‘Bluey’ and Its Alleged Tie to a Criminal Enterprise

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Bluey has become one of the most popular and successful offerings in children’s programming in history. Its unconventional approach to teaching skills and life lessons to preschoolers is just one of the things that sets Bluey apart from its competitors.

And unlike some children’s shows, parents play a huge role in the Bluey experience–both the parents of the viewers and the parents in the story.

But one conspiracy theory attempts to explain who Bluey’s parents, Chilli and Bandit, really are, and it’s so plausible that it just might be the truth.

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The “Bluey” Phenomenon

Ask anyone with preschoolers, and the majority of them will confess: not only are they familiar with Bluey, but they gladly watch the show along with their children. Some will even tell you that they sneak in an episode or two on Disney+ or the Disney Junior Channel, even when their kids aren’t home.

Yep. It’s that good. The creators of Bluey were intuitive enough to know that part of the success of any children’s show hinges on its ability to appeal to parents as well. Not only does the production team know this, but they also embrace this. As such, the show only continues to grow in popularity–even among those without children and those whose children are older now.

Parents are a Big Part of “Bluey”

Not only are parents of the children watching Bluey a part of the show’s success, but Bluey’s parents in the stories of the show are important too. They are as much a part of the storylines within each episode as Bluey and her sister Bingo are.

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In fact, Bluey’s mom and dad, named Chilli and Bandit, respectively, are such an integral part of the children’s program that one fan noticed some discrepancies in the details from the show as they related to Bluey’s parents. He decided to investigate, and what he discovered led him to what he believes is a better understanding of who Chilli and Bandit really are.

An International Crime Ring?

Though Bluey has all the appearances and makings of a harmless and heartwarming diary chronicling the adventures of a family of blue heelers living Down Under, Zach Mander, a TikTok culture theorist, says there’s more going on than meets the eye.

In fact, Mander says his research proves to him that the show is hiding a massive conspiracy that has to do with Bluey’s parents, Chilli and Bandit, and their ties to an international crime operation. It makes sense, right? Bluey’s dad’s name is Bandit, after all.

chilli and bandit are criminals

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In his theory, which he posted in a TikTok video, Mander focuses on the Heeler’s home, which he points out overlooks the skyline of nearby Brisbane, Australia. More specifically, he says the home would have to be located in the Paddington area–where homes cost more than $1 million, which is pretty steep, even for talking dogs and their talking puppies.

Mander goes on to say that such a home would clearly be out of Chilli’s and Bandit’s budget, as Bandit works as an archaeologist (you know, digging up bones), and Chilli works part-time in airport security (you know, sniffing out things).

Mander researched the average salaries for both occupations and found that Bandit would be making an average of $67,000 per year, and Chilli would be making an average of $22 per hour (again, part-time).

bluey's house

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Even with their combined incomes, a multi-million-dollar home in Paddington is out of the question unless it had been gifted to them, but, I digress . . .

“So where did this money come from?” Mander asks.

Mander draws a sinister conclusion. He says that Chilli and Bandit are likely working together, smuggling rare artifacts all around the world. He offers that it makes sense, as Bandit spends his time at work digging up valuable items, and Chilli has insider knowledge of airport security. As such, the couple could easily be amassing piles of cash on the black market.


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In a follow-up post, Mander says he’s yet to get any response from the creators of Bluey, but he says that if Bandit and Chilli are innocent and in no way involved in an international smuggling ring, the could easily release their tax records in an effort to prove–once and for all–that they are exactly who they appear to be, rather than criminals leading a double life.

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