Step Into the World Of ‘Bluey’ at This NEW Interactive Attraction and Meet and Greet

Credit: Bluey.tv and Bunnings

Fans of the beloved animated series Bluey have long expressed their desire to see their favorite characters come to life in the form of interactive entertainment. Bluey, created by Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio and BBC Studios, has captured the hearts of kids and adults alike with its heartwarming and relatable stories about the Heeler family.

The enthusiastic response from fans has been overwhelming, with many expressing their admiration for the show’s cleverness, original storytelling, and the way it beautifully captures the nuances of family life. From the vibrant animation to the endearing characters, Bluey has become a cultural phenomenon, resonating with audiences far and wide.

While it may be long before Bluey comes to the Disney theme parks, there is a new interactive attraction that will be arriving soon!

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new bluey episode

The Heeler family in “Stickbird”/Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

‘Bluey’ Gets Interactive New Addition

Exciting news has just been announced – buckle up because there’s a brand-new Bluey experience in the works! The beloved Heeler family is back with another adventure that will surely captivate fans of all ages.

In the highly adored episode titled ‘Hammerbarn,’ Bluey and her family embark on a classic weekend mission to none other than their local hardware store. Now, brace yourself for this extraordinary collaboration – Bluey is teaming up with a hardware chain to create an incredibly interactive addition. Together, they are set to bring the much-loved Hammerbarn experience to life, captivating fans all around Australia.

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Credit: Bluey.tv and Bunnings

Step into the World of ‘Bluey’

Families in Australia are about to get a huge treat! Imagine stepping into your favorite Bunnings store only to find yourself transported into the vibrant world of Bluey. The Bluey-themed takeover promises an immersive experience like no other, as stores nationwide and across the ditch will be transformed into a true-to-life Hammerbarn wonderland. From the moment you step through those familiar Bunnings doors, prepare to be enchanted by the sights and sounds of the Heeler family’s epic hardware store adventure.

This exciting collaboration between Bluey and Bunnings is the perfect opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the magic of the beloved animated series. The creators behind this incredible endeavor aim to bring the world of Bluey closer to home, allowing fans to step into the shoes of their favorite characters and embark on their own adventures. In an email sent to Bluey fans, the team said:

Bluey is teaming up with Bunnings, a popular home and lifestyle retailer, to transform seven of their warehouses across Australia and New Zealand into real life Hammerbarns.

Just like the Heelers, fans can now head out on a classic weekend mission – a trip to Hammerbarn!

The events will also have meet and greets with Bluey and Bingo, as well as free Bluey DIY workshops!

bluey bingo chilli and bandit heeler family

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

Whether you’re a little pup or a grown-up, rest assured that this immersive experience will cater to fans of all ages. From children who adore the cleverness and charm of Bluey’s narratives to adults who appreciate the show’s relatable family dynamics, the Bluey x Bunnings collaboration is sure to provide an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

So get ready to mark your calendars and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. With Bluey and Bunnings joining forces, the excitement is soaring, and the stage is set for an extraordinary journey into the wonderful world of Hammerbarn.

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