Highly Anticipated Half-Hour Episode of ‘Bluey’ Debuts on Sunday. What Are the Show’s Creators NOT Telling Fans?

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The months-long wait is almost over, as the highly anticipated half-hour episode of Bluey debuts on Disney+ this Sunday, and diehard fans will finally get to see if their theories about the meaning behind “The Sign” were correct–and discover what else the creators of Bluey are hiding in the newest episode.

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bluey the grannies in new episode called the sign

Bingo and Bluey as the hilarious “Grannies,” Rita and Janet/Credit: Ludo Studio

‘Bluey’: Unbridled Global Fandom & Success

The Bluey children’s series is a collaborative effort, commissioned initially by BBC Studios or BBC Studios Kids and ABC Kids. (That’s the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not the Disney subsidiary.)

From the imaginative minds of Bluey creator Joe Brumm and executive producer Daley Pearson, Bluey emerged onto the scene of children’s television with the very first episode of Bluey, titled “Magic Xylophone,” in 2018, and no one could have imagined the nearly overnight success the breakout children’s program would soon enjoy.

What was clear to everyone who watched the episode was that Bluey was different from every other offering in children’s programming. Whether that difference would cause the series to sink or swim was anyone’s guess.

But fans didn’t have to play the guessing game for long.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

With the debut of each new episode, new Bluey fans were born in homes across her native Australia. A year later, when Disney purchased the distribution rights to the series, which allowed episodes of Bluey to be broadcast on Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and the Disney+ streaming platform, that fandom proved contagious, and the homes of Bluey‘s global audience were pleasantly infiltrated with the cheerful sounds of Bingo’s laughter, the wisdom of Bluey’s mom, Chilli Heeler, voiced by Melanie Zanetti, and the comedic presence of Bluey’s dad, BanditHeeler, voiced by Dave McCormack.

Why So Popular, Bluey?

Bluey, produced by Ludo Studio in Australia, follows the daily adventures of the Heeler family–Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and her mom and dad, Chilli and Bandit.

chilli and bandit

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

Each of the show’s five- to seven-minute episodes embraces creative, outside-the-box approaches to teaching life lessons, social skills, communication skills, and what it means to be a part of a family that make learning both fun and engaging for kids. And it’s not just the show’s creative approaches to education that set it apart from other children’s programming.

Episodes of Bluey don’t rely on written language, numbers, counting, reading, shapes, or colors to educate children. Rather, the episodes feature imaginative play and the modeling of behaviors within the show to teach kids, as well as those who watch with them, about the importance of kindness, honesty, sharing, compassion, and playing a role by being a member of a family.

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Bluey Creators Change Things Up

In November 2023, the creators of Bluey made a huge announcement about a new approach to the usual way of doing things at Ludo Studio. It was something they’d never attempted before–an almost half-hour-long episode of Bluey!

bluey coming soon

Credit: Disney/Pinterest/Canva

Episodes of Bluey last between seven and nine minutes, quite an impressive feat when you consider that during that short time, an entire story about the Heeler family is told, life lessons are taught, and fans are brought to tears, laughter, or somewhere in between the two. How’s that for packing a lot into every minute of the show?

So when Bluey‘s producers announced the debut of a 28-minute-long episode of the show titled “The Sign,” fans were elated. If the shorter episodes were pure gold, what might they expect from 28 minutes of uninterrupted Bluey goodness?

bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

As soon as the first teaser trailer for “The Sign” went live, so did an influx of theories about the meaning behind the new episode’s title. Guesses about the storyline in the new installment ranged from a positive pregnancy test (one kind of sign) for Chilli to various signs announcing bad news to “the sign” referring to a realtor’s post in the front yard of the Heeler family home.

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bluey and the heeler family

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

‘Bluey’ & “The Sign”: What Could It Mean?

An additional stand-alone episode of Bluey was announced at the same time as “The Sign.” Ludo Studio shared the news about a regular-length episode of Bluey titled “Ghostbasket,” which debuted on April 7th.

No spoilers here, but “Ghostbasket” certainly seems to serve as a preview of what many fans think the longer episode will tackle: the selling of the Heeler family home.

bluey ghostbasket

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

In the episode, Bandit plays the role of “the house-selling person,” or realtor. The Grannies, Janet and Rita, played by Bingo and Bluey, are highly opposed to selling the house to Chilli, who plays the role of an interested home buyer. The episode ends with the image of the Heeler home behind a “For Sale” sign in the yard–and no, it’s not an imaginary one.

But it seems too easy for the entire special Bluey episode, the longest episode in the series so far, to be only about the Heelers selling their home, especially since many fans had already theorized that possibility months ago, and the “Ghostbasket” episode has already addressed that scenario, though not in great detail.

bluey ghostbasket

‘Bluey’ episode, “Ghostbasket”/Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

What else could be lurking in the upcoming episode titled “The Sign?”

That remains to be seen–but not for long! Fans can watch the latest episode of Bluey, in all of its 28-minute-long glory, on Sunday, April 14, on Disney+. Until then, let us know what you think will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Bluey by commenting below.

Don’t miss the latest episode of Bluey, called “The Sign,” on Sunday!

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