‘Bluey’ Being Replaced by Conservatives’ ‘Chip Chilla’

'Bluey' Threatened To Be Replaced by Conservative's 'Chip Chilla'
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If you’ve seen the new show Chip Chilla and thought, “Huh, that feels familiar,” you’re probably not far off. Many are accusing this new television series of ripping off Disney’s popular kids’ series, Bluey. Bluey has recently faced controversy over episodes accused of being “fat-phobic” or “racist,” and now it seems that the show may be considered too “woke” for conservatives.

The Daily Wire Launches Bentkey

Many claiming 'Chip Chilla' is just a conservative knockoff of 'Bluey'

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This week, on October 16, 2023, The Daily Wire launched a new subscription streaming app called Bentkey. Allegedly, the new app debuted on the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company in response to Disney’s stance on Florida’s Parental Rights Education Bill, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The Daily Wire is a conservative media outlet known for its co-founder, Ben Shapiro, an outspoken conservative. Last Spring, the media outlet announced that it was planning to invest “a minimum of $100 million” into kids’ entertainment, and Bentkey appears to be the first outcome of this initiative.

Bluey vs. Chip Chilla

Chip Chilla or Bluey

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Upon the launch of Bentkey, many people began to recognize that something felt familiar about their kids’ programming. The app’s show, Chip Chilla, felt oddly similar to Disney’s popular children’s show, BlueySo this leads us to ask, how similar are the two shows, and is this new show just a conservative knockoff of Disney’s Bluey

Bluey is a children’s show following the life of a family of four red heeler dogs. The family includes Bluey, her sibling Bingo, her mom Chilli, and her dad Bandit. The show originated in Australia but quickly gained popularity worldwide for its honest storylines. The show is beloved by children, but maybe more so by teens and parents, who relate just as much to the show’s episodes.

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Bluey's mom and dad

Credit: Disney

Chip Chilla is a children’s show that follows the life of a family of five chinchillas, homeschooled by their parents. The family includes kids Chip, Charla, and Chubbly, mom Chinny, and dad Chum Chum. While chinchillas are notably a South American animal, the show’s family, with distinctly American accents, is from the United States of America.

At first glance, it’s difficult not to see quick similarities between the two shows. The color palettes, animation styles, and even intro and credit music styles are surprisingly similar. More than that, the family life theme follows just a little too closely to be accidental, in my opinion. However, while Bluey boasts more progressive views on discussing themes like death and broken relationships, Chip Chilla seems to focus more on American patriotism and history.

Maybe the two shows’ similarities are all just due to coincidence, but it does seem doubtful. The future will tell if Chip Chilla’s programming prompts any response, but for now, no public statements have been made by either production company regarding the controversy.

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  1. Popular shows have been inspired other shows in style and content as long as animation (or live action shows for that matter) have existed. As a very conservative Christian father, I have no objections with Bluey. I’m actually a giant fan. Far more than my kids. I do however have an issue with Disney’s treatment of Bluey and all their IPs. I welcome more shows with the same wholesome content that pushes parents to be better parents. I hope 50 more shows like Bluey come out.