Dave Filoni’s “Ahsoka” Is a Hit With Over 14 Million Views in First Week on Disney+

Dave Filoni's "Ahsoka" Is a Hit With Over 14 Million Views in First Week on Disney+
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Disney’s newest¬†Star Wars¬†story has everyone talking about one former Jedi padawan. Premiering Tuesday, August 22, Ahsoka made her live-action return to Disney+ alongside some familiar faces like Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and Chopper! Drawing heavily from Star Wars lore created by Dave Filoni in¬†Rebels,¬†Ahsoka¬†feels like Christmas for those¬†Star Wars¬†fans who can’t get enough of the expanded galaxy and all it contains. The once padawan to Anakin Skywalker has become such a popular character among Star Wars diehards, and seeing Rosario Dawson bring her to life again is drawing in the views, a boost Disney really needed as many of their non-Disney+ content like¬†Haunted Mansion¬†and¬†The Little Mermaid¬†has faltered at the box office. Leave it to¬†Star Wars to save the day!

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Potential SPOILERS

Although Disney+ released two episodes on the opening day of the¬†Ahsoka¬†series, one episode in particular is taking off on Disney+. Part One, aptly named “Master and Apprentice,” has fans going wild as if it not only features several fan-favorite characters from¬†Rebels¬†but also introduces three mysterious, non-Jedi, no-Sith, force wielders in Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson), Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno), and Marrock. Theories surrounding these three and how they may relate to now-confirmed Night Sister Morgan Elsbeth have been running rampant around the internet, with many (SPOILERS) maintaining that the masked Marrock could be Ezra Bridger. Whatever Filoni is doing, it’s working, as¬†Ahsoka¬†Part One has garnered over 14 million on Disney+ during its first week.

Taking a risk to bring characters and continue stories from a Disney XD kid’s show could have easily back-fired, but so far, despite confusion from casual¬†Star Wars¬†fans,¬†Ahsoka¬†is taking off. Interestingly enough, she could even dethrone¬†The Mandalorian, who has experienced a steady drop in viewership as the series continues. Ironically, this is where we first got a live-action look at Rosario Dawson’s character. Although the series is only two episodes in, with so much story left, the possibilities are insane. We haven’t even been officially introduced to Ahsoka’s¬†villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). With the reintroduction to the Night Sisters, whom we haven’t seen in Star Wars flim since¬†Clone Wars, there is much that¬†Ahsoka¬†can draw on to keep fans satisfied, including potential returns of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker and Tamuera Morrison as Captain Rex.

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As the¬†Star Wars¬†fandom gears up for the release of Part Three of¬†Ahsoka¬†on August 28, there is plenty of excitement and hope for a revitalization of the overdone¬†Star Wars¬†material that Disney has drowned the market with. Ahsoka is breathing fresh life with new characters, just the right amount of fan favorites, and creative mythology-based storytelling. Dave Filoni gets¬†Star Wars, and he continues to prove that over and over again. If we had a guess, we’d safely assume that¬†Ahsoka¬†will most likely end with the highest viewership on Disney+ by the end of the year, although there is some stiff competition on the way with the likes of¬†Loki Season 2.

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