Dangerous Dolls Have Made Their Way to Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando

Dangerous Dolls Have Made Their Way to Cabana Bay at Universal Orlando
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Universal Studio’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Orlando is typically a happy place. The resort contains two major pools, a bowling alley, a lazy river, and an easy walk to the very popular Volcano Bay. Complete with vibrantly designed, retro-style rooms, Cabana Bay is a great place for guests visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure to stay close to the theme parks, as well as take advantage of early access to the many rides and attractions at Universal Orlando. It’s a happening place finished with bright colors that promote fun vibes for guests, that is, unless you’re staying there around Halloween.

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Although guests who stay at Cabana Bay Beach Resort usually can expect a safe and exciting time, complete with easy access to all of the amenities Universal Orlando has to offer, including Volcano Bay and City Walk, things can get a little spooky once fall rolls around, and this year is no exception. Universal Studios is no stranger to fear, as they produce much of the classic horror content fans are familiar with. Much of this content comes to a head during Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, which takes place annually in the park and features many haunted houses, scare zones, frightfully fun food, and drinks for guests. Although Halloween Horror Nights is restricted to Universal Studios, not expanding into Universal’s Islands of Adventure or Volcano Bay, that doesn’t mean guests are always safe from monsters, villains, and ghouls lurking around the property. 

Dangerous Dolls Have Made Their Way to Cabana Bay at Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal

One major draw to Halloween Horror Nights this year is a Chucky-themed walkthrough featuring the original bad doll that has been slashing his way through Hollywood film since the 80s. Made popular in the 1988 Child’s Play film, Chucky is a Good Guy doll possessed by a serial killer, and he’ll be a huge focus at Halloween Horror Nights this year! Coming off the heels of the 2021 Chucky series, Universal gave early warning that the psychotic, knife-wielding doll would be a huge feature in 2023’s version of the super popular Halloween event. Although some of that excitement has died down with the announcement of other popularly themed houses like The Exorcist and Stranger Things, Halloween Horror Nights guests are still stoked for Chucky’s inclusion at Universal Studios. Although staying at Cabana Bay Beach Resort isn’t necessarily part of the Halloween Horror Nights experience, Chucky has no plans of staying confined to the walls of his haunted attraction this fall. In fact, he’s already made his way to the resort, ready to greet guests at Chucky’s Twisted Playground.

Thanks to Twitter user @Expthemepark, we all got a close-up look at the menacing toy as he prepares to come to life and ki-I mean-chill guests to Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando. Complete with funhouse mirrors and more than enough of the terrible slasher dolls scattered around; guests are sure to feel uneasy as they find themselves surrounded by the once Good Guy. It’s an incredibly menacing scene, but for fans of the horror genre, it’s definitely a must-do. As Cabana Bay Resort is certainly a value, especially compared to neighboring prices at resorts down the road at Walt Disney World, fans of the red-haired mass-killing doll should definitely consider planning a stay before Chucky packs up his toys and goes home.

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