A Walt Disney World Resort Location Closes for Good

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This beloved store has closed its doors forever.

Every year, millions of Disney fans find paradise at Walt Disney World Resort. Vacationing at Disney is incredible for lovers of all things Disney; there really is something for everyone at Walt Disney World Resort. To keep Guests coming back year after year, Disney is constantly adding new rides, characters, stores, restaurants, and entertainment to the Parks.

However, with all of the new additions coming to Disney, old things have to go.

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More Changes Hit Disney’s Shopping District

Many parts of Walt Disney World Resort have seen some major changes this year, but no place has seen more of a turnover than Disney Springs. Disney Springs, formally known as Downtown Disney, is a lively entertainment district located on Walt Disney World Property. While it is owned and run by Disney, it is available to anyone, regardless of if they are visiting a Disney theme park or resort or not.

Disney Springs town center offers incredible dining, bars, entertainment, and, of course, tons of Walt Disney Company shopping. It is definitely a place that all Guests should visit while making a trip to the Resort.

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Disney Springs Store Must Close Its Doors

Unfortunately, Everything But Water at Disney Springs has closed down for good. Wednesday, July 19, was the final day of service for the store.

Everything but Water at Disney Springs was the ultimate destination for fashion-savvy vacationers visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. Located in the heart of Disney Springs, this iconic store offered a wide range of swimwear, Resort wear, and accessories that catered to the needs of all fashion enthusiasts.

Everything but water

Credit: Everything But Water

This closure comes after numerous other closures this year. Many of the stores at Disney are not able to stay popular as the tastes of the world change. Everything But Water is just the latest victim of changing tastes.

As of now, nothing has been announced as to what will replace the vacant storefront.

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