‘Ahsoka’ Brings to Life a Fan-Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Droid in a Whole New Way

war criminal ‘Ahsoka’ Brings to Life a Fan-Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Droid in a Whole New Way
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Today is the day Star Wars fans have been eagerly preparing for since little Ahsoka Tano made her onscreen debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2008. Originally slated to premiere on August 22, Star Wars faithful were thrilled to find out that the new Disney+ series Ahsoka would debut a day early instead of what feels like a galaxy far, far away.

Reprising her role as the live-action version of Ahsoka Tano, Rosario Dawson is fresh off of the Hollywood trail with another Disney project, The Haunted Mansion. However, despite the bad press surrounding Disney’s epic box office flop, Dawson can rest easy and early reviews for Ahsoka are gleaming. The anticipation has been building for years, and the time has come for Anakin’s padawan to take center stage on Disney+ finally.

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Although Rosario Dawson has played Ahsoka before. Appearing in The Mandalorian alongside Din Djarin, Bo Katan, and even Luke Skywalker, she wasn’t the one who brought the young Jedi padawan to the attention of Star Wars fans. Ashley Eckstein originally voiced the animated version of Ahsoka in The Clone Wars (2008), giving fans a unique and heartfelt appreciation for Ahsoka’s relationship with her master, Anakin Skywalker. Much like Anakin, Ahsoka started off her Jedi career in a reluctant rebellion against rules and traditions. Eckstein’s version of Ahsoka saw the teenage Jedi constantly at odds with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker. Her tendency to ignore wise advice and find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time would eventually lead to her being dispelled from the Jedi Order, ultimately making a decision to not return once invited back.

Although not present in any feature films (outside of her voice being used in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in 2019), Ahsoka’s story as a young Jedi in training alongside Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Captain Rex provides so much substance to fellow Star Wars projects. Ahsoka’s story not only highlights the unique bond between Master and Padawn, it also creates consideration that the Jedi Council’s authority and pride led to many occurrences that ended with the fall of the Republic. Ahsoka’s story gives fans a raw look at how, despite being forbidden, Jedi couldn’t resist coveted emotional bonds, even within the Order. For instance, understanding how devastating Ahsoka’s realization that Anakin was completely consumed by the dark side in Star Wars: Rebels really lends itself to the reflective scene between Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen). It makes the raw emotion of heartbreak over losing a former padawan to the dark side palpable.

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Ahsoka’s back story isn’t the only thing that feeds into the entire Star Wars universe. Although her relationship to suspected cameo characters like Darth Vader are a great emotional draw for viewers, those excited for the new Ahsoka series can expect many other familiar faces if they’ve kept up with Dave Filoni projects over the years, especially those from her time fighting alongside the rebels on Lothal. Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla are all but confirmed to be in the new show, making Ahsoka a Star Wars nerd’s (like me) dream come true. As well as the inclusion of popular Rebels characters, fans are also pumped for the live-action debut of Lars Mikkleson as Grand Admiral Thrawn as he helps Ahsoka complete her arch that began at the end of the animated series.

Although we can expect plenty of lightsaber action from Ahsoka, the late Ray Stevenson as Baylon Skull, and Ivanna Sakhno as Shin Hati, what some of use are really waiting for is the live version introduction to one of the best droids ever introduced to Star Wars. Dave Filoni has given us plenty of new characters to get excited about, many that resonate the most aren’t even human. Instead, droids have become a huge and reliable part of the Star Wars universe, somehow offering emotional connection to viewers, and Ahsoka is bringing with her own of the sassiest ones in the entire galaxy.

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Astromechs, protocol droids, medical droids, reconnaissance droids, the list goes on and on. Since the beginnings of Star Wars in 1977, droids have been an integral part of George Lucas’ original story and everything after.  Saving the day, delivering highly sensitive intelligence, or just taking care of regular household chores, droids like R2-D2, BB-8, C-3PO, K2SO, IG-11, and DO have made us laugh, shout, and even cry. Droids come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, functions, and even characteristics. Many droids have their own personalities and even seem to share basic human emotions like anger, excitement and sadness. However one droid named Chopper brings a harmless insolence that some would consider sassy. Recently shown in a trailer for Ahsoka, excitement has grown for the live-action introduction of the cheeky Chopper even more as a short clip featuring a classic back and forth between the droid and Hera made its way around the internet.

For those unfamiliar, C1-10P, more commonly known as Chopper or Chop, is an astromech droid who played pivotal role beside Ahsoka characters like Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla in Star Wars: Rebels. Chopper immediately resonated with viewers as even though he doesn’t speak English, it isn’t hard to figure out what’s on the fiery droid’s mind when he’s unhappy. Chopper, who appeared alongside Ahsoka in a few episodes of the animated show, is sassy, argumentative, and most likely, hilariously foul-mouthed.

Ahsoka Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Reveals The Voice Of Chopper

Credit: Lucasfilm

Although R2-D2 is well know for being a bit saucy, Chopper takes it to an entirely different level, offering snarky rebuttal to instructions and displaying his frustration for everyone to see and hear. He typically serves as the comic relief in Rebels, but much like the droids we’ve come to know and love, Chopper is often responsible for getting heroes like Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios (who made his live-action debut in season three of The Mandalorian) out of sticky situations. So, despite his attitude, as the rebels find themselves up against a thriving empire, as well as well-known Star Wars villains like Darth Maul, Ahsoka and company depend on Chop often.

Ahsoka will not be a confirmed extension or sequel of Star Wars: Rebels. Instead the show will bring us up to speed on what’s happened since she and Sabine Wren fly off to save Ezra Bridger. As Ahsoka’s story became intertwined with the rebellion on Lothal that would eventually light the spark that ended the Empire’s rule, Chopper will join the cast for another adventure-filled series, to much praise.

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As for the show itself, as mentioned, Ahsoka will deal heavily with the aftermath of Star Wars: Rebels. As we know from her stent on The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano is in search of Grand Admiral Thrawn who was last seen disappearing at hyper speed along with Ezra Bridger. However, much like we’ve seen in Kenobi, as well as non-Disney Star Wars content like Jedi: Survior, we can expect the crew to be potentially dealing with the left over remnants of the Empire and what looks like it’s Inquisitors. Although the plot is tightly under wraps, expectations are high for the former Jedi Knight. However, with Lucasfilm veteran Dave Filoni at the helm, fans can expect great things from Ahsoka the series. With Chopper around, how could it be bad?

Although you may be excited to find out more about Ahsoka, we definitely suggest catching up with her character in Clone Wars and Rebels.

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