Signs That You’re a TRUE Star Wars Fan

Star wars fan

“I am a jedi like my father before me”… that may just be the most meaningful line in the entire Star Wars canon to me. My dad introduced me to Star Wars when I was a little girl and what began as an excuse to drink soda and eat popcorn (because that was a Star Wars night must in my house) morphed into a love of the franchise that has spanned decades. In fact, the first time I experienced Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge I wore that quote on a shirt in honor of my dad who will likely never get to experience it.

Star wars fan

Credit: Jill Bivins

I’m too young to have experienced the original trilogy in theater but I’ve been with the franchise since Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I’ve seen every release since then in the theater and even got to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge twice before it opened to the public. That’s all standard for the Star Wars SuperFan, in fact I’m not sure i could call myself a Super Fan if I hadn’t done those things.

It’s always fun to find a fellow Star Wars fan in the wild. We can instantly recognize each other because even if we aren’t in full cosplay or geeking out in Galaxy’s Edge, there are signs:

You have VERY strong opinions about who the best droid in the Star Wars canon is.

R2D2? C3PO? BB8? If you ask me, the best droid in the Star Wars universe is K-2SO. Funny, useful, coherent, and not a know-it-all stick-in-the-mud (looking at you C3PO). Plus with K2’s willingness to sacrifice…is there really any question?

Star wars fan

Credit: LucasFilm

You know what the various Lightsaber colors represent (and which you’d own). 

Are you a standard Jedi blue? Perhaps you’re more of a Sith red? Maybe you’ve mastered the ways of the Force and are intune with nature and possess a green saber. Personally, I’m a purple. I balance the light and dark side and while I align with the Jedi, I’ll go against them if I need to. My husband though, with his specialized field of study is a yellow. No matter what color lightsaber choose, you have a very strong attachment to it and couldn’t see yourself weilding anything else.

Star Wars fan


You have a Star Wars quote for every situation. 

See the first line of the article…do I need to say more? Super fans speak fluent Star Wars quotes. My son now rolls his eyes when he says he’s going to try to do something because he knows what’s coming next: “do or do not. There is no try.” He also knows when he’s asked to do something it’s going to be followed by “This is the way.” Poor kid.

You routinely try to use the Force, you know…just in case

Every true Star Wars fan has attempted to summon a far away object with the force. Does it ever work? No. But it doesn’t stop us from trying anyway. Don’t get me started on automatic doors. There’s a giddy sense of power that comes with pretending to open them using the force that only a Star Wars fan can understand. Jedi mind tricks? I keep trying. My husband just shakes his head at me when I say “this is not the credit card bill you’re looking for.”

You know who shot first 

You’ve dissected the Han/Greedo scene so many times that you’ve started to sound d a bit like a conspiracy theorist trying to break down the bullet trajectories on the grassy knoll. You’ve slowed the scene down so many times that you finally know the truth.

…and you know that it was Han Solo who shot first, but you’ll never admit it.


Star wars fan

Credit: LucasFilm


Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios (and Disneyland) both delights and frustrates you to no end

When Disney Parks announced an entire land devoted to Star Wars we were excited. When they told us we’d get to pilot the Millenium Falcon, we were beside ourselves. Then…we discovered it would be set on Batuu a planet that doesn’t appear in any of the films and focus on the sequels. Womp womp. Still, it’s a really fun experience and no Star Wars fan can say they completely hate it. Rise of the Resistance may just be Disney’s crowning achievement for true fans of a galaxy far far away.

Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

You know that May the 4th isn’t the only Star Wars ‘holiday.’

Sure, everyone knows Star Wars day is May the 4th as a play on the popular phrase “may the force be with you.” True fans know that May 6th is also a holiday. After getting your margarita on on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th), you’re likely not feeling so great. That’s why the next day has been dubbed Revenge of the 6th as a nod to the film Revenge of the Sith. As much as May the 4th is a day to embrace the lightside of the force and celebrate the rebellion, Revenge of the 6th is the day to get in touch with the dark side of the force and contemplate the duality of all things.

Being a Star Wars fan is a connection that spans generations. It goes much deeper than simply enjoying the movies- It’s a culture of its own with its own language, symbols, and traditions. From knowing the various lightsaber colors to attempting to use the Force in everyday life, being a Star Wars fan is simply a way of life. And while not everyone may agree on the best droid or who shot first, it’s the shared love and enthusiasm for the franchise that brings fans together. And that’s something truly special.



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Jill Bivins has been visiting Disney Parks since she was 2 years old and loves sharing her Disney adventures with the world. She likes to say Disney is in her blood and writing is in her bones — so any time she has the opportunity to combine these loves she is one happy camper! She has a deep abiding love for Epcot and as a die hard Star Wars fan has a serious love for Hollywood Studios as well. When she isn't exploring or writing about Disney Parks, Jill is homeschooling her 8 year old son, playing with her brand new baby son, or pretending to be a farmer on her family homestead (despite being unable to keep even a cactus alive). Find Jill on Instagram @minnieonmain.