that fans have found, well, less than family-friendly.

An episode titled “Exercise” angered fans who said that fat-shaming was a part of the story, and they were appalled by it. In another episode, titled “Family Meeting,” Bluey’s dad has a bout of flatulence, something he refers to as “fluffing.” Some fans called for the episode to be banned for its inappropriate content, but the episode eventually made its way back to Disney+.

Kids use Bluey to manipulate parents

Credit: Ludo Studio

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Bluey’s “Housework” Episode

Now, fans are angry over yet another episode of Bluey, this one titled “Housework.” According to KidSpot.com, fans have taken to social media to air their grievances over the show’s alleged encouragement of dangerous behaviors.

In the episode, Bluey is seated on the family’s sofa, holding a bowl of grapes, and she’s enjoying every single bite of the juicy fruit from the bowl. But fans have pointed out that the fruit is actually a forbidden fruit for the Blue Heeler puppy–and all dog breeds.

Though it’s Bluey who’s seen eating the grapes, one fan was apparently so upset about the visage that she mistook Bluey for her mom, Chilli.

bluey eating grapes

Credit: Disney+/ Ludo Studio

“I’m confused,” the fan posted on the Adult Bluey Fans Club Facebook page. “I’m watching ‘Housework,’ and [Bluey’s mom] Chilli is eating grapes. I think isn’t that dangerous for dogs?”

According to WebMD, the fan is right to be concerned–that is, if Bluey were a real dog. The website states that “grapes and raisins are highly toxic for dogs, regardless of breed, age, or gender” and “grape toxicity is linked with kidney damage, and eating the fruit can result in sudden kidney failure and even death.”

While the reasons for such a terrible result are still being studied, it’s thought that dogs are unable to metabolize certain substances found naturally in grapes. Even in small amounts, grapes can cause a dog to become extremely sick and can even result in death.

If nothing more, perhaps the upset over this episode can be taken as a public service announcement about canine grape toxicity. But with the history of fans complaining about various elements seen in episodes of the adorable preschool show, it’s probably only a matter of time before another upset occurs, and it’s anyone’s guess what will be at the center of that debate.

New Bluey Episodes Available

Despite the controversy, Bluey continues to release successful content, with new episodes now on Disney+ as of January 2024. Additionally, a new, longer episode will be released later in 2024.

Are you a fan of this popular children’s series? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. American TV does teach kids the alphabet and other educational things, but look at our average grade scores to the rest of the world. Obviously this does not work. I think growing the imagination and teaching kids to be social is important as well. The woke and liberal community has stuck their stupid noses into enough things. If parents don’t like it turn the channel. The Australians are on this leave it alone.

    • You’re wrong. It’s not the liberals who dislike the show that is teaching children valuable lessons and social skills. It is parents who think that children are too young to learn about death or boundaries or anything because of their age. Stop believing that only liberals complain about stuff. Because conservatives complain just as much or even more about stuff especially when it has to do with teaching children to actually know how to emote and socialize.

      • Then have your child watch another show. It’s plenty out there if you feel some type of way. Or, how about this ..teach your child and don’t rely on television to do it for you. There are plenty people who LOVE Bluey. In this day and age, just because you don’t agree on something you have to complain or report. Just grow up and keep it moving if you don’t like it. Plenty things in life will rub you wrong and you may not agree with. But everything that falls on that category didn’t require a dispute, complaint or fight.

  2. My youngest grandson and I LOVE Bluey! People are ridiculous. Turn the channel, you’re out of control.

  3. Both of my dogs eat grapes all the time from our vines. One is 12 years old the other is 4 years. People would tell us the grapes are poison, but the dogs don’t care. I guess it depends on the grapes and the dogs.

  4. This is a totally different country and continent. Bloody Yanks always whinging even about things they have no business.
    Bluey is owned by the Australian Taxpayer.

  5. I’m 61 years old, our dogs both from when I was growing up to the one we have now have always eaten grapes and raisins plus chocolate. We’ve had several of them live to be 20 plus years old. Our family enjoys Bluey and always look forward to the new episodes.

  6. Um… It’s just a cartoon… I mean come on, remember Looney Tones? I love Bluey and I know for a fact that she will be just fine.

  7. So now we are wanting to canceling a very popular children’s show, that just happens to, as a change of pace for kids and parents, NOT count to 10, a hundred time or repeat the alphabet for 30 min. straight? All because a cartoon dog ate grapes? Maybe shows that talk about imagination, playing with friends, cooperation, sharing, and caring about people is just as entertaining and can show just as inportant lessons. But if the adults in the room are going to get upset about cartoon dog act like people, we are taking children’s programs too seriously. FYI, the family of cartoon dogs also drive cars, use the toilet, eat ice cream, and go to day care and work! However, they also make the bed, clean the windows,and vacuum the floors. We have to draw a line somewhere, be grown ups and understand that this is a cartoon TV show, for children. It’s fake. They are not real dog raising their children. It’s for fun. Dogs acting like people.

  8. Are you serious? Is this for real? This is just getting more ridiculous as time passes. Grow up people. It’s a cartoon…. One I actually enjoy watching with my grandchildren. Get a life and move on.

  9. It’s a cartoon. It isn’t real. None of it matters.

  10. Shut up. I watch this show everyday w 3 kids under 5, you all are just looking for something to cry about. I jave seen every episode more times than i care to admit and have never seen anything dangerous.

  11. Here’s an idea… Use that episode to bring up the topic & say “Actually kids, dogs are allergic to grapes, but Bluey is a cartoon.”
    Stop expecting the TV to raise your kids.

  12. It’s a fudging cartoon weither or not people are angry about an episode should not matter. Kids should be listening to their parents more than animations and remember the difference.
    I hated peppa pig (a lot) because I saw a character cried every 20 seconds, for a 5 min show that is a lot. I shut off the TV for a week. I did not let them watch it it anymore.

    The point is you’re the parent turn it off or change the channel! Easy as that.

  13. It’s a CARTOON! some people are really too stupid to be in society! You complaining are the same morons who go to the store and are too lazy to put things back where they belong. I doubt there will be dogs who will see this episode and say, I think I’ll go eat some grapes.

    • I know, right?
      So, the (clearly humanoid) dog eats a grape and everybody freaks out, but other stuff that dogs probably shouldn’t have is just fine?
      Like, for God’s sake, the dogs were eating CAKE and ICE CREAM. Seriously? Nobody says anything about the chocolate ice cream or the actual freaking chocolate bars in the kitchen, but the dog eats a grape and it’s the end of all good things.
      Clearly these animals have human features and can eat human food. If they had digestive systems anything like that of real life, people food wouldn’t even exist in their world.
      I mean, think about it, when was the last time you fed your dog a steak and potato dinner or a whole cake or God forbid seafood?
      It’s a cartoon, people.
      Grow up.

  14. Too many people have sad empty lives, if this is what they are so concerned about. I watch my 2 year old grandson and this is the best cartoon for children (and parents) that I have ever seen! It teaches us all about family, love, respect, kindness and decency to one another. Way to go (and thank you!) Bluey creators. ❤️😊

  15. My kids love bluey. I hope they don’t grow up like the people that criticize everything over nothing. I want my kids to be happy and only fight for important issues. Don’t change a thing on bluey! That show is hilarious!

  16. Maybe take it as your kids will eat better, I don’t know. Given it’s a freaking cartoon, leave it alone for once kids and parents are doing a lot of stuff together. Grow up

  17. They do realize that dogs don’t talk either right? #cancelculture

  18. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard about the show. People are actually upset about a cartoon dog, who walks on two legs, talks, reads and writes, ate grapes. I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t really think my Grandsons think of them as dogs. They see them as little girls that they want to be friends with and play with. Would you rather have them crack open a cookie tin and eat as many as she can stuff in her mouth??? Get a grip!!! The children have so much more common sense than any of these cry babies wanting to cancel everything that upsets them rather than just change the channel!!!
    Also, I love the boys saying they fluffed instead farted! I also love that they are potty trained early because they want to be like Bandit!

  19. These people are idiots with their stupid complaints about a cartoon. I’m sure they are fine with the alphabet community agenda tho. SMDH.

  20. Dogs don’t talk or walk on two legs… I’m sorry if you are a parent thinking a cartoon dog eating grapes is dangerous… You definitely shouldn’t have had children. That’s the most ridiculous thing to be upset about in a freaking cartoon.