Fans Mourn the Cancellation of ‘Mickey’s Halloween Party’

Mickey's halloween party cancelled
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Fans think that this yearly tradition should NOT have been canceled.

In 1995, Disneyland Resort brought a truly special event to its iconic theme Park. Mickey’s Halloween Party was a fun and wholesome alternative to the traditional “scary” Halloween festivities in competing theme Parks. Disney saw that there was a market for Halloween festivities that aired on the side of spooky, not scary.

Instantly, Mickey’s Halloween Party was a hit. The event, which took place in Disneyland Park, became a tradition for thousands of families. Disneyland Park was utterly transformed into a festive and semi-scary Halloween party where Guests could interact with all of the beloved Disneyland Halloween residents in a whole new way. The event was so beloved that when its cancellation was announced, fans were rightfully devastated.

Mickey halloween

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Mickey’s Halloween Party: Why Disney Called It Quits

In 2018, Disney announced that they would be canceling Mickey’s Halloween Party. Instead, Disney California Adventure Park would begin hosting Oogie Boogie Bash. While Oogie Boogie Bash is still very successful, many Disney Park fans are still left wondering why the switch was made. Now that it is more than Halfway to Halloween, Guests are once again curious as to why this all happened the way it did.

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Oogie Boogie Bash

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One Guest posted a question on Reddit, saying;

“I loved mickeys Halloween party but they stopped doing it at disneyland a few years ago and now it’s just the oogie boogie bash at california adventure. Anyone know why?”

Guests immediately began to comment on their theories. One says;

“closing Disneyland off early for the party to non-event people didn’t leave guests much option of what to do when DCA closes at 10pm (i don’t recall if DCA extended their hours during the party in 2017 when i went, but i don’t think they did). logistically, it makes more sense to keep DLR open until its 11p or 12a closing time and hold the OBB in DCA, where guests attending also have a much better chance of riding GotG: Monsters After Dark with shorter lines.

personally, i loved it when the event was in DLR since the lines on everything were so much shorter and they had some cool things going on (like The Dapper Dans (Cadaver Dans, i think they were called?) appearing on Rivers of America for some singing, and the fog on the river, too. …but the treat trail with the villains at OBB are pretty damned cool, which the previous event didn’t have if i recall (just treat buckets, yeah?)”

Mickeys halloween party at disneyland?
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Adjusting to Change

It can be challenging for fans to let go of events, attractions, or rides that mean a lot to them. However, Disney has to evolve in order to stay appealing to future generations. While this change was devastating to some, it was a necessary move in Disney’s larger plan.

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