Why Is ‘Bluey’ So Popular?

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There’s no mistaking it: Bluey is the kid’s television show that’s taken the world by storm lately. If you’re not a regular fan of the show, you may be asking yourself: “Why is this kid’s show so popular?” Today, I’m ready to break down the answer to why and how Bluey became one of the world’s most popular television shows for both kids and parents.

Bluey was created by Joe Brumm and is produced by Ludo Studio, a Queensland-based company. The show originally debuted as preschool programming on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s kids channel in 2018. The show gained popularity very quickly and eventually premiered on Disney Junior and is now distributed internationally by Disney+.

chili, bluey, bingo, and bandit from 'Bluey'

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Bluey is a children’s television show following the life of a family of heeler dogs. Bluey and her sister, Bingo, are the children of parents Chilli and Bandit. This family of dogs isn’t really “super” in any specific way, but in contrast, they represent a very average family. The kids have huge imaginations, creating games and asking questions. The parents go through life caring for their children, trying to answer the big questions and navigate parenthood and marriage.

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Bluey‘s Relatable In More Ways Than One

Maybe the biggest reason why Bluey has quickly grown in popularity is its relevance to many different audiences. Though it was created as preschool programming, it also resonates with older teens and tons of parents. The show, as a whole, is down to earth, showcasing everyday situations that many kids, teens, and adults can picture themselves in.

Many fans have spoken out on social media, saying why they love the show and why all age groups find it relatable. One social media user shared their opinion of the show:

“For children, Bluey is about understanding that your parents are real people with their own lives, aspirations, and flaws. For parents, it’s a show filled with clever games and ways to bond with your kids.

Every episode is incredibly tightly written, and although it has simple stories, it treats its audience seriously. All the characters act like real people, and the family it portrays is incredibly healthy and wholesome.”

bluey children's show bluey and bingo on an orange couch laughing

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Parents on social media agree that the show succeeds in capturing what real daily life as a parent looks like.

One user said, “It’s so real. The dirty back seat makes me laugh every time they’re in the car.”

Another shared, “‘Omelette’ was one of the first episodes I watched with my kids, and it depicted EXACTLY what it’s like trying to cook with a preschooler. I was cry-laughing the whole time. So were my kids.”

Across audiences, many voices agree that the show’s storylines, humor, and honesty make it easy to resonate with the characters. Bluey is refreshingly honest, discussing themes of death, relationships, honesty, and family through everyday events.

The Critics Agree

bluey mom whale

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It’s not just the fans who are standing behind BlueyIn the short five years that the show has been on the air, it has received over 15 awards, including an Emmy (2020), Best Music for Children’s Programming (2021), Most Outstanding Children’s Programming (2022), and a TCA award for

From the catchy music in the show’s intro to the relatable storytelling, Bluey has quickly become iconic and one of the most beloved children’s shows worldwide. It’s even been rumored that dogs enjoy watching the show due to how its colors appear to canines. It’s no mystery that Bluey is changing the world for the better, so if you haven’t given it a try, there’s no time like the present.

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