Bluey Allegedly Assaults a Child During a Fundraiser Following Cancer Patient’s Death

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The world loves Bluey. The Australian-made children’s show, despite its vast popularity, has found itself in the line of fire for many lately, with claims of being too “woke” and potentially teaching dangerous lessons to pet owners.

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Although many are trying to bring the Disney-distributed family show down, the long-running success of Bluey has seen a boom of late, with many praising its ability to entertain children, adults, and even dogs, without pushing educational lessons.

What is “Bluey”?

Created by Australian animator Joe Brumm, Bluey follows a family of blue-heeler pups. Bingo, Chilli, Bandit, and Bluey spend their day promoting imaginative play, as opposed to school-based learning that you’ll find in other children’s programming. 

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The initial success of Bluey, distributed by BBC Studios and Ludo Studios, caught the eye of The Walt Disney Company, which now distributes the top-rated show, which currently has three seasons, with a fourth rumored to be on the way.

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The world has absolutely become obsessed with Bluey, as the show is not only beautiful to look at, but it also promotes the positive message of using your imagination and having fun instead of the stress of learning arithmetic or science.

A Smashing Success

Disney’s involvement in distributing Bluey to audiences in the United States was a stroke of genius. Since, the popular kid’s show has seen a boost in sales of merchandise. You can find Bluey and her family members just about everywhere, even on new pajamas designed and sold by Hanna Andersson.

Popularized on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, fans of the show can alos catch beloved episodes like Keepy Uppy on Disney+. As of August, according to Nielsen, Bluey jumped to number two in a list of the top ten streamed shows currently running. Impressive! 

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When trying to capture what makes Bluey so popular, not only with kids but also with adults, Screen Rant put it perfectly: 

Bluey’s humor is intelligent and appeals to adults, with jokes and references that go over the heads of kids but land perfectly for grown-ups. Bluey offers parents a never-ending source of child-friendly games and activities that encourage creativity.

“Bluey’s Big Number”

The success of Bluey has even led to the creation of a new traveling musical called Bluey’s Big Number. The new show will capitalize on the popularity of the kid’s show, capturing the essence of the Heeler Family in live-action with the use of puppets, touring across Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and the United States. 

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“Bluey’s Big Play is a brand-new theatrical adaptation of the EmmyÂź award-winning children’s television series, with an original story by Bluey creator Joe Brumm, and new music by Bluey composer, Joff Bush. Join the Heelers in their first live theatre show made just for you, featuring brilliantly created puppets. This is Bluey as you’ve never seen it before, brought to real life.” – Bluey’s Big Play website.

Some Fans Disagree with “Bluey”

Despite overwhelming adoration, Bluey isn’t immune to speculation and controversy. As with any creative project, some viewers question the show, even going as far as to call it “toxic.”

As fans await an official announcement for a fourth season, with writers and producers taking a break after the culmination of season number three, others are questioning whether the kid’s show is as appropriate as it first appeared, claiming the show to be more “woke” jargon from Disney.

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

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Although we don’t see the connection, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the hate toward the kid’s show doesn’t seem to be impacting the show’s undying success and popularity amongst audiences. However, a recent video may prove painful for Bluey as some may need to understand its origins. 

Bluey Goes Rogue on a Grieving Family

In a recent TikTok video posted by user @renee_nanagonewild7, Bluey (not officially the Disney character) can be seen plowing into a group of young boys, knocking them to the ground. 


I couldn’t believe my eyes when i seen this happen to my grandson from a hired employee, from a company that trusts you to do their company right with customers. NOPE not this Bluey dude, when confronted he said the kids were tugging on him. Uhhh I believe that comes with the fact that you’re BLUEY and thats your damn job. I was so mad but didnt want to make a huge deal being we were there for a good reason. #unbelievable #caughtoncamera #nottoday #mygrandson #wow #ohnoyoudidnt #knockeddown #knockeddownbybluey #dobetter #pissedmomma #fundraiser #breastcancerawareness💕 #restinpeaceangel

♬ Oh No Oh No Oh No No No – Dubskie

Although there isn’t much information regarding the video, the caption suggests that the incident occurred during a fundraising event for someone who recently lost their wife to cancer.

What led to the altercation, or if it’s anything other than a playful interaction that went too far, is also unclear, although the poster also includes the comment that their “Nana confronted the masked character” due to the event that took place. Also, the poster includes a joke at the end of the video suggesting that maybe they should have picked Bingo, who would have “been nicer.”

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To make matters even weirder, Mario can also be seen hanging out in the background of the video, adding to the bizarre overall feel regarding what exactly could have happened here.

It’s important to note that this does not appear to be within a Disney Park or associated with Disney in any way. Although we can’t be sure, this could be a private company that individuals can hire, who utilize popular character costumes making appearances at events such as birthdays. Having Bluey and Mario attend a fundraiser for a deceased cancer patient’s surviving family also raises some questions about details surrounding what is exactly happening within the video.

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Despite the curiosity surrounding the video, we hope the fundraiser was a success, alleviating some of the financial suffering that too many people endure during cancer treatments.

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