This Hot New Disney Merchandise Has Fans Rope-Dropping Disney Springs

This Hot New Disney Item Has Fans Rope-Dropping Disney Springs
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Ladies and Gentlemen…start those credit cards; there’s a new Disney Merchandise item trending! Walt Disney World’s newest “must have” item is flying off shelves. To get it, you’ll want to get that engine going before the sun comes up. Well, maybe not that early, but you’re definitely going to need to rope-drop Disney Springs! Resellers and honest folk alike are swarming the World of Disney store in hopes of getting their hands on this highly coveted item; chances are, you’ll probably want one too!

We’re always searching for new Disney fashion options; this one, in particular, has seemed to hit the right notes with the TikTok crowd. The only issue, shops can’t keep them in stock! For a chance to purchase one yourself, you’ll have to get up early and be ready to fight the crowds at Disney Springs. World of Disney seems to be the primary location for finding the holy grail of Disney merchandise! 

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Why Rope Drop Disney Springs

Rope-dropping a Disney-themed outdoor mall isn’t new to locals at Walt Disney World. The fact remains that most people who visit Disney weekly are the same people who hate lines. The most effective way to beat lines at Disney is to get there early. This same strategy applies to purchases of high-demand items. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who’s waited in line for cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse. As this Disney Merchandise is currently only available on Disney property and seems to be selling out quickly, getting to Disney Springs early is the only possible way to get one. However, many report that although arriving before stores open their doors, they are still met with long lines. 


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Why Must-Have Items Sell Out

The biggest reason fans of the newest Disney fad complain about availability is that they have come up against resellers. If you’re unfamiliar with this breed of Disney-individual, they will find high-demand items and resell them in bulk online. You can find them all over Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and other Disney locations. They will take it all if an item is unrestricted in purchase amounts! This seems to be the problem customers are facing at Disney Springs.

The Item in Question


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We’ve kept you waiting in suspense long enough. The item that has people rope-dropping Disney Springs is a new crewneck shirt featuring Mickey’s hand throwing up a peace sign. It’s a simple design that locals and trendsetters are going gah gah for. Personally, I can see the appeal. It’s actually a pretty nice shirt; the only problem is that it’s scorching in Florida! Most people who are scavenging around Disney property in search of the elusive merchandise are beating down the doors at World of Disney at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World. But most fashionable customers are met with empty racks and shelves as others have gotten there first. 


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The new crewneck is widely popular with younger adults and for good reason. So much so that resellers have the item listed for sale exceeding $100 in some cases. However, the apparel sales on Disney property for $59.99 plus tax. The crewneck is an off-tan color featuring the front peace sign and an embroidered hidden Mickey face on the sleeve near the cuff. People absolutely love it! Currently, there’s no mention as to when or if this item will find its way to ShopDisney, but we’ll keep an eye out for you!

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