Resurgence of Reports Claim ‘Bluey’ to Be Cancelled as Producers Face Outrage

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A resurgence of reports is claiming after just three adorable seasons, the award-winning Australian children’s show Bluey is reportedly being canceled, and the response has been understandably emotional. Now, producers of the fan-favorite show are responding to the outrage over Bluey‘s apparent demise.


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Success No One Could Have Imagined

When Bluey, which was originally commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC, first launched Down Under in 2018, creator Joe Brumm, the Australian animator behind Bluey, and the producers of the show never could have imagined how much success Bluey would enjoy or how massive the show’s fanbase would become.

Bluey debuted in the United States in 2019 after The Walt Disney Company purchased the distribution rights to the show and began broadcasting episodes on Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and the Disney+ streaming platform. The animated show follows the daily adventures of the Heeler family: Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and her mum and dad, Chilli and Bandit.

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A Fan Following That Knows No Bounds

The popular children’s show has had an uncanny ability to draw in fans of all ages. Though the show is geared toward preschool-aged children, Bluey has amassed a fan following among older children, parents, grandparents, and even adults who don’t yet have children. Over the years, many fans have tried to figure out what makes the Australian children’s program so popular, and the creators of the show say they finally know the reason.

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Whether they’re right or wrong, the fact remains that Bluey is the most popular show on television in Australia and among the most successful shows in all of children’s programming in the United States as well. Perhaps that’s why reports of the creators’ decision to cancel the show about the blue heeler puppy and her family and friends has been met with sadness, frustration, and even anger.

News of Creators’ Plans to Cancel ‘Bluey’ 

Bluey has released its third season, making it a relatively young show compared to many of its competitors. But despite its short tenure thus far, reports of its unavoidable end began to circulate in early 2022.

Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of those reports, and fans are no happier about the news now than they were in 2022. To many Bluey fans, such a decision makes no logical or fiscal sense. After all, Bluey‘s success is undeniable, and new fans are born all the time. And because fans enjoy the show so much, news of its demise does not sit well with them.

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Creators of ‘Bluey’ Respond to Fans’ Uproar Over the Show’s End

It was not immediately clear where reports about the cancellation of Bluey originated from, but according to an employee at Ludo Studio in Brisbane, Australia, where Bluey is produced, an “exclusive report” set everything into motion.

That report from 2022 stated that the Heelers would soon be no more–that Bluey‘s days were numbered and that following the conclusion of the second season, Bluey and the rest of the Heeler family would be but a memory for fans.

As soon as reports about Bluey‘s end began to make their way to fans around the globe, “mass hysteria” ensued online as parents and other fans were devastated that they’d have to say goodbye to Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit.

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“Pondering the implications of the fact that I am more upset about the cancellation of Bluey than my daughter is,” wrote one fan online. Another fan posted, saying, “Devastating if true. No exaggeration. Cannot overstate how much joy Bluey has brought to my family.”

‘Bluey’ Isn’t Being Cancelled? Or is It?

Feeling a bit of nostalgia and sadness themselves, the team at Australia’s Kidspot contacted the creators of Bluey to inquire about the decision to stop making episodes of the show. They were shocked and thrilled by what they discovered.

We absolutely love Bluey, and there are no plans to end the show,” said a spokesperson for Ludo Studio in Brisbane.

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According to Ludo Studio’s spokesperson, not only was Bluey not ending, but the team of producers confirmed that a third season of episodes was already in the works.

“We always finish a season before planning the next one, and right now, we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future – we can’t wait to share new episodes,” Ludo Studio’s spokesperson said. And he was right, as a third season of Bluey is already in full swing.

But now, reports have surfaced yet again–this time, claiming that Bluey‘s third season is the show’s final one. And though there’s been no definite answer about Season 4 of Bluey, fans do know that the studio always finishes one season before beginning to work on the next one, so they’re hopeful that that’s indicative of plans for the show to continue.


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More ‘Bluey’ to Come

BBC Studios admits that the children’s program is a “huge global success” and says “there’s certainly much more to come.”

As such, fans will have to hold on to that hope until Season Four is confirmed. But many take comfort in the studio’s recent announcement about a brand-new 28-minute-long episode of Bluey called “The Sign,” coming in 2024.

Not only will “The Sign” episode be released on April 14, but another episode called “Ghostbasket” will arrive on April 7. Check out the trailer below:

PLUS – rumors speculate even more is ahead for Bluey and her family. Some fans believe Chilli (Bluey’s mom) may be pregnant. Others believe the Heeler family will be moving in a new season. With so much speculation, we suspect much more is to come from the ever-so-popular series.

Do you think a season four is in the works? Let us know in the comments! 

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  2. Why would Disney attempt to mess with a good thing. Every time they do too many people are disappointed including my family and friends and just wonder why they do that.

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