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Disney World Drops the Word “Gay” From Popular Christmas Carol at Jollywood Nights

mickey mouse jollywood nights

Disney World is known for its magical experiences throughout the year, but there’s something truly extraordinary about visiting during Christmas. From the dazzling decorations to the joyful entertainment, the holiday season at Disney World is a time when dreams come true. Christmas offers a vast sleight of fun events and activities at Walt Disney World, highlighted by the newcomer, Jollywood ...

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Disney World To Turn EPCOT Into Its First Ever True Night Park?

epcot party nightlife

EPCOT, short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is quickly becoming an adult-oriented theme park located at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Although it was initially conceptualized by Walt Disney himself as a utopian city of the future where people could live, work, and play, with new additions and festival seasons, EPCOT is now home to copious amounts of ...

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Crocodile Hunters Spotted at Magic Kingdom

crocodile hunter bindi irwin magic kingdom mickey mouse

Walt Disney World is no stranger to exotic wildlife interactions. Bear, snakes, alligators, and more pose an evelated risk to guests on Disney World property. Despite the plethora of Florida wildlife that abundantly calls Disney World home, no one expected Crocodile Hunter Bindi Irwin to show up at Magic Kingdom. Disney World is renowned for its enchanting theme parks, thrilling ...

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Forget Journey of Water: EPCOT Surprises Guests with New Attraction, Journey of Air

EPCOT journey of water

The EPCOT Journey of Water is an exciting and immersive experience that takes guests on a captivating adventure through the wonders of water. This innovative attraction at Walt Disney World Resort combines cutting-edge technology with the enchanting storytelling that Disney is known for. As guests embark on the Journey of Water, they are transported to the heart of a stunning ...

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New EPCOT Offering Leaves Some Fans Wishing for the Old Days

luminous epcot

EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular, “Luminous,” has officially begun, replacing the barges of Harmonious. And although fans mostly disapproved of the last show, EPCOT’s newest addition has them rethinking their feeling for Harmonious. Introducing EPCOT’s “Luminous” Experience At EPCOT, the visionary theme park located in Walt Disney World Resort, guests are treated to a breathtaking new nighttime spectacle known as “Luminous.” ...

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Iron Man is Dead For Good, and He Isn’t Coming Back

iron man, kevin feige, robert downey jr

Since Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man laid down his life to bring back billions of lost souls, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had one question: when will Iron Man return? Iron Man, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., was a prominent character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) up until 2019’s Avengers: End Game. The fan-favorite hero first appeared ...

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Ron DeSantis Prepares For a New Kind of Legal Fight, One That Could Impact Disney

ron desantis college football playoff

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis is once again in headlines making legal threats, however this time, they’re not aimed at Disney. Ron DeSantis and Disney World have had a complex relationship over the years. As the governor of Florida, DeSantis has had to navigate the delicate balance between upholding public health and supporting the state’s tourism industry, of which Disney World ...

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Rachel Zegler Hints That Her Own Wisdom Will Resonate Through Her Snow White Character

rachel zegler snow white seven dwarfs

Whether we like it or not, Rachel Zegler will play the new Snow White in the upcoming live-action remake of the classic Disney film. This casting decision has generated a lot of excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. Zegler, who gained recognition for her portrayal of Maria in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021) remake, has proven herself as ...

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