Here’s Your Chance to Meet Bluey and Bingo!

Bluey and Bingo with family at CAMP Tour
Credit: CAMP

For six years, children around the world have been loving venturing into the house of Bluey — a Blue Heeler puppy dog — and the rest of her family.

Bluey Booms in Popularity

The show premiered in 2018 in Australia but quickly became an international sensation. Less than one year after Bluey hit the airwaves, Disney bought the international streaming rights so they could bring Bluey to millions of people.

bluey and bingo dressed up disney's bluey show

Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

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Bluey is now the most popular children’s show on Disney+ — Disney’s streaming network. It is also the most popular show on Disney Junior, Disney’s cable channel dedicated to all things your little tyke will love.

But now, Bluey is coming off the small screen and into the real world!

bluey and bingo fighting

Credit: Disney/Ludo Studio

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Bluey in Real Life!

Bluey x Camp: An Immersive Adventure will allow fans to venture into Bluey’s house, where they can interact with Bluey and her sister, Bingo!

For the first time ever your family can actually play, laugh, and pretend with Bluey and Bingo inside Bluey’s house for an unforgettable immersive adventure.

From Magic Asparagus to Keepy Uppy to Grannies, this is a chance to play all your favorite Bluey games in their meticulously recreated charming Queenslander home.

While you explore, climb through an epic two-story pillow fort and a cardboard box castle! With slides! In a grand finale meet and greet moment snap a selfie with Bingo and Bluey.

Bluey x Camp

Credit: Bluey TV

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Just like the show, Bluey x Camp is perfect for children of all ages, although the website does say that the best ages to enjoy Bluey x Camp are three to eight.

The experience is also ADA and wheelchair-compliant, so children of all abilities will be able to have fun with Bluey and Bingo. You can also reach out to Bluey x Camp if you have any specific questions on accommodations.

Bluey x Camp

Credit: Bluey Camp

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Meet Bluey and Bingo

Right now, Bluey x Camp is happening in Los Angeles, and the best news is there are still tickets available! The Bluey x Camp website originally stated that the Immersive Adventure would remain in LA until January 15. However, it has proven to be so popular that the experience has been extended until mid-April!

But Bluey won’t be there forever. We have learned that Bluey and Bingo will be packing up and heading to the Windy City — Chicago, Illinois!

Camp Bluey is set to kick off in Chicago on May 24, 2024 and will remain there until late September. It is, of course, possible that the experience could be extended based on its popularity.

Bluey x Camp

Credit: Bluey Camp

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This is a brand-new experience, so right now, it’s only being offered in LA and Chicago. However, since it seems to be so popular, it is definitely plausible that Bluey x Camp could make its way to other cities in the US.

If you would love to take your family to Bluey x Camp, you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

Do you and your family love Bluey? Let us know in the comments!

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