Spoilers: Wild Theories Suggest Marrok is an Old Friend of Ahsoka

Spoilers: Wild Theories Suggest Marrock is an Old Friend of Ahsoka
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The internet is on fire with Star Wars talk since the debut of Dave Filoni’s recent Disney+ masterpiece Ahsoka. Although some, who aren’t familiar with Rebels and Clone Wars, are clamoring for any snippet of information to help them understand what in the great big galaxy is going on, others have fully embraced the seeming sequel to Rebels with open arms. But even those who are up to speed regarding the crew of The Ghost are asking one important question. Who is that mysterious masked Inquisitor?

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As Ahsoka looks to continue on the lore-laden stories of Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, and Hera Syndulla, Star Wars is about to get pretty confusing for casual watchers. Set in the midst of a fallen Empire, amongst a galactic republic that refuses to see the emerging threat that’s right under their nose, Ahsoka is ready to introduce one of the coolest Star Wars villains ever in Grand Admiral Thrawn. Although Ahsoka has been looking for Thrawn since the end of Star Wars: Rebels, she isn’t the only character searching through all of space and time to bring him back.

Enter Morgan Elsbeth, portrayed by Diana Lee Inosanto alongside Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka, Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll, and Ivanna Sakho as Shin Hati. Although there is much mystery surrounding the former Night Sister (Elsbeth) and her two seemingly once-Jedi counterparts, fans have become obsessed with finding out who the third Inquisitor actually is. Named Marrok, there is little clue so far, as to who is behind the mask. However, one theory presented by Screen Crush may have already cracked the code!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

According to Ryan Arey from Screen Crush, this new masked character may be someone Rebels fans are already familiar with. Arey begins his explanation by pointing out that the usual Lucasfilm introduction which features several faces of iconic Star Wars characters only shows one to be blue (the color reserved for the good guys). This character is Marrok, the masked Inquisitor from the first two episodes of Ahsoka.

Color coordinating good versus bad guys is well and good, but Arey goes even further explaining a seriously interesting connection between on former Rebels character and wolves, but before we get to that, let’s back up. Dave Filoni is a huge fans of wolves and mythology. In fact, Rebels fans will easily recall the significance of Loth-wolves in the series. Interestingly enough, Filoni chose to name the two (maybe former Jedi) cloaked characters Skoll and Hati after the Norse wolves of mythology who are destined to chase the sun and stars across the sky until Ragnarok. This is an interesting parallel, as the two, in addition to Elsbeth are using a map of the stars locate Thrawn.

The wolves parallel get even more interesting when we consider another mythological story. Not based in Norse mythology this time, instead based in Arthurian legend, a character by the name of Marrock is turned into a wolf by none other than the witch Morgan! Starting to put the pieces together? Ultimately the suggestion, and heavy favored theory, is that Marrock is actually Ezra Bridger, who went missing alongside Grand Admiral Thrawn in the final episode of Rebels. Ryan goes on to further speculate that the entire Ahsoka story may be a redemptive arch for Ezra, bringing him back from the Night Sister’s spell, reuniting the Jedi to his one time family.

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In addition, there are other theories out there suggesting that Marrock could actually be the secret apprentice Galen Merrick famous from the Starkiller games. Assuming this theory to be true. this would poetically place Ahsoka, Padawan of Anakin Skywalker up against, Merrick, apprentice to Darth Vader himself. Pretty interesting stuff. Although it remains to be seen regarding who’s right and who’s wrong, we’re all in for one heck of ride.

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